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Tele Physiotherapy Demonstration, Physio and Patients Feedback

Tele Physiotherapy Demonstration, Physio and Patients Feedback2:51:32


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It’s a must have tool in today’s digital world.
Amazed to see the efforts n initiatives taken by Lead physio to create such a nice n minutely created program.
Very well explained n made it easy to understand.
Beneficial for both-physios n patients.
Congratulations n thank you so much mam n sir for sharing this with us 🙏🏻🙏🏻

An informative session on telephysiotherpy .
An essential aspect in today. S digital world.
Gives an increased reach to physios to over come any obstacles .

Fabulous program on tele physio.i had so many inhibitions for telephysio that I would avoid going for it considering that patient is not physically present in front of me however with this brain storming session I am completely in for telephysio. I will now be able to explain well how to work on it efficiently.
Very minute details are covered by Dr Priyanka,which one might not see even are covered. This is especially very effective in today's time where every body has apprehension about covid cases and its simple but extremely effective ways to teach and learn for all have been presented in this prgm.
Congratulations to your team as well for such a work during these times.
Last but not the least,I am so happy that I joined this program and would definitely recommend every one to go for it.thank you Sir and Mam for the guidance.

I always wondered and wished if physiotherapy could be done online, I would have helped my patients even during pandemic when it was very much required. This session on Telephysiotherapy was so amazing and now I dont fear of any lockdowns. Now i am confident to help them wherever they are. The entire software is designed with minute detailing and easy to understand for both physios and patients. It is very useful for female physios especially who have small kids and want to find a balance between work and family. Thank you sir and mam.

This session was completely change my mindset without touch how we can cure patients in this pandemic it’s a great opportunity for all physios to utilise this new concept. I was amaze and felt proud to attend this session . Now we can treat all kinds of patients no matter where they reside, which language they speak now no hurdles to treat patients. In this method we can save our time which is money for us . Looking forward to it.

I was very curious to know about ,exactly how the TELE PHYSIO platform works! And in so simplified way sir explained each and every step ,in detailed explanation about consultation, assessment, how to maintain and keep a track of the records. The feedback of the team physio's, feed back of patients about this online platform and how it's as same as coming to the clinic was really great to hear. It is and it will be really helpful for patients all over the word to lead a healthy life with the help of LEAD PHYSIO'S TELE PHYSIO platform for sure. Many congratulations to dr. Priyanka and sir for coming up with this totally new idea , hats of to your hard work for putting up everything in so simplified way.🙏👏👌👌.
Thank you dr. Priyanka and sir for sharing this wonderful session.

This course of Tele Physiotherapy is indeed a great one as, this has become the need of the hour in Pandemic situation and with people working more from home, this method of treatment has received major importance in the field of rehabilitation. Kiron sir has elaborated the software working and its system required for the rehabilitation online. Its been really nice to know, such system exists in India and is a boon to Physios and patients too. Thank you sir n mam for sharing this with us and much gratitude.

Telephysiotherapy has become essential in today's pandemic situation.. Sir has explained in detailed all the steps and given idea about how it works..It will surely help to those pts who can't come out of house for treatment due health issues or time problem.. Thank you so much sir and mam for this session ...

I never thought tele physiotherapy will be so easy. I wonder how much effort and patience lead physio had to make such a good step by step program for tele physiotherapy, hats off.
The benefits for both physio and patient is huge
Sir gave very simple and detailed step by step tour of the system,payment modes health record, consultation, physiotherapy sessions
I would like to congratulate mam sir, physiotherapist and all the staff for making tele physio possible
Thank you mam and sir for sharing the future with me.

I was very keen to know about Tele Physiotheapy. My lots of doubt about Tele Physiotheapy got clear in this session. A very well detailed explanation about online consultation, health data recording , doctor's advice session program for the patient , how to maintain payment history is given by sir..On each and every point minute detailing he gave. Thank you so much sir for such a wonderful session.🙏. Really now a days Tele Physiotheapy is a great boon to Physio & Patient also. It enables access to care for individuals in remote areas or for those who have mobility issues associated with physical impairment, access to transport & socioeconomic factors. In addition it cuts down the associated travel cost & time spent travelling for both Physio and patient.


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