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Course 13 Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Session 01 Early Phase Treatment3:00:58
Remaining Portion of SEBT0:46
10 Upper Body Exercises for Bed Ridden Patients (You Tube referenced video)11:35
5 Lower Body Exercises for Bed Ridden Patients (You Tube referenced video)9:49
Session 02 Mid & Late Phase of Treatment3:10:36


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Pulmonary Rehabilitation...such an important topic...can be utilised for every patient...I confess that I was really unaware about the importance of breathing exercises.... thanks again for in depth knowledge about all the importance aspect of pulmonary rehab.... Going for all the levels of the course is the best decision of my life... don't have enough words to express my gratitude for both of you Dr Priyanka Ma'am and Kirron Sir 🙏Thank you again!


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