Understanding PBPA Protocol_Application_Exercise Dosage

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Understanding PBPA Protocol_Application_Exercise Dosage
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It was a great session for all the physio community,lot to learn from this session.

Well explained diagrammatic representation of the protocol in simple and self explanatory manner.
Thankyou Maam, Sir and Vihaan for all the efforts you have put together.

Excellent session.Everything explained so well.Kudos to ma'am and sir🙌This is God sent for all the physios.Thank you once again.

you explain us very simple way how to discharge patients. very very informative.
thank you so much.
and all my doubts which was earlier were cleared now.
thanks a lot

Very well explained by mam in the form of flow charts and cleared most of my doubts.thanks vihaan too for being a great help God bless u thank you mam for being our inspiration.

The vision you people are having is beyond our imagination 🌟
With each passing week we are able to identify missing links and connecting dots be it in clinical practice, patient management, self development, self analysis, and many more. . .PBPA protocol implementation is a master stroke. . .and understanding the health care supply chain is the big picture which I was unaware of . . . Thank you for showing the big picture

Detailed explanation about dosage . Thanks to Vihaan for the beautiful lives. Nicely done. God bless you. Keep shining.

The way mam designed protocol is just out of box and the way she explained is like jee jaan Lagakar sikhana and giving as much as possible knowledge its like lene wala thak jayega but dene wala nahi.trying my best to acquire knowledge as much as possible. and HATS OFF TO VIHAAN FOR SUCH WONDERFUL PRESENTATION OF SLIDES.THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

It is speechless,,,
Thank you so much for this session!
I feel so confident now and being very proud of to be in this profession.
So very well explained and hats off to Vihaan for being so thoughtful in making beautiful slides that can easily be interpreted. Wow! He is indeed genious. Thank you Mam for every single session. Every week I wait for next session to learn. Just keep your blessings always on me,🙏

Excellent session about dosage of PBPA PROTOCOL. Explained dosage in so much of depth.

Great session. These 5 stars for vihan for making such a good presentation.
Thank you so much vihaan. Lots of things cleared by this session and easy to understand and approach.
Thank you so much. 👏 👏

Awsome....finally all the Chaos in the mind about application of PBPA got clear.....excellent way to apply PBPA protocol which will definately save our time at the same time benifit patients....Big claps to Little boy VIHAAN for organising and putting it in right way in the form of charts and making it easily understandable.....Thanks Mam,sir and vihaan for all these effforts 🙏

This was the most needed session of all time, application of PBPA protocol. This session has cleared a lot doubts in itself. Grateful to the whole Bhandagey family!

This was simply an excellent session! Almost, all doubts regarding the application of PBPA protocol have been very clearly solved. And the efforts taken by you all, ESPECIALLY VIHAAN, need a special applause.
Thank you very much.

Evaluation and treatment protocol for all joints is very informative simple and the one which gives best result in minimum time intention for joining course was to learn marketing aspects mainly and when i saw i am doing 75 -80 percent things same as maam it just boosted my confidence to another level maam you were like a green signal for me like i am on right path and doing correct things

Most awaited session. My all doubts got cleared. All minute things very specifically explained by mam. And thank u lil champ Vihaan for your efforts flowchart really helped alot in easy learning.

Firstly thank you vihan for making such a simple slides which is easily understandable.. and ma'am u r a great physical therapist with tremendous knowledge and great person too.. u always share your 100 percent of knowledge with us.. a very beautiful session.. This PBPA protocol gave me a different vision.. Tq so much sir, maam and dear vihan also..

Thoroughly explain the PBPA Protocol. Now I can implement this to my patients easily and sequentially. Dr Priyanka had explained the treatment application in such a systematic manner,that includes every clinical aspect like Dosage, duration of hold time , reps, frequency every thing taught to detail leaving no doubts. Thank you Dr Priyanka

Thank you for this session
All doubts which I had about PBPA protocol got cleared in this session

PBPA Protocal explained in easy way to understand, Ankle joint Assessment is also well, I try to learned maximum.

Much much awaited session for me because now I can give a complete pbpa protocol for my patients with full of confidence and knowledge
thank you little one VIHAN for making a wonderful and easy slide format for us, you are really a genius boy.
Thank you mam

Wow....So much precised learning.Extremely grateful to be a part of this revolutionary Physiotherapy course

much awaited session where the method for the exhibition of PBPA protocol is always so crisp and specific, Thank you Priyanka ma'am, Kirron sir and also lil champ Vihan

Oh god i was waiting for this session for so long!! Each and every presentation, the way of explaining everything was unique and worth it!!! Thankyou so much ma'am and Vihan for make our learning easier.👏

Again one more amazing knowledgeable indepth session on ankle joint assessment n test also on exercises dosage n it was really interesting n much awaited one thank you so much ma'am n sir the effort u both put in each n every season is commendable appreciated n m really greatful 🙏🙏 also this time toh vihaan also worked for us in making the presentation soo proud of u little champ n thank you to vihaan too 🙏🙏🙏

This was something which I was looking from so long. I used to ask everyone always how to decide about the reps and the sets and the hold? Now attending this I am confident enough that yes now I dont have to ask anyone but myself. This was an amazing session where we understood the step by step procedure of how it needs to b done rather what needs to be done. This is very basic to understand the week wise protocol how it will go but still mam made an effort to explain so deeply. Thanks a lot mam. Thanks a lot to sir and your son for taking all those extra effort for us so that we can come up with flying colours. Thanks once again.

grt learning...

PBPA protocol explained in much easier way. Had great leaning. Thank you mam

Very informative and a doubt clearing sessions about how to progress with PBPA protocol. It will help a lot in formulating the exercise program

Very nice insight on Exercise dosage and patient follow up ...Thank you so much

PBPA protocol explained in such systematic and easy way. I am grateful to be part of this course.

Great session, clear and crisp explanation of progression with exercises.Thanks a ton.

Simply Superb session. Great greattt learnings from Mam, Words fall short.. Very genuine and honest teachings. Each session gives more confidence to communicate with patients. Especially the thought that- "Focus and follow the protocol, don't think about secondary factors" Is one goldmine i discovered here. As i could relate to things i was lacking in myself in terms of soft skills/transferring the right knowledge in right way to patient. Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Most awaited session..

Very very awaited sesion
Mam explained it in very simple manner...Itna easily toh kisi College professor ne bhi nahi explain kiya hai utna easily mam ne explain kiya hai ...ek bar mam explain krte hain toh woh chize dimag mai fit ho jati hai...Thank you so much mam and Little one Vihaan he is so smart and intelligent....

This session indeed was the most awaited session and really really enjoyed attending it .Lot of learning in the session .All doubts got cleared regarding the application of protocol.Maam the flowcharts you have prepared made it lot easier to understand and apply .Wonderful session

Very beautifully, simply, effectively designed protocol by sir and mam.
Each and every point , aspect is very important in terms of patient people saved our money in terms of whatever workshops i was thinking to do ........but thank u so much to u people for clearing my vision .
There were very limited exercises that were teached during our college period ....and i was like repeating that only.i felt like there some more things also that we can implement but where to and how we can get that knowledge......i m very greatful and thanks to u Dr. Priyanka mam u r my favorite mentor ,teacher 🙏
Awesome Session 👌 💯 Thank u so much vihaan for creating such easy way of PBPA charts ,i just completed last 30 min session..thats why i got to know about ur creativity.. lots of love beta❤

such a simplified version of what could have been extremely diff. To understand without being face to face. had developed a lot of doubts but yes waiting for this session absolutely resolved all the doubts by just listening to you. And it brings another perspective on how a young child can do presentations with such ease, genius give birth to genius is apt here. Both sir and mam are highly skilled and so is their son. Gratitude to him as well..

A much awaited session...and really giving the true completion of the PBPA much clearity about each thing...really amazing...After hearing this session...I could really confidently manage my patients. Thanks for all @dr Priyanka and Sir...and this time special thanks to dear Vihan😘

Thank you ma'am and sir for yet another insightful session. Exercise prescription is been explained very clearly. Many doubts on exercise prescription is cleared. Following up with patient even after the course with discharge summary was very helpful. The test and measures of ankle joint was detailed and clear explanation, easy to understand. 🙏🙏🙏

First of all
Thanks a lot ma'am an sir for your efforts to put up this course syllabus so well. Each lecture shows how much soul you have put in making it .
Thanks to vihaan for his efforts too..

Thank you ma'am once again for giving us such a clearity of PBPA protocol, which is now a Cup of tea, for every one who attend the program.i think, thanks for your kindness and giving us every thing in such a simple way

nice session on how to apply PBPA protocol.
excellent session .thanks

So so many of my doubts have been cleared in this session regarding exercise prescription. Thank you ma'am. It is only because of your experience and hard work that you have made things so easy for us. Thnak you Vihaan for your effort in making the presentation. It really made it easy for us to understand.

as usual great learning experience, hats off to your junior for his contribution also.

Great explanation by ma'am about application ,very much simplified due to slides ,thank you ma'am and ankle joint assessment covered all the possible condition and the confidence you have given us to follow only protocol instead of prescription based moroever best part was confidence by sir and ma'am was trusting on your knowledge ,thank you so much and explanation of what is physiotherapist is not a two day treatment ,pt education and education of program smoothly ,kudos to vihan for achievement,you have inspired him to reading ,great values by both parents

Mam has designed it so well and in very simple manner credit goes to champ vihaan who have made it so easy for us to understand by making slides big applause to vihaan. Mam your dedication gives us so much power that someone is there to guide and willing to help.There
is no doubt that by implementing this protocol, patient will definitely get long term, sustainable and permanent recovery if he follows it properly. From pt education starting from telephonic conversation to discharge and also after discharge how to make him independent and his own doctor mam you have given us blueprint this is something incredible.Also test and measures for Ankle joint explained very well by mam. Thank you so much to whole family I'm fortunate to be part of this.

Thank you so much ma'am for this wonderful session, the easily understandable,and self explanatory charts of PBPA protocol,special thanks to vihan thank you so much 🙏🙏

Great session on PBPA protocol. Ma'am have explained it in very structural way with wonderful flow charts. Ma'am have made really awesome and effective protocol. Thank you soo much ma'am, vihaan and sir.

pbpa protocol doubts finally cleared.very smartly made programme which can take care of all 5 physical paratmeters sooner or u have alaways said we r giving more then wat s expected. so i feel following such programme with so much accuracy in dosages pt s receiving more then for wqt he is cmng to clinic.thank you for the slides as well. .they made it quite simpler to understand the week wise programme.

PBPA protocol of Priyanka mam..awesome and 100% effective protocol designed by Priyanka Mam.. Thank u mam for explaining the importantance of dosage, no. Of reps,hold time.. and even the discharge summary of patients..ankle assessment covering all the points very helpful...old patients inspiring stories.. U r truly an inspiration to all mam..and thank u sir for always boosting us towards excellence..When I was going through the session back of the mind I was thinking what a wonderful preparation of slides and chart I was so shocked and surprised to know it was done by vihaan.. Really proud of you vihaan.. U r the hero of today's session...thank u mam, Sir and vihaan for this session.. You 3 are blessing for us.. It was excellent and extremely helpful session.

Great thank to Dr Priyanka for designing such a great program with includes all the aspects in great detail and really had great technical session

Amazing session about PBPA protocol & test and measures of Ankle Joint.
Thank you Ma'am & Sir for designing such an awesome workshop for US.

Amazing session. Your protocol is so nicely designed..You are taking so much efforts , really priceless..Thank u ma'am..Thanks to vihaan too for making slides in flowchart manner, making it so easy to understand.

Thank you madam

Thank you so much maam for designing such a beautiful course .
Your efforts are incredible
Once again Thank you so much
Thank you Allah who give me mentor like you .
Allah bless you.

Structured way explained through flow chart so that it is easy for us to understand and it shows how much efforts you put in to make it easy for us to even jot it down.
So much of time, energy and techniques used to simplify the abundant knowledge.
Thanking you is just not enough coz it will not convey my emotions, thoughts as it is beyond imaginations or words.
Incredible work ma'am n sir.
M so blessed to have you both my mentors/guru's.

What a Great session... Incredible.... great learning in this session .. dosage is most important in any treatment... Very much clearly nd easily understandable..... Nd yes all credit goes for slides to little vihan... slides were amazing to understand nd Mam explain it very well so it's too easy for us to understand... Great learning nd inspirable... Great job done by all 3 of you .. dr priyanka mam , kirron sir nd little vihan... Thank you so much 😊😊😊

Another great session. THANK YOU madam and sir. Your zeal and passion for this profession are really encouraging for us. And hard work and determination made it more easier to understand this session. PBPA protocol dosage of exercise was really helpful. Thank you for being our mentors. I must say . special thanks to sweet little champion champion 🏆 .he did a great job.

Excellent lecture on product recommendation, application of PBPA and exercise dosage.specail thanks to little Vihaan.well done .

Beautiful session on how to apply PBPA protocol

Wonderful session.
Very helpful to understand PBPA protocol.
Without proper dosage we can’t give optimum results so very useful session.
Special thanks to Vihan for creating flow charts for us.
Thank you so much mam👏👏 nd sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Dosage is where most physio s don't execute their task well.
so this session was very important to give the patient an idea of where he is headed and how he will proceed furthee.
This session was very much helpful to understand the PBPA protocol, its application, exercise dosage, Reps, sets, holds etc. After discharge also how we can make our patient heathy, fit and fine is superbly explained.
Regards to Both Mam and Sir for their dedicated efforts in this Program.

राह में मुश्किल होगी हजार, तुम दो कदम बढाओ तो सही, हो जाएगा हर सपना साकार, तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।
मुश्किल है पर इतना भी नहीं, कि तू कर ना सके,
दूर है मंजिल लेकिन इतनी भी नहीं, कि तु पा ना सके,
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

एक दिन तुम्हारा भी नाम होगा, तुम कुछ आगे पढ़ो तो सही,
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।
सपनों के सागर में कब तक गोते लगाते रहोगे, तुम एक राह चुनो तो सही तुम उठो तो सही, तुम कुछ करो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।
कुछ ना मिला तो कुछ सीख जाओगे, जिंदगी का अनुभव साथ ले जाओगे,
गिरते पड़ते संभल जाओगे, फिर एक बार तुम जीत जाओगे।
तुम चलो तो सही, तुम चलो तो सही।

Hello Everyone My name is Dr. Pallavi Gaikwad. As our journey through the 90 days 10 x growth program is coming to an end, I would like to share learnings and experiences starting from the level one which was 5 Day 10 x growth program. The L1 program is like a “Portal to the promised Land” where you come to know the exact flaws and on which path you have step forward to make yourself successful. While the 90 Days 10 x growth program is in real sense a “GOLD MINE” … DR. PRIYANKA and KIRON SIR, the two strong Pillars who always make sure to leave no stone unturned by providing the top to bottom knowledge for betterment of all physiotherapist. I’m very fortunate to be a part of these two programs.
📌In this level 2 program Dr. Priyanka “THE WIKIPIDIA OF PHYSIOTHERAPY” has given us the strong tool which is “PBPA” protocol which taught us overall, how to handle patient in terms of his/her psychological state, 24 hrs pain management, assessment, exact diagnosis, selecting the modalities, how to make them follow the day wise exercises, follow ups and maintaining the exercises after discharge, product recommendations explained very beautifully by Dr. Priyanka... Most importantly I learnt from her in this workshop that, if you really have that hunger and courage to treat patients then you can start from very minimal accessories, no fancy rooms can start from home too. Your weapons are your strong clinical knowledge and courage to stand for yourself and for your profession.
📌About Kiron sir... Absolutely “physiotherapy management GURU” who taught us from head-to-toe management lessons starting from site selection to the finest-to-finest calculations on charges. How to handle expenses, patient’s charges, patients flow, how to maintain the uniqueness by marketing through various modes. The golden mantras given by you and Dr. Priyanka on every step of the session was nothing less than a GOLD MINE for me. I really learnt a lot from this workshop on top of all this I learnt a very important thing that is how to be a humble and always giving person from my mentors.. thank you so much from bottom of my heart Dr. Priyanka and sir for providing this platform for helping, guiding us to make our life more blissful. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍 Priceless and must to do workshop for each and every physiotherapist 👌✌️

It was a great session. The PBPA Protocol application and its understanding was extremely well explained and in depth knowledge, along with Mam's clinical experiences shared by her were amazing. Its always interesting to hear her patient experiences which again provides us with so much knowledge. The Ankle test and measures were also covered in detail. And special thanks to your son Vihaan for making the slides such that they were so easy to understand. Total Team work your family teaches us from this. Thank You.

This session was very much helpful to understand the PBPA protocol, its application, exercise dosage, Reps, sets, holds etc. After discharge also how we can make our patient heathy, fit and fine is superbly explained by ma\"am. Again n Again I want to say that I am so lucky to have mentors like you. lead physio is doing something extraordinary job.n\"Special thanks to Vihaan\"for his excellent job. Each sessions of lead physio\"s are like treasures for me.

Detailed explanation of PBPA protocol application & exercises dosage for treatment is given in simple and easy manner. Vihaan you made it more easy to understand us, by your flow chart. Great job Vihaan !! 👏👏👍 Thank you so much. Mam has designed this protocol in such a way that if while giving treatment by mistake we missed something then the protocol will take care of it. An excellent protocol!! Hatts off to your knowledge and your dedication mam 🙌🙌 There
is no doubt that by implimating this protocol, patient will definitely get long term, sustainable and permanent recovery if he follows it properly. Also test and measures for Ankle joint explained very well by mam. Thank you Lead physio family. 🙏🙏

This session helped much to understand and prescribe Reps, hold, sets, exercise dosages for treatment and clear step by step post discharge. Learned easy and multiple way to treat and plan during treatment.nn!! Special Thanks to Vihaan and best wishes for his Future !!nnThanking Lead physio for the excellent initiatives.

Mam has explained PBPA protocol in a very simple and easiest manner..Detailed explanation given for Reps, hold, sets, exercise dosages etc. what to do in each level, in every week and after discharge also described in easier way..Ankle joint assessment is very well explained.. And special thanks for Vihaan for making it easier way...Thank you so much !!

Mam has designed it so well with the level of experience she has. Her confidence and dedication gives us so much power that someone is there to guide and willing to help.
Ankle joint protocol was nicely explained.

Frankly, I got goose bumps when at the end, mam said now you all are Certified with PBPA Protocol and proudly say it to everyone😇😇 Moreover, these 2 months, I have got so used to mam's sessions. Days just flew and the program is already towards the end. Already missing these days.😌😌

Vihan was the hero of yesterday’s mom like son . Maam made us to understand in a very simple and effective way. I like ankle grading which was explained .Reps hold and application of PBPA program was wonderful To learn in 360 degree angle. I salute your effects and I like this concept of Don’t write in books or record video instead keep storing in muscle, I think all PBPA exercises should b made compulsory for the participants to perform then only we will store it . I think now sir is replaced by vihan ,good job .Thanks you lead physio family

PBPA protocol explained in a very simple n easy language.motivating factor was that lead physio present each topic in prefect n precise manner.Vihaan u made it easy for all of us Thank you so much .I had lots of doubt regarding treatment session dosage but now everything is sorted .Ankle joint assessment was also helpful as I alwz skip spl test for ankle joint but from now onwards I will apply the easy 1 which u taught mam.there is so much to learn from you mam.looking forward for more guidance from u in future . Thanks a lot to whole family.👏🏻👏🏻

Firstly, what impressed me or you can say touched me most is the ma'am and sir's undaunting efforts to deliver the best to their capacity with no compromise on the content of the course. Ma'am's dedication towards her work, out of the box thinking, self discipline, and most important zeal to excel are some of the qualities which I truely admire and would like each one of us to imbibe to be unique in our own way. Application of PBPA protocol explained in a very structured way with precise flow charts, thanks Vihaan! 👍. Well said that exercises need to go into muscle memory so learning by doing is the only way ... 😊. Lastly, Vihaan what you did just reminds me of my son.... like a little "jinni" always there to rescue mom from a difficult deserve an applause 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 well done!!


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