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I was always worried about pricing and didn't have confidence to ask for a decent amount. . .
With this pricing strategy I feel confident , this pricing strategy is justice to me and patients . . . Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information 🙏

Great explanation of hip joint by mam and smart pricing from sir a great eye opener.thamk u mam and sir

Very nice information about the pricing, helps to form a proper structure based on the condition and pricing for the same. And also a good informative session on assessment techniques for hip joint.
Thank you

Well explained about the pricing...

V well explained

really smart pricing strategy in simple manner ,hats off to sir and maam.

Very nicely explained pricing mastersheet ..... I hadnt started tele physiotherapy ..... After this video I am planning to start .....You rightly said we should be confident in yelling prices to patients !!

Price masterchart is well prepared ,quite a detailed one.Management tips are amazing

Course is going good many things are there to learn and improve which learning thru this course.
Thank you so much

Learnt new tests for checking functional ability of hip hip joint......Also major bonus was master pricing sheet which will definately aid deciding pricing for any clinic.... definately will reduce the efforts for formulating such pricing sheets....thanks once again Mam and Sir for these efforts and making it available for us🙏

Good sessions, but there were some audio disturbances during hip test and measures videos. It could have been better with a mic. But good explanation.
Sir's session was also really good, it was extremely reasonable and convincing!

Very useful and applicable information about pricing strategies shared here.
It eases out a lot of problems regarding the same.
Thank you.

Assessment was very well explained in detailed and even pricing was explained very well . The session was very informative

Sir designed the price sheet very smartly and definitely it is going to add huge value to my clinical practices. Thank u sir

Proper strategies and plans are essential for simplifying the complex material. Whatever the pricing strategy shown here with terms and conditions applied, gives huge sensibility and helps to increase patient inflow in simplest way.

thanks for the wonderful session. Master price sheet is a boon. As for the hip assessment and hip joint tests, Dr Priyanka explained it very professionaly.

Very unique price calculations.. Hip assessment and special tests are Beautifully explained by Maam.. Tq so much both of you..

Thank you for sharing master price sheet .It really very easy and easy to understand .And thank you mam for wonderfully explain about test and measure of hip joint . Really amazing session

Pricing is very hard in our Physiotherapy segment, Explained well Maitain Rates and excellent hip assessment.

Real bonus for us....Thank you for sharing master price sheet sir...It really very easy for us to make our own price strategy according to us......Again thank you mam for wonderfully explain about test and measure of hip joint .

Sir has explained in detailed about pricing for single and multiple joints; and how also to be confident while explaining pricing to pts. well organised n systemic pricing list shared with us. Hip joint test n measure well explained.Thank you sir mam

Thanks for both these sessions... Strategies for pricing are really Helpful.Hip joint detailed assessment very well demonstrated and taught.

This session was really a boon, bonus for all of us. Nobody ever reveals about their pricing list or how they calculate. The way sir has explained, its mind blowing. Learnt so many different strategies. Test measures of hip was again wonderfully explained by mam. I think mam and sir should open an institute of their own so that none of the physios need to do different courses from outside. Thanks for this wonderful session. Waiting to learn many new things in the upcoming weeks.

After completing every session i always thgt that what more is there to learn now after all this week but every time sir and ma'am surprised me with a new learning ..thank you so much sir and ma'am and special thanks for the sir for sharing the master pricing sheet it was all taught before but u took all the pain for making such self explanatory excel sheet just to save our efforts and time . All I can say is thank you

Wonderful session by ma'am covering all the important aspects of hip joint assessment n tests with in depth explanation and the pricing XL sheet shared and explained by sir is icing on cake huge bonus given by sir. Really thankful greatful to both our mentors 🙏🙏🙏

One more amazing session is completed.
Mam u explained the things on practically base in a simple manner. This minute things we're not explaine in our classes. And the pricing modes are explained by sir is very good. He actually make things crystal clear what basic mistake done in pricing.. Thank you maam and sir.. For this awsome session. 😇😇😇

Smart pricing ......very helpful
Tysm Kiran sir and Dr.Priyanka
This no one teaches you in ur graduation program, u got to learn this on this platform only .

wonderful session. another gold mine. thank you so much ...mam and sir

Thank you so much for a brilliant session,,,the highlight was again the pricing list prepared by Kiran sir,,, probably he understand the lack of efforts from physios or I can lack for proper understanding of these calculations, and he has developed a complete chart of pricing with all minute points,,,its a huge bonus for us

Both sir and ma'am gave their amazing explanation on their respective topics. Sir's lecture regarding the payment skill was enlightening and deep learning. Highlighting the word course instead of package sounds more professional and convincing to the patients. I am thankful to both of them for this amazing course.

Pricing strategies very well explained apart from the technical part..

Yet another amazing session.. Very well explained

Excellent session.Pricing session was also taken in detail and is very good.

Thanks a lot for a wonderful session on smart pricing.. n by sharing the sheet for our use.. u have actually given us double bonus.. thnks a lot..

Thank u so much sir...for such simple, unique
and beautiful explanation......that made very easy work 4 us .Beautifully designed pricing strategy........thank you a lot sir🤗

Thank you ma'am and sir for another insightful session. Very detailed and clear explaination on assessment of hip joint. Sir's session was amazing on smart pricing stratergies along with the importance of communication skills and confidence level. 🙏🙏

Very accurate pricing strategies and structure. Great hip assessment and detailed explanation.

Very informative and very precise information about how to asses hip joint and related information through examples by Dr Priyanka Mam! Hats off to you for your clarity of knowledge about the subject Mam....what to say about Sir!... though not from our field but still so relatable...Main thing is that both are in a Giving Mode....for our Professional and Personal betterment...What I wanted to ask for...I found they know that and already given that.... really amazing. About Pricing Sheet, I couldn't even think like it can even be done like very convinced...and going to use in my Clinic also.... thanks again for all the hard work you both have done...True Good Soul Mentors!!!

very good session and got to know in detail manner about assessment part. Highlight part was master xl sheet for pricing of all categories. thank you sir for this master sheet, will be really helpful for me...

Amazing session

Pricing sheet , amazing calculation,and brief overview , crystal clear explanation from day 1 to yearly packages ,thank u sir
And thank you priyanka maam for detail ed assessment of hip joint

Sir explained pricing sheet in very easy manner which can be very helpful in clinical practice.very well planned and structured and solution to each and every things.hip jt test and measures were explained so well.very informative session.

Pricing our services is the biggest task. You made it easy sir. Thank you.

Such a amazing session , pricing sheet explained so very well by sir, thank you so much for sharing every details of it .It becomes very very easy now with your teachings. And very nicely explained tests and measures of hip joint by ma'am and so many important points explained by ma'am and sir in every session ,each and every word is important , thank you again.

Systematic design of pricing list from day 1st to a year is helping to clear the view of the pricing with huge discount. It's a great session with the great understanding to a very confusing & complicated topic that is 'pricing calculation' ☺️ ..... Thank you sir & ma'am for making it so easy & understandable.

It was a great learning session....test and measures for hip joint explained very nicely by ma'am... and great informative session by kiron sir on smart pricing which is going to be helpful in many ways.
Thank you ma'am and sir

Session of pricing was priceless..... Kirron sir explain things in pricing sheet was very clear nd easy to understand.. huge amount of knowledge gained from this.. hip joint test nd measures was awesome nd in between the session mam tells soo many things in depth that was very kind Nature of mam that she tells each nd every minor to minor things... Both mam nd sir take care about each nd every aspect nd give advice about it.. thank you soo much sir nd mam for every thing...😊😊

Great session by sir. This pricing method we don't get any where even if we want to learn. Thank you for sharing with us. In own clinical setup this knowledge is very much needed.
When it comes for collecting money most of the time I hesitate to mention and collect the money on time. But this knowledge will help me implement in right way.

Excellent session by Kiron sir...Thank you so much sir for indetail explanation of master pricing sheet..Your lectures always boost up my confidence.Priyanka mam's lecture on hip joint test, measure was very informative.Thank u mam.

Smartly n deeply explained the excel sheet pricing.
Hip special test were explained exceptionally.
Thank you

Another power packed session by Kiron Sir about Smart pricing and how to design the treatment course for patients as well as how mindset plays an important role in convening about the pricing to patients.
Dr Priyanka Ma'am has beautifully explained about Hip test & measures
Grateful to Ma'am & Sir for designing this wonderful course for us.

learned new concepts of smart pricing and don't shy to tell it to patients .
learned new hip assessment in detail. thank u sir and madam

It was a very informative session about smart pricing and i liked how Sir explained how to mention your fees. Mam's Hip Test and measures session was also very nice.
Thank You

Got a clear understanding of different modes of treatment and their relevant costs. And how we can help the clients in whatever way they are comfortable with - for the benefit of both - client and a physio. And the psychological tips shared by sir to show more confidence and clarity as a physio was excellent. Also, how to manage schedules of different clients was a good info.

I bow down to you mam for such a wide knowledge in the field of physiotherapy. You are just like a Live Wikipedia of Physiotherapy You know everything in and out in this field. And you answer everything so confidently and happily without time limits. Thanks a lot mam.

Looking forward for more opportunities to learn more and more from you both. 🙏

Grateful to Dr Priyanka mam for explaining the assessment of HIP in such an elaborative manner. she covered all the aspect of examining the patient. Kiron's talk was icing on the cake by giving the details of SMART pricing for patients according to the conditions. Much gratitude and many thanks to you both for this course. Excellent.

Another very positive and powerful session.. sir you are an amazing" Management Guru".. The way you have explained the smart pricing is superb, for one joint for multi joints treatment and its various modes. I really appreciate the words said by sir," Be presentable and spell the amount with confidence , rather than just showing the course rate card". Thank you so much for sharing with us pricing in detail. Test and measures of hip joint explained very nicely and in depth by DR. Priyanka.. thank you so much for this power pack session🙏👏👍

Detailed explanation about smart pricing ,business strategy by sir was amazing!! 👌👌 Lead physio offering service to all category people of the society. You people are giving treatment in different option modes so that no one will go empty hand, when they approch to you. Everyone will definitely get the solutions to their problems wheather they are offerdable or not. Hatts off to you mam ,sir and Lead physio team 🙌👏👏 for such great contribution to the society. Also mam's session about test & measurements of hip joint was superb!! She explained it in depth, also gave new vision to us how to do it smartly & corelate it with other conditions.. Thank you.

Session was very informative. Smart pricing was unbelievable I have never heard about this concept they are doing so perfect all methods are standard there is no if or but they are very accurate with all aspects. Thanks to sir n maam for such a wounded fuel session.

Sir has explained in detailed about pricing for single and multiple jts; and how also to be confident while explaining pricing to pts. Mam has explained in detailed which conditions commonly seen in hip jt. Balance and functional testing and special tests of hip jt are amazingly explained..
Mam's advice on think out of the box and difficult problems can have easy solutions is motivational. Also I couldn't stop myself from laughing on eg.of Cat and Kitten 😂

well organised n systemic pricing list shared with us.Home care advice was absolutely relatable .concept of hiring physios from educational batches is grt.looking forward for telephsiotherapy in upcoming session in detail .hip jt test n measure well explained.Thank you sir mam

Again indeed a very informative session by sir regarding how a good communication skill and believe in our own self whether with regard to treatment offered or the pricing are the key for scaling up our business. Infact in order to be irreplaceable we have to learn to be invincible , expressive and unreserved. The various modes of treatment with smart pricing would cater to all sections of the society with no such issue as unaffordability.... a very well planned, well structured and solution providing workshop I must say... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Mam's session was very descriptive and informative indeed. I liked mam's view that we have to first master the standard protocol of each joint first and then only we would gain confidence in dealing with real life complex conditions.
Sir and ma'am, I must say you both try your best to make our professional journey a boon..thanks 😊

Very powerful session, smart pricing, apart from exercises and technical knowledge, i am grateful that you shared the pricing and other strategies,
Sequence wise hip test and measures
This session gave me huge confidence
Thank you


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