• Test and Measures for WRIST Joint
  • Home Program
    • Hot application
    • Cold application
  • Safety Movement Advice
  • Sleeping Position
  • Systemic Involvement role in Pain
  • Blood Test Prescription Template

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Test and Measures for WRIST Joint Home Program Hot application Cold application Safety Movement Advice Sleeping Position Systemic Involvement role in Pain
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Perfect explanation of application of Hot and Cold
Also Electrotherapy with a different angle

Got a crystal clear picture about the application of hot and cold therapy , which was something always confusing to me.
Learned about chronic condition and acute pain - simply that the condition can be chronic but pain symptom could be acute and how to decide for the home program accordingly. Fantastic learning..Thankful !

Excellent demonstration on hot and cold compression at home. Thank you ma'am..

Detailed explanation of the home program and the use of hot and cold therapy.Kudos to you ma'am

Beautifully explained session. Detailed explanation of Cold and Hot therapy.
Minutely explained.
Wrist joint test and measure well explained

Very informative session thank u mam

Very deep explanation about heat and cold,Thank you very much mam.

Nicely explained


Week by week as I m attending sessions all my basics and the concepts are getting clear and scaling my confidence up!! Thank you so much Mam for this beautiful session.

Detail understanding about home program hot and cold and other important advice which was nicely explained.

Kirronn Sir, You have very well explained bad consequences of Referral practice, it is responsible for degradation of Physiotherapy profession.

Electrotherapy n hot n cold pack concepts nicely explained

Freshen up the the concepts of elctrotherapy with practical applications of each many alternative methods can be consider for treatment rather than focusing on modalities which we use since ages as those are so simple and benificial 👍

Thorough explanation on heat and cold application. Sir has highlighted an important part here, to make sure you are not paying to defame yourself. Good session.

Great learning experience and good revision of all the concepts learnt during our academic years plus a lot of new Practically Tried and Tested methods!
Thank you.

So true

Complete Home session explained in easy way

Every atomic(minute) things matters alot for receiving desired results and if results are not received then you're still lagging somewhere. Review your process and work on every minutest point. This session was explanation of that minute detail to be worked on. Why therapist are overlooked by patients because they lag in being so informative to patient regarding every detail of their condition and body. Don't miss single word or second of session, it's really worth and important for physiotherapy practice. Thank you.

Beautiful Session.. Explanation of how to choose hot & Cold therapy in Home Program is very scientific.. Explanation of all tests for wrist joint is really superb.. Really thankful to you maam..

Very Clear demonstration of Tests and Confusion regarding hot therapy and cold therapy got vanished.Thanks for all the learnings

Well explained Madamji, regards wrist joint assessment and therapy duration, hot and cold therapy using in which situation. 👌

all minute things covered in this session , the way you teach is very much attractive all doubt related to home programme and hot n cold application are clear.....thanks again

Got clear about hot and cold application.
Weather and body's natural changes,
Through knowledge of pain and it's reasons other than injury.
Blood test and their important
Nutrition and and their relationship with pain.
Kirron sir's talk on physios performance. I think this course should reach to all physios so we can save our profession.

Good session
All basic got revised beautifully and precisely .. cold and heat therapy decision making.. precise prescription of Home program.. water intake, vitamin deficiency and how all these factors play an important role in rehabilitation
Thank you.

Amezing session
As usual in depth explanation

Very informative, detailed n beautifully explained session. Ma'am u made physiotherapist so easy n it's like easily samj ajata h when u explain it no further doubts at all. I wish college mein bhi aise hi studies krvaye hote toh confidence phele se bahut better hota. But now m very sure that my confidence level has boosted. N soon gonna fulfill my dream of opening my own Physiotherapy center which coz of lack of confidence i wasn't able to take step ahead so now very soon will do that. For this will always be greatful to Ma'am n sir thank you sooo much for everything u thaught us🙏🙏🙏

The application of hot and cold is so beautifully explained by mam. I was so very confused till now that when to give hot and when to give cold. With the physiology she has explained in very simple language. Thanks a lot mam. Test and measures of wrist joint was also amazingly explained.

Another brillient sessions is explained by mam.. When or how many time to give clold and hot therapy.. Thank you mam for guideing properly. 😇

Another Amazing Session!!
Home program of hot n cold .. these things usually we neglect to explain the patient how to apply ... Thanks again!!

Another wonderful session by Priyanka mam. Thank you mam for making me understand that how physiotherapy can help our patient in their daily routine, by planning a proper home programme.

Thank you for a brilliant session Dr Priyanka Mam,,,it has cover very precisely the minute but most important detailing of the application of hot cold even home advices the diet part, mentioning about the value addition to the patient care ,,,, actually we very oftenly miss this part and then becomes clueless when pts comes again with the same problem or have compliant about not getting optimum results...thanks again for such an insightful session

Very good insight on pain management
These details we weren't taught in our graduation also ,Each and every minute detail on hot and cold therapy are covered ...excellent 👌

Excellent session, wrist examination was nicely collated with emphasis on grips and prehension..Thank you again.

The session was really very educative and in deep and infact most the things were matching what my curiosity arouse in my observation during my intial clinical postings in college.

Excellent session with detailed explanation on acute and chronic condition, hot and cold application dosage etc.Other factors affecting pain , role of diet etc has been covered in detail and very well explained.

Simply a great session again. Info about home program and the deep knowledge behind it is just amazing. Thnku so much mam nd sir.

Very detailed and informative session.. thank you for putting it up so well Ma'am..

Very informative many doubts have cleared about home programme and understood the reason behind it... very deep and science-based reasons ,why and how d pain can increase everything explained very well .........thank u so much for again simply great session 😇🤗❤

Thank you ma'am for one more informative session. Got much clarity about home program. Specially the application of cold and heat therapy. Also learnt detailed assessment of wrist joint. 🙏🙏

Very informative,giving new insight to things taught in college
and also good revision lecture for wrist joint

Very much informative, session, home programs has cleared, thanks a lot mam, really good session,

Very nice session...all basics and fundamental got revised and got clarity about the subject.... thanks for the guys are doing great!


Very well compiled.

yes definetly helpful, explained in detail

Very informative. Learnt a lot from this session.

Such a detailed description of everything maam ,home program ,what patient has to do is The key part of our treatment session and revision of special test of wrist joint ,Thank you for assessment and treatment part both

Completed home program and what a detailed sessions mam had explained everything in so much depth so much basic things never knew home program is that much important this things are never taught anywhere so simple but yet very effective for patients and I'm so grateful to be part of this program.thankyou mam for making us understand the importance of home program.

Very informative

Home program session awesome... Too many leaning in this session... Main thing what not to do (don'ts) that's very much important while treating pt. Or advice home program it's directly hamper to treatment... All things explain very much in detail... In this session great learning... Which treatment choose nd when which kind of treatment advice pt. & Method of use all explain... That's very informative.. wrist protocol were amazing....

One more great session home program very well explained, very useful session for every physio to advice patient according to patient condition. Wrist assessment was nice. As madam mentioned for hot n cold applications patient need not come to clinic but along with home program patient exercise is needed. Try to find out the root cause and correct the root cause is very well explained . Like vit D3 deficiency and other things most of the physios often fail to find out the root cause. Dr Priyanka madam explains all parameters which to be considered thank you.

Very informative session, application and dosage of heat and cold, rarely touched topic-possible other causes of pain explained well. Assessment of of forearm and wrist is detailed explained, some of the tests never heard before. Thank you for sharing madam.

It was very great session, proper explanation of heat and cold therapy at home , dosage and when to stop and also explained in so much detail about other causes of pain, and one should note those points also in assessment. Thank you ma'am

Very informative & useful sesdion. Well described about hot & cold application.

very informative session

An informative session about heat &cold therapy , dosage
Nicely explained about test &measures of wrist joit

Great learnings today ... wonderful session on test and measures for wrist joint ...valuable guidance by ma'am on hot and cold applications and when to use it.

Detailed the application of hot n cold in respective conditions along with tappering off which we usually forget to explain to the patients.
How to consider the family, genetic history, daily routine so as to rule out the diagnosis.
Rule out Deficiencies of vit. B12, calcium so as to gain the required results.

Another superb session by Priyanka ma'am emphasing on the importance of ice or heat application. water intake, vitamin deficiency and how all these factors play an important role in rehablitation. Wrist joints tests and measures very nicely explained.
Thank you Ma'am & Sir for designing this wonderful course.
Gratitude :)

Very informative session about heat/crayo therapy.very well explained 👏👏
Tests n measures of wrist joint is superb👏👏

Appreciate yet another wonderful session by Dr Priyanka mam.
Application of hot and cold program,when to give and in which conditions to give,method of application is explained in detail.
Wrist assessment was also explained well.

Yet another wonderful session. All the heat/ cryo therapy explanation given nicely and all safety precautions like the do's and dont's explained in detail. Test and measures were also explained in detail.

When mam said on first day about home program to be prescribed for rest 23 hours, I was very curious what can we tell them apart from exercises? But now I understood the instructions to be given for home program and keep things in our control. Hot and cold therapy well explained by mam considering physiological, physical and systemic disorders. Apart from physical condition, we need to see overall background of patient and give a holistic treatment. Wrist joint tests and measures well explained. 🙏

Sessions starts with a music that too had a meaning related in physio z life. I never thought of ke hot n cold application matters to that extent which maam had explained she made home program in such a way patient will get drastic results within first week itself . I surprised by hearing concept of chronic condition with acute symptom wrist test n measures were explained in detail with easy understanding. Once again Thank you Maam .

it was extremely fantastic session.clear explanation of Cryo/ hot which has been alwz confusable.plumber eg given by mam shows how precisely she knows human physiology.saftey measure like test ,diet n even tem of ac can affect our t/ t program was v informative. I liked the eg CHAMDE ko garm krke kuch ni hoga 🙂wrist jt test n measure presented so well.Thanks mam.
But missed sir' session.

An informative session, clearing so many doubts about application of hot or cold therapy for pain relief. Also very important point discussed regarding other metabolic causes of pain, which should be our first concern before planning our treatment or else would lead to poor results, unsatisfied patient and ultimately reduced patient inflow leading to poor returns....the vicious cycle ☹️. Thanks for highlighting such important points which are the backbone of a good clinical practice 🙏

This session was all about application of hot and cold thearpy as a home program. When to use ,how to use , dosage of application explained in detail with giving various examples of the conditions. This home program will definitely will help to the patient. Also minute detailing of test and measures of wrist joint given by mam.

Pain reduction using electro therapy why and when is it useful, Importance of hot and cold and their application and dosage on different conditions
Wrist joint tests explained in depth.
Very well explained

Application of hot and cold program;when to give and in which conditions to give,method of application is explained in detail..Hot and cold home program along with electro will definitely help pts..Tests and measures of wrist joint superb!!


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