1. Dr Priyanka’s Unique Application of Electrotherapy
  2. Test & Measures for Wrist Joint
  3. Why Courage for Physiotherapists is Needed

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YT1 – Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Facial Palsy in Hindi9:31
Why Courage for Physiotherapists is Needed9:34


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Very informative talk by ma'am, it will help to apply electrotherapy to the patient in different conditions.

Wonderfully explained in depth Stimulation, traction and minute details of what should be followed in EMS.
Different and practical way of approaching nerve involvement cases.

Amazed by your unique application of electro therapy ma'am.Hats off.Very well explained.Much needed to know for all physiotherapist.

very well explain. we get to know where we are lacking with modality. not to run behind advance modality. we can work with our basic modality very well.

Great explanation of electrotherapy it's dosage.thank u mam

Thank you for detailed explaination about correct ways of application in electrotherapy. Will definitely seen good results by application.

Thank you very mam for the detailed explanation about electrotherapy...

Very well explained


Mam it was beautiful session. You are genius. You have cleared the picture so efficiently. It seems easy now to open a clinic with few modalities. Besides such a grass root level of explanation that I couldn’t get in college as well in books. Another step up for my confidence level. Hats off!!

Electro therapy made easy and less timer. Made it understand that not to use lots of modelities to use.
Thank you so much.🙂

Electrotherapy has been made simpler to understand and it is pretty convincing!

Learned lot of new things very informative lecture

Ma'am u r ocean of knowledge u shared each and everything about electrotherapy in depth and the unique changes which u brought in practice are very thoughtful. Thank u so much for sharing your knowledge and your own efforts with us. I will b always greatful to you.

All Electrotherapy modalities explanation along with traction technique and wax application was really fantastic.. Fast track treatment concept is very unique, it will really help patient who lives far from clinic and wanted to save time & synkinesis normal side stimulation concept is really very very logical & thoughtful..hat's off to u maam. U r a book of perfection.. tq so much..

Really very amazing session, the different way of Electrotherapy, Electrode placement, Traction position and best mathod of Wax bath , everything is really very interesting. Thank you so much ma'am for this Knowledgeable session

Electrotherapy placement and dosage calculation explained very well, and surprised that how mam get results with only one machine application and exercises protocols.. waiting to see results with new techniques in my practic..

Very much needed session it was. I really need these information regarding electrotherapy, thank you mam for this wonderful session.

Amazing session ,an eye opener session about electrotherapy .we are using it since years but i think got the right just now . wonderful session thank u sir n mam for explaining it so simply n easily ..

Still wondering why this course was not available during my Bachelor's period. Each and every point comes through deep knowledge. This session has cleared so many misconceptions I was having about electrotherapy which could lead to unethical practices. Thank you so much Priyanka ma'am and Kirron sir

Wonderfully explained all right methods for application of electrotherapy equipments.Things are getting clearer day by day.

This session was very interesting to know about application of electrotherapy. I never took this much interest to learn electrotherapy. Mam has covered each and every minute details keeping in mind about patient's interest and therapist as well. Learnt new ways of positioning for patient in traction. So much of knowledge I got in this session was not only easy to understand but also to apply it practically on patients. Thanks a lot mam for making physiotherapy easy for all of us.

Amazing explanation about machine, And Practically experience of mam Is brilliant, for example mam find the effective way to use traction in prone position where as most of the physio use lumbar traction in supine postion which is less effective then prone postion, thank you of Creating number of unique physio in this generation where pure form of physiotherapy based on Electrotherapy + Exercise therapy. Thank you mam 😊😇

Thank ma'am for such a knowledgeable session .I awalys think the more the advance is the machine read it fancy..more the result. But you have explained it so beautifully that to stick with fundamental..simplicity at its best. U r a true gem..thank you so kuch

really very learning.

Wonderful session with lots of learning and also how to use less machines giving great results with proper application was the highlight of the session. Very important for physio. Thank you ma'am sir greatful to hv u as mentors 🙏🙏

Fascinating as always,, interesting from the core and important for the lifelong,,,waw completely changing the thought process regarding electrotherapy,,,minimizng the cost maximizing the effect ,,that's how Dr Priyanka is setting up the new benchmark. Great for physios bad for the machine walas, ,, thrilling for enthusiast saddening for lazy ones,,,thank you for these new dimension

Electrotherapy explained. It was very easy to understand. Many unique way of application is new to me. it is very interesting and easy to learn. Thank you mam for making it very simple to understand.

Nice information 👍

Electrotherapy very well explained, different and unique to what we were taught in the college. The most interesting part was the dosages and different treatment charges for joints. I am surely going to apply this into my practice for both revenue purposes and avoiding the misuse of our work and time.

Simply amazing to learn so many new things from your experiences
Unfolding physiotherapy and learning from new dimensions.

Great information. Thanks

Was waiting for this session since a long time.. Very well explained

Unique Application of Electrotherapy session is an extremely unique session. Minute details of all the methods were covered in the session .Fast track treatments is a new concept and knowing about it was great. Thank you Maam

Electrotherapy at its best. Feel so gud to be part of lead physio. The way mam shared her cases and how she dealt with them is amazing. There is so much i have learned in this session. Keep it up mam and sir. Hats off to your hardwork.

Wonderful session........first of all u cleared us one major thing about that u can use with minimal of investment on machin we can effectively apply and get the results.....i was quite confused wht to buy or which one good ,cost and all that .....thank u for clearing our all doubts regarding electrotherapy.
Thank u to make us understand with very beautiful examples , sharing ur different cases that ur session make us to stick with and start with energizing song that again and again keep us motivated with each and every session ........i felt i hav to revise it again and again..... thank u so much mam 4 this simple and beautiful session ❤

Learnt new ways of electrotherapy like faradism under water, lumbar traction on prone position, etc.. Thank you Ma'am for sharing this knowledge with us..

very practically explained about how to go about treatment sessions by saving our as well as patients time and getting good benefit .Thanks maam and Sir

Thank you ma'am for one more woderful session on unique session of electrotherapy. Learnt how to get the better outcome using basic machines with appropriate application. 🙏🙏

My college never teaches me faradic under water application n so many modalities🙂 it's a really new upgradation of my knowledge n skill too... Thank you so much for such a detailed n unique explanation ...I'm so glad to be ur student 😇

Thanks you ma'am once again for giving such a basic but great knowledge of electrotherapy, which now a days ,so called advance machine has lost the basis of electrotherapy, thanks again for providing us such available knowledge,

Good detailed explanation

Very well explained all basic knowledge about machines and its practical implementation by mam.

i felt very helpful and literally brushing up the physio knowledge and revision like session overall. thank you for giving in very detailed way..

Maam you have explained in such dept , actual concepts,of pt,you are box of enlightenment,so much to learn more ,simple and minute things in machine treatment ,so much research you have done,thank you for sharing all these with us, huge respect ,traction methods are not given anywhere,

What a session with all minute details of each and everything very informative as mam said focus on unique application same way session was full of uniqueness learned many things which can help pt for 100percent recovery.thankyou so much

Thank you soo much ma'am for this beautiful session on electrotherapy application. Explained with very nice examples, correct way to achieve perfect results.

Thank you Maam for beautifully explaining the minute things which we generally don't think of:- difference between using gel and water , using the term healing current instead of microcurrents , the viscous cycle of pain and how do the modalities work on it . And the fact that our treatment doesn't depends on what company's machine we use as it is only a temporary pain relieving treatment.Thank you maam and sir from your sessions and guidance everyday I am learning something new!!!

Thank you so much ma'am for this wonderful learning session about electrotherapy application, and mainly the unique method of musle stimulation therapy which can even treat optic nerve palsy, which was never explained or taught to me in syllabus. Thank you so much ma'am and sir for your valuable guidance🙏🙏

Unique application of electrotherapy is something learning new. Very minute things also covered. Application of electrodes to wax application with brush. Fast track treatment sessions also new learning. Thank you very much madam.

Great session by ma'am, with minimal modalities also it is possible to treat pain. Importance of couplant, dosages, fast track treatment, all properly explained by ma'am.

Very nice session

Wonderful&informative session 😍
Very detailed explanation about Dosage, timing of electrotherapy modalities &it's uses, fastrack treatment concept etc..

Wonderful session...unique application of electrotherapy taught in a very simple and effective way with great track sessions, dosage of machine and additional wax bath , traction treatment explained beautifully..nThank you so much 🙌

Wonderful nd very informative session on electrotherapy.... In this session learning minimal changes nd pay attention to it nd taken care about every little things can get good nd positive results...

Wonderful & knowledgeable session of electrotherapy.... Learnt a new way of application with wet cloth is interesting & also learnt so many things from the session..... Thank you so much ma'am 😊

Wonderfully explained Electrotherapy
Thank you so much

The session was amazing, I simply loved it.

Beautifully explained the concept of using water over gel.
Placements of electrode and the dosage part along with the proper prone positinioning for traction was explained in detail.
Fastrack treatment concept is different and ofcourse very well accepted to get rid of long machine treatment and to save our time.
We can move to exercise part early, very well executaion of treatment plan.
Thank you ma'am for clearing doubts regarding application of traction as i was one the physios who had never used traction in my practice!
Thank you

This was indeed an unique session made from experience and RnD by Priyanka ma'am. Over the course of time we tend to forget the basics of application we learn in our first year and ma'am has very nicely explained all in such minute details.
Thank you so much ma'am & Sir for bringing up this powerful course and focussing on basics.
Gratitude :)

i liked the story of tailor and fashion designer and the unique method of application through lint cloth and fast track . its very ncice

Excellently explained appling traditional electro modalities uniquely so that we can hv optimal results.Nice example of tailor n fashion designer 👏👏

Wonderful and informative session by Dr Priyanka Mam.
The simple know how techniques in electrotherapy was explained in a new dimension. I had personally stopped using Machine s for some years now.
After this session , that mind set will surely change. Dosage and completion of electrotherapy treatment schedule was an eye opener!

This session covered everything that Lead Physio practices for electrotherapy. Well conducted session by Mam for unique application of our routine modalities which makes all the difference. Mam also gave many examples of few patients and their rare conditions, how she managed the treatment which was worth learning.

It was an eye opener for me yesterday. The session started with the story of a tailor and a fashion designer which made us understand we should visualise the person with that problem and think from all directions. Mam revealed so many minute tips from the type of coupling media, biological surface and the ways of application which can make a huge difference. She also explained about stimulation which was so different from what we learnt in college. Traction, wax bath everything was very informative. Her observation skills are benefitting so many patients and physios.

Thank you mam for patiently answering all the queries and helping us understand the unique application of electrotherapy. 🙏🙏

Unique Application of Electrotherapy is really a unique session in appling same traditional electo modalities in unique way to enhance its efficacy.Well djne Leadphysio

No words to explain how talented your are mam.u have guts to not following the so called traditional methods of is alwz happening with me that pt says k there is no equal distribution f current but I never tried to find the solution like the way u found it with ur sincere n strong efforts.we don't need a fancy clical setup to Inc pt flow , u proved it rt.Idea of giving 7 session in just 3 days is most demanding in today's scenerio.Thank you so much.

Every session makes me realise ke much more to learn ahead. I learned today unique application of machine treatment , time and dosage and what modalities to be used to get effective result .

Indeed a treatment strategy unheard of. Your clinical skills are fantabulous 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Your keen observation, research based approach and most importantly dedication towards your work definitely are the reasons behind your success. Truely speaking in yesterday's session I realized what doing things differently mean, be it placement of electrodes, using water as a couplant or application of traction. No words could thank you enough, just be our guiding light.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

this session was really well explained and coined for electrotherapy purpose for a given patient. Superb session designing, this session 5 includes all the details of modalities and their method of application for patients, Thank you Dr Priyanka mam and Kironn sir for delivering such required knowledge.

Very detailed explanation of Electrotherapy modalities & its uses.
Use of water and cloth over gel to eliminate biomedical waste. I totally agree with it. Placement of electodes. About ' Synkinesis' very well explained by ma'am with patient example.Prone position traction technique. Wax bath application. Pain vicious cycle.
Explanation of dosage of machine treatment &' Fast track' treatment was super. My lots of doubt about Electrotherapy was cleared in this session. Thank you mam for this wonderful session. 🙏

session 5 - Dr. Priyanka superbly and deeply explained the 'ELECTROTHERAPY' modalities use exactly when, where and why. what point of view we should think for patients progress but in unique way. importance of water as a couplant over gel, unique placement of electrodes, the most effective treatment for synkinesis i.e. IG current explained from one patients example, The unique approach for lumbar traction, application of wax bath was a great learning for me. Dosage of machine treatment well explained and moreover how 'FAST TRACK' treatment can save the time and give maximum benefit to patient explained in very logical way. Thank you for this exclusive Electrotherapy session👌👍

Importance of using water and cloth over gel, it's benefits are explained in detailed. Most importantly as said by mam we are eliminating biomedical wastage by this 👏🏻. Even I am going to start using water and cloth over gel in my clinic..
Stimulation, it's types and electrode placement ;,Traction,given in which position, indication and contraindication explained in detailed.
Pain vicious cycle, possibilities and dosage of machine treatment explained amazingly!! Thank you so much mam 😊


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