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The Art and Science of Assessing Value for Money9:49


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Amazing session.
Elbow Assessment protocol well explained.
Smart Pricing strateging is very thoughtful and kuddos to the effort put in.

Elbow assessment by ma'am was wonderful.And the pricing strategy by sir is like a cherry on top.Amazing session

very nicely explain about elbow joint assessment part mam. lecture given by sir on pricing is very well explain. Clear all the doubts how to and where to improve revenue part.
thank you sir and mam

The detailed explanation by mam on elbow joint is excellent and the pricing factor by sir is too good

Nicely pointwise explaination of assesment part by maam. In detail pricing strategy explained by sir. Liked it! I was always confused for 2 or 3 joints treatment pricing. Now got clear idea! 😃 Grateful to both of u.. 🙏🏻Thank you!

good session for pricing and elbow test and measure

Very nicely explained in detail..thank you sir and mam

The session about pricing was excellent

its just one another super session on elbow what mam given .
mind blowing smart pricing strategies which i came to know..HAPPY TO LEARN MORE......

Just finished session 4. It’s mind blowing ! Sir you have explained it in such a simplify way that many things got cleared to me . Until now, no one explained this to me n that too so precised. I wish colleges get gems like you at first place. Mam you are just brilliant. Boon for physiotherapy in India. Hats off!
Thank you for sharing.
Eagerly waiting for next session.

Very informative session. Thank u ma'am and sir for explaining each and everything in a very simple way

Assessment n diagnosis getting stronger.
Pricing part is so one should give physio sessions not asa single day treatment but like course. All physios when think like this, surely physios can show outcome n out profession will be the highest paid and with best outcome with better recovery of patients!

Madam / Sir the purpose of your workshop will create a different image of we physios amongst people. and you both will make our physio profession no.1.

Thanks a lot

Excellent 👍.....Mind blowing startergies for deciding price factor for the physio who want to run a clinic.....all the factors are considered and explained in details.....never have thought about these small small factors before....thanks once again Mam and Sir for bringing all these points in front of us 🙏

Loved the session taken by sir! Amazing strategies and very simplified!

Fantastic session!! Amazing way of explaining the pricing strategy. Very simplified and easily applicable. In-depth understanding helps to make the modifications as per individual's clinic requirements.
Thank you.

Ma'am has taught assessment in depth which is amazing. Sir has given smart pricing strategy which is wonderful. 🙏

Just outstanding pricing session and elbow session.

All the sessions are very nice and very much in detail. I have found my mentors in ma'am and sir. Thank you very much ma'am and sir

Elbow exercise session and tests were wonderful.. smart pricising session by sir was mind-blowing.. something which I could never even thought of.. very very amazing sir.. tq so much.. its very hard to change mindset but both of you are working by heart to change mindset and misconceptions of physio profession..thankful to both of you..

Relationship with the patients, Pricing strategy ,Elbow test n measures were eye opening session. Thank you sir and maam for this Knowledgeable session

This course is a complete blend of clinical excellence and management skills. Learnt how to help patients in complete recovery with cost effectiveness.

Learnt a well detailed assessment part by mam, and came to know so many new points that can be considered while taking assessment.. Main things what I learnt is affordable pricing techniques for different conditions, joints,days. Why nobody teaches us all this very important part in college..?

Very much interesting session , I learned a lot from this about how smart prices works in clinic...thank you sir for this secrets

Elbow Joint Testes and Diagnosis explained well in Simple way to understand.

I realised somewhere I am going wrong regarding prices , charges,I had lots of confusion.With this session I got lot of clarity ,direction. Thanks a lot sir.Thanks mam for wonderfully making us understand tests , evaluation methods for elbow joint.This course has been an crucial aid for boosting my work,my efficiency.From now Onwards and upwards....

One more energy boosting session.. Thank you so much ma'am n sir... No doubt ma'am is excellent in topic but sir.. You explain simple and logically how to grow financially that's really hat's off to you.. Thank you once again..

Excellent session

Both the parts of elbow assessment and pricing strategies very well explained, in an easy and understanding form.

In-depth explanation

Very nicely explained, mam you are giving very deep knowledge in a simple manner , and sir have explained the pricing strategy in very short but more effective way.. Thank you ma'am and sir.

Excellent Session.... Smart Pricing Strategies are Amazing and very very helpful for all physio...Thank you so much sir & mam for sharing your experience with us...

Thank you so much for this session sir..nobody vll ever teach these strategies An eye opening session
And again thank you ma'am for making things so simple and applicable. You both are doing a great job

just outstanding...

Session was very informative and contain a depth analysis.

Mams's programs are always awesome... Pricing strategy z excellent... For me dscount percentage calculations for different no. of joints are now clear n i can execute easily...
Ur both efforts to make such programs n billing plans are assets for us..
Thank u again gave detailed explanation about the elbow joint dysfunction and its assessment. its amazing mam.
sir...strategy about the pricing was mind blowing. I never thought in this way before. you made me understand how our time and effort is very important. Thank you sir. Nowadays even my family are realizing that there is difference in the way I speak.

Thank you so much dr Priyanka Mam and Kiran sir for such a wonderful session,,, especially the pricing and session managing part is amazing,,,it's like finding a gold mine for us,,,,i beleive these aspects are completely missing from physios practice and putting it in such a way is amazingly great,,,thanks for putting such a fantastic effort and making it simple,,,yes initially it will take time to understand the calculation part but it's worth to put some effort in learning that...and Priyanka Mam is as always given everything in very systematic manner so it becomes easy in implementing

One of the most awaited subject in discussion, 'Pricing'. Shocked to hear the consultation/session charges around the country. Yet, great insight on the subject. Would have really liked a live session though.

Excellent explanation of elbow assessment in a simplified manner by Dr.Priyanka and pricing strategies by Kiran sir are awesome and now I understand what was going wrong with my pricings .thank you so much sir and Dr.Priyanka

Thank u sir and ma'am.Its so inspiring.pricing strategies are actual business model.

Pricing strategy is really good to learn here. Elbow assessment neurological part is made quite simple and quick. Thankyou 💜💜

Very insightful especially the pricing template and logic behind it.. Hoping to implement it soon at my clinic and will definitely share the outcome.Thank you for keeping it simple and covering the operational part of running a clinic.

This session was like a goldmine.. Thank you so much sir and ma'am for explaining it in simple language

Truly amazing. So in depth thinking process and reasoning behind every session

Detailed Elbow assessment undertaken. Management session on pricing strategy by Sir is excellent.

Session 4 - Elbow joint. Ma'am explained every single thing in that. Ma'am explained everything very accurately. Also sir's sessions about pricing stratergies was just awesome. I have never seen such perfect stratergies. Thank you so much ma'am & sir.

Another excellent session .........u both hav taken it .with very deep and thorough knowledge . Tests which mam is explaining with video .....i was in my previous practice confused that so many test were there , which we hav to implement it. So this test and measure cleared my all doubts.....thank u so much mam🤗
Kirron sir ur pricing strategy is soo good that if we think from pts. View it really affordable. And u made our broad vision.thank u so much sir🤗🙏
I think that if this kind of sessions , technical and management wise were there during our college days i would never preferred to take gaps or worked with another clinic with min. Salary...... thank u sir and mam🙏

Learning things that were never ever taught in our college days.. which I feel should have been taught.. Thank you so much Ma'am for sharing your knowledge..

Great content,very nicely explained in good details and simple way by ma,am .Also great insight into pricing strategy,this isnt explained by anyone and this will help a lot thankyou so much sir and maam

Thank you maam and sir for another wonderful session. In every session we learn new concepts and strateries which are important for lifetime. Ma'am explanation on pediatric case was very helpful. Test and measures for elbow joint was very useful in which i learnt how a small variation is body is also important and should be taken care.🙏
Sir thank you so much and we are greatful for sharing your insightful stratergy on pricing. Most important lesson was learning of how to gain a patient's trust. 🙏😄😄

What an amazing lecture Maam for the elbow assessments that has made assessment so easy and quick now and sir the technicality and the actual way to manage the charges was a big time drawback for me personally and today got a lot of idea .thankyou

Another beautiful sesion, every time you people are giving something different knowledge and understanding about subject, thank you sir and mam

excellent pricing stretergy discussed that will blown up the mind ,,very good for our practice thanks for sharing

Great insights about pricing strategies. Made me realize how many mistakes I have made with pricing

Great explanation by sir, very easy to understand of pricing method in physiotherapy clinic, thanks to sir and madam...

first time got to know in detail about pricing strategies in detail, very much helpful sir

New insights and perception in assessment and treatment part in elbow joint ,in this program ma'am has covered technical aspects including assessment and treatment part and all management part, special highlights i .e pricing ,so clear and transperant explanation in very detailed manner

Another amazing session . Elbow joint assessment and measurement explained very nicely.Sir the pricing strategy session was mind blowing what a minute planned things nobody could think.thankyou so much

Each module gets better and better. Thank you Sir and Ma'am for this valuable input of test measures and Pricing strategies.

Awesome knowledge about pricing strategies. Also elbow assessment tests are too good. Thank you soo much ma'am and sir.

thank you maam for giving easy and quick assessment tests for elbow joint and special thanks to sir for the wonderful smart pricing strategies which were explained in easiest way. Thank you so much sir and maam for sharing your valuable guidance.

Madam has simplified accurate assessment for one problem through many tests, that's wonderful, Thank you madam for sharing your valuable knowledge.
The logical and emotional challenge we face in day-to-day practice is quoting the price for service we provide, sir has shared mind blowing strategy,plan, ideas and calculations. Thank you sir.

Great session, so many tests of elbow joint explained very well by ma'am, and Sir's session of SMART pricing strategy in so easy way , Its a direct solution to our problems which sir and ma'am both are sharing.
All sessions uptill now are so interesting. It feels like these sessions should go on with such great mentors👏

Ma'am always surprises us with extra knowledge, it was very nice session.And sir's session on smart pricing was amazing.
Thank you so much sir and ma'am.

Excellent session about smart pricing strategies, Elbow test &measures
Thank u sir & mam

Well explained & power booster session. Commonly we are facing a lot of confusion during assessment & treatment of elbow joint & also it takes long time to recovery, but after this session all confusion vanished. Pricing strategy part is also a very important part for the physio to maintain a stable & sustainable growth. Thank you sir and ma'am both for the wonderful session.

Elbow jt. Test nd measures as usual just awesome... The session about pricing it's just like a colourful bomb that blast in over mind nd that colour full rays come out.... So decent strategies used in this management so again both side win win condition.... So much affordable to pt. Nd physio both.... Appreciable efforts of dr. Priyanka mam nd Kirron sir.... Thank you so much mam nd sir..☺️

Thank you so much for explaining Pricing strategies which help us to solve so many doubts

great session about pricing strategies and elbow assessment,loved it.

Elbow test and measures nicely explained.sirs topic on smart and affordable pricing is just awesome.pricing stratergy is explained in detail.Thanks a lot sir.

It was an amazing session overall. Elbow joint assessment and measurement explained very nicely. The way sir has explained about the minute details of pricing and the factors on which pricing is decided is such a crucial part of the clinic success and it was simplified to bits and pieces. Grateful to ma'am and Sir for this super Awesome workshop.

Excellent session about smart pricing.Really useful one.
Elbow test n measures minutely n very well explained.

inspiring story of facial palsy and well planned strategy and pricing list for different packages. it was awesome

Wonderful session.
In depth explanation by both the instructors.
Liked the pricing strategies which were based on human behavior and experience of their clinical practice.
The strategy lecture has covered all the possibilities that could occur in a clinic.

Yet another simple yet comprehensive elbow assessment and set of exercises given by m Dr Priyanka mam.

The smart pricing inputs by kirronn sir is something which a physio encounter s day in and day out, and we're quite helpful in understanding the logic behind it.
As we are aware that therapy will take time , pricing it right plays a key role in patient retention with complete recovery !

This is one of the best sessions about smart pricing. Pricing is big subject and is so well explained.Really helpful session.

The session started with an inspiring story of a kid and mam explained about paediatric treatment in brief. I realised there are so many things unexplored which we may be aware but we never implemented. Mam's hard work and passion for physio is awesome. We all as a physio should have that burning inside us only then our profession can be uplifted. Moreover elbow protocol assessment, tests and other parameters, can be well implemented only with strong basics was the best msg. I wish I could go back to college and restart my studies in a detailed way to understand it not just to pass exams.

Sir's session gave me a confidence to think in a broad way and implement more strategies for running a business successfully. Another important aspect which was highlighted was a Trust factor. This was one of the challenge I faced in my practice but the solution to that is keep the consultation charges low and give a chance to explain yourself to the patient. I understand why "First impression" is so important.

Thank you mam and sir for everything. 🙏

The elbow test and measures session was good. The smart pricing session by Sir was interesting and helpful.

Yesterday session was again energy booster ,when mam shared ex of paeds case and her hard work stories.In elbow joint test part well n briefly explained.sir session was mind blowing . impressed with sir'words that if u r providing 2 session of PT ,it means u r doing sin( never thought earlier). Annual base calculation strategy is very systematic n helpfull.Thank you.

Today I loved the session about smart pricing techniques well said by sir ke trust takes years to build seconds to break and forever to repair. Elbow test n measures were eye opening session. Thank you sir and maam

It was a wonderful session. Thank you so much mam and sir for sharing your valuable knowledge with us .🙏🙏 You always gives us more than what we want. Sir your smart pricing, business strategy was amazing!! Thanks for designing such beautiful course.🙏🙏

Once again an eye opener session. The important of building healthy relationship with the patient is so much needed apart from treatment to have patient's trust in you. The incidences ma'am shared felt like there is no such ailment where physiotherapy is not a solution. Sir's session on how smart and affordable pricing for increases trust of a patient to robustly grow our practice was amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Never thought on such big scale. Your business scaling strategy is no doubt unparallel and thanks for sharing it with us.

Very good session smart pricing and elbow test and measures

Can't thank enough sir and madam for explaining this huge ocean of physiotherapy as profession and community service simplified to the core for the patients and fellow physios. Amazed by the pricing strategy which is made in its simplest form, no hypothetical formulas. Thank you sir and mam for making this session 4 interesting through your phenomenal and suitable examples.

Done with Session 4 - Elbow jt. Test and measures. Carrying angle test and it's importance in specific profession, attitude , deformity assessment explained very thoroughly. Specific test for common conditions like Tennis elbow, neurological dysfunction tests for individual nerve.. especially how to differentiate between tennis elbow and pronator teres syndrome explain nicely. Regarding sir's session.. factors influencing smart pricing and how to take care of every factors , so that it will give benifits at both ends.. ( Doctor and patient) was very well explained. And lastly the evergreen video 😂 ..was just awesome.🙏👍

Done with elbow session assessment..mam has given minute explanation about every point of assessment like carrying angle, elbow attitude and deformity etc...Tests for tennis elbow, nerve pathology are superb!! Lecture given by sir on "Smart pricing strategies" is amazing!!🙂
Thank you sir and mam for designing this course 🙏


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