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Importance of Credentials and Feedback Template

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SOAP Practical Clinical Implementation Test & Measures Shoulder Joint Importance of Credentials and Feedback Template
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Awesome explanation of the plan of care. Also , got a lot of clarity on PBPA protocol . Loved this session. It's just keeps getting better and better in every session.

This is session is very informative, easy to learn the process of treatment time and proper assessment.

Shoulder soap and assessment explained precisely.
Importance of marketing and feedback explained in a very apt way

Thank you ma'am for explaining the plan of care and how to assess effectively.

no where given proper explanations for treatment plan about how much time it will going to take to recover. you explain it very well mam.
thank you so much

Nicely explained about shoulder assessment and very precise description about patient feedback.Thank you.

Very well explained by mam and sir

Shoulder joint assesment explained precisely by maam 🙏🏻👌🏻 very easy to understand and remember!! Feed back template for patients nicely explained by sir... Thank you so much!

Suprb.. It is worth from cover to cover.. No loop holes.. Perfect sync between knowledge and execution given by the team.. The important part missing in our education, the so called clinical application.
The website is also so well designed. Hats off to the it team. I have seen many sites but the level of accuracy.. Like if we pause the vedio, it starts from exactly the time we left it, no reloading etc..
The horizon of scope has widened limitlessly.. Thank you sir and mam.

Worth every rupee

Amazing session , i never thought before that shoulder joint can be assessed in simple way.
thank you maam and sir ..

I really enjoyed every part of this session.
It has detailed explanation of each part of it.
I thanks to Sir as well for management part. Very well explained in simple manner that can last lifetime in memory. It is so helpful. Thank you for all the efforts and the vision you are working on.

Nice session easy to understand . Knowledgeable and understanding how to decide treatment session.

This session is very simple and super informative for shoulder joint. Ma'am has very well explained the plan of care. Sir has explained wonderfully on how to take feedback.

Assessment of shoulder joint explained nicely by Mam.....importance of plan of care and educating patient about it before starting the treatment is so important..... Mam has explained it perfectly...Sir has introduced very nice way of taking feedbacks which will definately help in our practice ....thanks Mam and Sir🙏

Ma'am has explained plan of treatment and shoulder joint assessment very well. And sir has taught about how to take feedback which was excellent.

Plan of care decision making is well explained and gives a very good guideline for making patients understand the severity of their condition and therefore the requirement of long lasting and complete treatment.

All the assessment well explained and feedback template is amazing

Very amazing and knowledge Session, thank you so much ma'am and sir🙏🙏❤️

Excellent session
Thank you

The importance of credentials is very well explained.

very easy session for understand all about shoulder assessment is so useful for our growth ....thanks sir and mam

I realy enjoyed this session regards Paling of Prognosis and Shoulder PT Tests.

With the 3rd session ,there is lot of clarity on PBPA protocol. Plan of Care is described in detail which is perhaps the most important component of Clinical Practice. Shoulder examination and exercises are also explained very nicely.Management session on Patient Feedback is also very informative. Thank you

Test n measure assessment everything made so easy for us by sir n ma'am. They thought us so many valuable things to be used in life for personal growth as well as professional growth. They thought us their protocol to treat patients with a proper frame work on how to apply every thing they thaught us. Incredible n worth it. Also the most important after treating every patient is the feedback from them it's very important n a must for every therapist. We should take feedback from our patients. How to do it every made so easy for us. Thank you ma'am n sir for everything u do for us n our professional community. Really greatful to both of u🙏🙏

Most structured, simplified and easy to understand easy to execute workshop I have ever came across.Mam thanks for teaching so many councelling strategies,it actually feels like CBT(Cognitive behavior Therapy),You taught to work not only on physical parameters but also patient's perception.As sir said ,Add value to your work,process is important but keep working on outcomes too.I got to learn so many Physiotherapy and management mantra through this session.Thanks ma'am and Sir 😊

Excellent session... Ma'am ur r too great... Explain the topic so nicely.. Thank you ... Sir about feedback... I learned for the first time how to take feedback from my patients.. Thank you so much

Both sir and ma'am has shared their valuable of their respective areas.

Third session is very simple and super imformative for shoulder joint treatment and the explanation given by mam for the exact condition is teriffic and also how to implement PBPA protocol.
And most importantly is prognosis and plan of care is simply explained. Thank you mam & sir for providing the knowledge.

This session was very informative. Cleared so many doubts. The way mam has explained about SOAP its so amazing. Specially the plan of care that was wonderful. Since long I was struggling for same. But after attending this session it gave me a clear cut idea. The shoulder assessment was never easy for me. But the way mam has explained by particularly giving test and measures for most of the condition is very easy and simplified. Now I am confident in doing shoulder assessment. Thanks a lot mam. The feedback template was very well designed. Now I have a content to ask feedback from patient. Thanks a lot sir for your wonderful insights.

well organised,step by step solutions.Thnx

Simplicity at its best..simple yet very effect assessment measures..and learn about the feedback importance..thank you sir and ma'am

Simplified way of plan of care or treatment plan is very much helpful to explain pts ....
Thank you Mam for explaining SOAP in systematic n simple manner .. Thanks Sir for making understand the importance of feedback it helps in understanding our treatment plan, results n also the purpose of feedback in marketing I didn't think before about it..

This plan of care is a Gold Mine. well explained

Thank you for such a wonderful plan of care explanation,,,the designing of treatment plan frame work is like a gold mine for the us,,,,it's like beginning to end solution for patient

Plan of care well explained and how to take feedback from patients was very helpful.

Simplified and organized content!

Everything become so easy not just to plan but to execute too.
Lakshya toa har haal main achieve hoga hi....
Thankyou so much ma'am n sir.

With the 3rd session ,there is lot of clarity on PBPA protocol. Plan of Care is described in detail which is perhaps the most important component of Clinical Practice. Shoulder examination and exercises are also explained very nicely.Management session on Patient Feedback is also very informative. Thnx Maam and Sir.

In session three the best thing ive learnt so far is how to decide the plan of care. Mam has clearly explained each and everything and how we need to communicate with patient. Great information. And im so grateful how a physio is getting to know the marketing part also and thats all bec of sir. Sir has great energy and knowledge. Feel so proud to be part of this program.

Amazing session by Ma'am & sir, In session 3 from SOAP - it covers P that is plan. How to make a plan for patients. Dr. Priyanka Ma'am explained in very easy way. Kirron sir shared multiple secrets to success. Thank you so much sir & ma'am. Thank you for providing such precious knowledge.

Amazing session.......very positive approach towards us towards pts. How to asses how to start treatment plan . Very informative. Thank u so much for giving proper knowledge and encouraging us to do that so .thank u so much mam and sir 😇🙏

wonderfully explained the SOAP implementation and plan of care. Thank you maam of clarifying about the dosage. I was making a lot of mistakes there. As usual all the tips shared by sir are really million dollar counsellings. Thank you both

very precisely explained .and also practically doable.Thankyou Sir and Maam

In session 3 learnt how to plan a treatment protocol for patients.It was a wonderful session where we found are key for the future practice. Gold mine was the thing which many of us were missing in all these years of practice. Thank you maam and sir for the Gold mine and the feedback system. 🙏

Thank you very much sir n mam to give us such a beautiful path on which only walking make any one successful,
Today topic was wonderful here we have got the gold mine , where we can calculate the treatment period and can plan accordingly, it was the dout of every one I think, that how to decide the treatment period, but you explain very beautifully, thanks a lot for giving us a lot,

very nicely explained. learned many things about assisment making

My gratitude to you both for explaining everything in simple and clear way. Very informative and priceless session overall 👌 👏 👍 😀 🙌 😄

definitely this session was also very helpful and useful in every aspect both madam and sirs explanation regarding respective subjects. thank you for giving minute details which will be helpful for us throughout the lifetime and practices.

Amazing session. Get solution of one of my biggest query ' How to advice number of sessions' & ' How to decide plane of care' to my patients according to thier condition. Thank you so much Dr.Priyanka ma'am and Sir.

Course 3 contains Soap detailed assessment of shoulder joint ,maam has covered detailed assessment and precised assessment for differential diagnosis for different condition ,thank you so much maam for in depth explanation for each and every area and thank you sir for description of feedback and importance of it

Today's session just covered the most imp thing where we failed and which mam explained in very simple manner amazing session.the way sir and mam had designed this never thought of that.thankyou

Great session by ma'am and sir. Effects of basic, progressive and advance level of exercises from PBPA protocol were explained very nicely. And all the shoulder assessment tests was amazing.

Very well explained of SOAP and PBPA protocol. Pain management and basic progressive and advanced exercises. Really a very detailed explanation. Very thoughtful details which in our academic curriculum not included, highly recommended course for every physios who practices cut shot practices. Thank you so much madam . Even shoulder detailed assessment was very useful so that we can thoroughly plan our treatment.
Thank you kirron sir for guidance how to take feedback from patients I often fail. I never kept any feedback s from any patient till today. But after attending your course I came to know the value of feedbacks. Thank-you so much for the wonderful session. Each and every point is valuable .

Madam made SOAP so precise that,simply by following step by step PLAN we can confidently say to patients-how many days treatment is required. By following systematically designed assessment protocol can help patients to save lots of money and time, Thank you Madam.
Thank you sir, for sharing your knowledge on how to take feedback from patients and making me to realize the importance of it.

Great assessment module!

Great session overall. Plan of care explained by ma'am made so easy to decide the treatment plan for the patients according to condition of severity. Thank you for building that confidence in which we are not confirmed how much duration of treatment the patient will need. Also shoulder joint tests and measures explained very well in simplified way. Regarding sir's lecture so important point in conversion of patients by taking feedback in proper format , also imparted knowledge on sharing is caring . It is on our hands i.e the physiotherapists to build a strong community so that patient will not ask questions they will just take the treatment which we are giving if the treatment format is same followed by all physiotherapists. Thank you for such amazing lectures. No workshop seriously give so much of knowledge ready in hand.

Amazing session by Mam & sir,
Explained very well about plan of care , shoulder joint assessment is also explained very well by mam with test &measures

Simplify way of the test and measurements help to clear the doubt. Best part is SOAP plan of care in simple way. Strategy and Benefits of YouTube video is very interesting.... Surely will think on it. Thank you sir & ma'am for all these.

Got to learn a lot from this session 3, taught very well about plan of care and also the importance of feedback.
Thank you very much sir and ma'am.

This session was just awesome... Learn about the plane of care , shoulder test nd measures, learn about the points which every physiotherapist should must know and focus on to it... About pt. Unlearning to relearning process which almost physio skip in practice... It's a main thing to focus..
Shoulder test nd measures well explained by mam in a easy method... Thank you mam nd sir for providing things in easy nd simple understandable manner....

Thank you sir and Ma'am for explaining everything in simple and clear way. Very informative session.

Thank you ma'am and sir for such informative sessions. The plan of care is explained by ma'am is just amazing.

Was definitely a gold mine session . Mam & sir have thrown light on the dosage and plan of physio sessions.
This is what separates an average physio from an extraordinary physio.

When we have a clear idea on course of treatment and specific time to achieve it , we are at a commanding position to solve the patients problems.
So SOAP with its time frame is a Gold standard simple methodology for us to plan the treatment protocol with great pricision. Thanks to mam and Sir to share such valuable knowledge *****

After today's session I realised that it is so important to properly counsel patients and educate them to keep patience and also we as a physio should have proper knowledge and counseling, communication and conversion skills to gain success.

I would like to share a short story where I failed to convince my client to keep patience and wait for recovery as physiotherapy is not something which shows results in a week's time. She ended up going to UNANI paying a huge amount and her problem was worsened after that. Now, I understand, sir's words that "If you don't take the opportunity, someone else will" .

From today's sir's session, I understood that we need to build relations and references especially in medical field to connect, communicate, convert and continue. It's very important to build trust. And to grow our profession we all need to unite. That's the only way we can bring more awareness in people.

Thank you for helping us to grow in different skills🙏

It was absolutely game changer session as sir promised.started with doubt clearance that how physiotherapy can resolve the systematic issue too.plan of care part was awesome . usually it happens with us that pt does discontinue the t/t... actually this is not their fault ,we were lacking somewhere in proper counseling n education.2 nd part of session was again intersting ..Regarding feedback sir well said wn u start give then only u can take.ofcourse if we want to grow our business we need to develop expressive and communicative skills.Thank you sir n mam.

Amazing session by Mam and Sir. Mam gave a clear idea of how to plan sessions that is plan of care which will help in clinical practice for a better growth. Sir taught us so nicely the importance of feedback taking. This lecture has helped in many ways to prepare us to reason out, to answer our patients and also to confidently get in return the desired results and feedback. Thanks a lot.

Feedback for today's session:
It was again a very informative session with sir and ma'am. My doubt regarding how to plan the treatment for different patients was very well and elaborately explained by ma'am. Even every aspect of PBPA approach as to what effect basic, progressive and advance level of exercise have on our body was clearly explained by ma'am which would ultimately help us to aware patient also what he would expect from the treatment. Sir's talk on importance of feedback for highlighting productive work was very interestingly explained. Overall, the session was well planned with some interesting tasks given
to us.

This was amazing sesssion..!! Covered the most important part of "the plane of care " by mam. & how to take a feedback from the patient which is very well explained by sir.. really this very helpful for us. Thank you so much sir and mam for giving us such a huge knowledge in simple and easy way.

Today we got to know plan of care and how to take feedback shoulder assessment was amazing

Very effective and scientific program for physiotherapist

Important part is planing and prognosis for treatment
Special tests for shoulder and patience education very well explained
Thank you very much

This session has given the best part uptil now, and explanation regarding feedback taking was the key part. Thank you Dr. Priyanka mam for making the best in the simplest form to be practiced ethically, and generous thanks to Kironn sir for giving us the ocean apart from the routine workshop always.. simply mind blowing workshop with the combo pack of unlimited guidance by both of you.

In session 3- From the SOAP - The main action part which is "Plan" .. how to practically implement it on patient through PBPA protocol.. at what stage and why to give corrective and supportive aids, to prepare them for taking compressive stresses and forces explained very well. How to make patient unlearn and then relearn the correct movements. The main demanding question from Patients side.. "How much time will I take to recover? " Simply resolved by Dr. Priyanka's plan of care chart based on basic 5 parameters, which is really amazing and gives patient confidence too. The shoulder test and measure explained in very simple and easy way. 👏👍

From session 3 , SOAP - It covers the most important part @ P plan n prognosis.
Ma'am has beautiful explained that how to decide plan of care!!! For me it is a GOLDMINE !!!!.
Shoulder joint assesment is also very well explained by ma'am with special test n measures.
How to give proper education to a patient so that they can understand PBPA approch which is imp for every conditions for 100% results.
Sir, 1 hr boost up session is also very helpful to take feedback from patients.and give feedback too. Thank you Ma'am n Sir for providing us everything in such a simple manner. 😊🙏

In session 3 , explanation of PBPA is given in very simple manner and things on which therapist has to focus on and wht patients has to unlearn and relearn movement patterns is also explained nicely. How to decide Plan of care is amazingly taught..Thank you mam for making it simple and explained to us in a simple manner🙂


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