• SOAP Practical Clinical Implementation
  • Test and Measures for Back Joint
  • Why One is Ahead of Other
  • How Much Clarity Do You Need To Progress?

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SO, Test & Measures Back

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How Much Clarity Do You Need To Progress?4:09


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Complete clarity.. Both technical skill and stability skill... Thank you for empowering us in all ways. Gratitude.

Great life lessons .Thank you for your mentorship.

Mam taught in a descriptive manner the detailed assessment format. I highly appreciate it. Sir, on the other hand has taught a life lesson which is the need of an hour. Thank you both.

Got to know about how important it is to have basics perfect rather than running for advanced stuff

Mam's detailed explanation in a structured way and Sir , as usual never misses to give that much needed boost and motivation . So blessed and grateful.

Thank you, ma'am and sir, for this great session. The explanation was really informative and detailed. Through the practical session, I learned a lot of new things, and my approach is going to change from now onwards, which I am going to apply in my clinical settings.

Great Session. Well explained, great practical application in clinical settings. Thankyou Madam ans Sir.

Thank you ma'am and sir for giving us this valuable content that we need as a physiotherapist.

Thank you so much
Very informative and detailed explanation.

very well explain about importance of examination and what to look where to look.
bang on

Simple and detailed explanation.
Thank you madam and sir.

Very detailed explanation of assessing every point of assessment,and just to the point thank u mam and sir for all the information.

Thank you ma'am for detailed explaination of back test and measures. It was very informative! Thank you sir for giving us simple success mantra 👍🏼🙏🏻

Thank you Ma'am for simple and clear explanation about back joint tests and measures. And also thankful for sir for giving 'life's success mantra' that should help us to achieve goal.🙏🏻 Will always keep in mind.

If Kiran sir is starting for life coach program or as motivational mentor program I will be the first who is going to endroll🙂

thank you for the info

Dr Priyanka has given a very detailed explanation. The nuggets given while explanation takes the session to another level. Mr Kirron explained about the key to success Ina very simple manner. Thank you.

VERY WELL explained ,how simple and basic knowledge is important to treat and solve cases,lesson for what to achieve and how is nicely taught by sir. thank you.

Very detailed explanation given by mam. It gave me a clear picture of protocol. How to start and progress. Beautifully explained. Thank you Mam and Sir.
Sir motivational speech is like icing on the cake!!

Very informative

Very informative

It was really an eye opening session which gave lots of clearity about tests and measures which has to perform on patient. Good knowledgeable session.
Thank you

Very informative in terms of both technical and management part. Thank you Dr. Priyanka ma'am & Mr. Kirron sir for your guidance and motivation.

Very nice way of using our tools...... Mam has put every tool in such a systematic way that we can save lot of time during our evaluation process.....also thanks sir for explaining how important it is to be focus 🙏

The sessions are very informative. Technical part taken by D. Priyanka is very nicely organised for our understanding.
The management part conducted by Mr. Kirron is extremely motivating and insightful too!
Thank you.

Thank you so much ma'am and sir for sharing all the physiotherapy interventions like as " ram ban" .It's effective and informative session.

Brilliant session. SOAP method demonstrated very well. Clinical assessment and tests are explained in detail and with precision.

The assessment format is simple and easy to understand and follow .... it's like reading all 2 and 3 year book in a more easy and simple language .....maam you should publish book on assessment of joints for physiotherapist .

Just awesome

Thankyou for the valuable content you have shared , aiming to use it and acheive immense growth

Nicely explained

Awesome sessions.. dont look only the part where patient is having pain but evaluate and treat the whole body this concept itself is fascinating.. I am really grateful to have mentors like u.. tq so much..

Very informative!!

Very informative thank you...

Mentor Well explained regard SOAP and Goal setting reach with Keep Going. 😄

very nice session sir and mam

Thank you mam as treating back pain always requires precise knowledge of assessment n you have covered all the points..thank u sir for such a valuable session..

Ultimate format for evaluation it was. I was able to relate some of the findings with my past patients. I had documented each and everything just the way ma'am had explained. Now I have 100% confidence about the back cases and different findings for which I hesitated many times in front of patients. Looking forward to apply this on patients.

This course is very important for us because our college never let us to go through whats the importance of these contant.Here this is something really practical ground learning needs in our education system.

Thank you sir & Mam for Beautiful Session...Nicely highlighted the assessment concept.. So Easy to understand and apply... Thank you sir for motivating us...

Awesome..simple and very effective

It was great very informative knowledgeable n everything that sir n ma'am has promised. Thank you so much sir n ma'am

It was great.When I am learning new things,for each moment I feel why I didn't come to know about this course earlier, genuinely worth it .

Thank you for delivering what was promised. Humbled to be a part of this.

Very informative and in detail tests and measures explained and sir's session on overcoming the hurdles is very inspiring. Thank you.

Nicely structured content.Great job and eagerly looking forward for the next session.Thank you.

I was completely glued to the session throughout.. Thank you so much sir and Ma'am

This is just not a two hour session. This is a journey. Thank u for sharing every small detail. And thanks for saving us from so called advanced techniques 😂.
Thank u for correcting our vision towards profession.

Thank you very much madam for making subject unedsrandable very simply.

If our colleges would have taught us this way, we would not have wasted so many years to achieve success. Mam what u have created is jst amazing. Such informative session and the way it is designed is really very helpful. Sir the confidence u evoke in me i thanku for this. U both are doing a great job. Much gratitude to u both.

Such a detailed session on back jt protocol. Thank you so much sir and maam.

Very informative session. The thing that u don't hav to asses only the part which is painful because we use to do like that.,if back is problem then assessment was related to that part only..Mam u hav changed and broaden our view regarding assesment..And Sir that last 15 min session u taught us very important perspective of life which i faced and was not understanding why suppose this things are happening.....but simple keep going 🙂 and" be a warrior and not worrier"......thank u so much mam and sir u people are blessing 4 us

thank u for the session.. nice shrt summarization.. It gave the needed Push to reopen books and brush up on topics.. :)

nicely covered

Thankyou for detailing the SOAP

Beautiful and simple explanation of test and measure assessment is amazing...

It was really a good session with maximum things told in very detailed manner on how to assess and things to look for before coming to diagnosis or treatment, very helpful overall. I thank both of you.

A nice structured and informative session

very minute details is been shared regarding assessment. using SOAP format and standardized our treatment part. kirron sirs session is always motivational thanks

Very much informative. SOAP format is very clearly explained in a simple way. Easy to learn and understand. Thankyou so much mam and sir for showing the path towards success .

Really eye opener on your basics...thank you for showing us the right path to follow 🙏

These are basics but has been put in proper perspective which make this program very effective. Simplicity is key for teaching proved by Dr. PRIYANKA. Kudos to you!!!!


It was very informative lecture of back assessments and very easy to understand...

Thank you ma'am for detailed soap assessment and teaching us diagnosis and how to interpret each special test and design treatment .This session are so detail and covered all proffesional ,marketIng and how to execute your clinical skills overcoming hurdles,maam and sir you are motivation and inspiration.

Thank you ma'am and sir for such knowledgeable session. I have learnt each and every step of back joint assessment in very easy and simple way in the format of SOAP. And also key ways to achieve success in our field.

Thank you sir and ma'am for such a great informative back joint assesment as well as detailed explanation of SOAP. I feel lucky to have great mentors like you both and thank you so much for sharing valuable knowledge and helping us.

Excellent step by step Explanation of SMART assessment in a simple but effective way. Importance of system review as a whole , not only focusing on the affected part. Thank you mam for explaining it so beautifully giving different examples of patients & conditions.
"Be a warrior,not a worrier." Very aptly said by Sir that the key to success requires Both technical skills & mental & physical stability.
Looking forward for cumng sessions.

Step by step guide which every physio should know about back assessment arranged in systematic manner. Highly recommended for everyone .

Thank you maam and sir for sharing your knowledge and experience with us!!!
In this session I have got to know many new things such as Tay Sachs disease, scleroderma and importance of physiotherapy along with the detailed assessment of back joint in a step by step manner . Sir, I liked your thought "Be a warrior and not a worrier". I will try to implement this in my day to day life!!!!

Thanks a lot man & sir for such informative session

Thank you very much madam for making subject easily understandable.

Detailed explanation of SOAP which helps to give right direction of treatment.

Very Informative session especially a quick brush up of all the assessments learnt in college

Very informative session. Detailed assessment of back, both Subjective and objective parts explained very well, point wise by ma'am. Sir has also taught success comes with both treatment skills plus mental and physical stability skills, we should overcome our problems which come in our growth. if we will give priority to what we want we will definitely achieve that.Thank you sir and ma'am for this motivation.

Thank you for the excellent, clear and clinically oriented session. Thank you mam nd sir. It was extremely helpful, as always, and you both are such a wonderful speaker and person. Excellent nd very much information session.. subjective nd objective part explained in very understandable manner... All measurements are well explained nd also gained knowledge about do smart assessment nd much clearly mentioned all the things which needed.. nd last bt not least the part of sir you tell things that perfectly what need us.. aisa lagta haii jaise ki hume bas iski hiii jarurat thi...

Very informative..thank you sir and ma'am for sharing knowledge with us

Wonderful explanation of SOAP importance by mam, this again reminds us as to how crucial our fundamental process of assessment is in guiding the right direction of treatment.
A BIG appreciation for the efforts taken by mam & sir to compile such important knowledge in a simple and effective method.

Amazing explaination of SOAP protocol.Test n measure was taught in very simple and effective manner.journey of growth has started.Thank you so much lead physio for helping society.

I liked the smart assessment method of joints, which as ma'am told was based on various parameters and not one. Though I must accept it is not fully understood, I still have some confusion as to how to perform it actually on a patient. Maybe in further lectures it will get more clear. Regarding Sir's session,
To gain success how physical and mental stability play an important role was well explained by sir through various examples. Eager to learn more and more through your experience.

A very detailed and effective explanation of assessment. Mam has designed exercises and all in a very systematic manner in a step by step approach.
Sir also have delivered amazing guidance of decision making and taught us to lead and achieve these goals on our terms.

Hi. I liked the tips mam shared about the detailed assessment in a smart way. She also explained the importance of the foundation of the course. I think we will learn all this only with more and more experience. And this L2 course will help to achieve much larger goals.

I always like the motivational aspect at the end of the session. As sir rightly said, we need to balance both the skills to achieve growth and success. That's so true.

Mam has beautifully explained about subjective, objective assessment. Detailed test and measurs of Back joint. Also sir's session highlighted on the part of decision making of cross roads of life ,hurdles , challenges of life. Thank you mam and sir for motivating us.🙏

After this session I got to know assessing whole body is very imp not only that joint which patient is complaining of, sir sessions made me realise how to handle hurdles and what decisions to b taken during cross roads in my life

Effective teaching was done on SOAP format for assessment which is the key to diagnosis. Simple teaching done by Dr Priyanka mam and she beautifully highlighted the assessment concept and put forth her vast knowledge. Thank you for sharing and making all learn in more aligned manner.

Beautiful and simple explanation of test and measure assessment is amazing. These are basics but has been put in proper perspective which make this program very effective..

Very easy and effective soap and back tests and measures
Sir and mam have great knowledge of their own field
Thank you very much for sharing and helping us

Mam has beautifully explained about quantity and quality of exs, instruments used during exs..
Also detailed explanation given in each and every point of assessment, difference between nv and muscle pain etc. I was recalling my college days ...
As sir said in session 1 u can feel change in knowledge and moving towards growth, exactly I am feeling same way!!🙏🏻🙂


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