S1 Formula for Success In Life

S2 Business Scale-Up Process

S3 Feedback Collection and Mindset Behind It

S4 SMART Pricing -Part 1

S4.1 SMART Pricing Part 2

S5. 50 Micro Macro Operational Strategies for Efficient Clinical Operations

S6 Master Your HR Skills to Attract and Retain Talent

S7 11 Site Selection Strategies for Your Clinical Premise

S8 Personal Branding for right positioning & building your raputation

S9 Mega Master Marketing Part 1 – Over 40 Marketing strategies for Clinical Practitioners.

S9.1 Mega Master Marketing Part 2

S9.3 Tools to Create Irresistible Marketing and Branding Ad copies

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Key Business Skills Development

S1 Formula for Success In Life27:41
S2 Business Scale Up Process1:06:00
S3 Feedback Collection and Mindset Behind It55:16
S4 SMART Pricing -Part 11:45:49
S4.1 SMART Pricing Part 21:43:19
S5 50 Micro Macro Operational Strategies for Efficient Clinical Operations3:57:36
S6 Master Your HR Skills to Attract and Retain Talent3:54:33
S7 11 Site Selection Strategies for Your Clinical Premise4:06:33
S8 Personal Branding for right positioning & building your raputation3:44:13
S9 Mega Master Marketing Part 12:28:22
S9.1 Mega Master Marketing Part 24:06:33
S9.3 Tools to Create Irresistible Marketing and Branding Ad copies27:34
Reports Template00:00:00


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Insightful knowledge with growth positive mindset in this learning with 10 X improvement 100 % possible with this course..

Congratulations to our super couple Dr Priyanka and Mr.Kirron sir..

In Every successful women there will be dedicated supportable helping men will be there..It’s proven in this couple ..

Regarding this course

Mr Kirron is presenting the all the pain points of practising with respective solution ..I was connected with the Mr Kirronn’s commitments His personal story made to motivate further…June 4 RTA with several surgeries and Dr priyanka entry with physio - Wonderful true love incidents.. Great

HR strategies..
Smart pricing methods are mind opening sessions..

I am wordless..our goals leads further by Mr Kirronn Marketting strergy

I feel very sad about I can’t login in your other courses and going to miss this courses materials tomorrow onwards

I pray for you both..

Great sir

Suggestions that altleast once in 6 month please give the access this material for at least 3 days..and requesting in this platform please give permission to learn other lesion too..

Once again praying for you..

Great learning

Congratulations sir

These sessions are mind blowing.A complete guide for a successful career.
Kiron sir has explained every aspect ..right from operational skills, management,branding,HR operations,site selection.every minute thing is explained very nicely ,professional n ethical.
No words can summarise it n thank enough.
Thank you so much sir nd mam for sharing your intellectual n insightful knowledge with us🙏🏻🙏🏻
Now we are unstoppable to grow.

Very good informative session.
Dr Priyanka Patil

1 month ago

These sessions will truly help to improve our business skills..there has been beautiful explaination and in easy way about how to achieve success by taking proper decisions, by overcoming hurdles, implementing your knowledge etc. Importance of feedback collection and one should not ignore it..

The best session I can say. So much to know and learn from this session. It covers everything from operational and management strategies to feedback collections, pricing, communication skills, HR skills etc, the list goes on. But its all the knowledge that a Physiotherapist would never learn from any academic or Physio related courses. Its all practical knowledge, skills and guidance imparted by Sir in the best possible manner. Great Mentors (Sir and Mam) and great course.

This session was truly a rip-roaring session👌👌..and only the Lead Physio's Mentors can give this kind of exemplary knowledge from the real time experiences. Sir ,Thanks a lot from bottom of my heart for sharing this wonderful management skills with us. The way sir highlighted each and every point start from lighting, rent, timings, hygiene, follow-up of irregular patients, dos and don'ts, site selection what points majorly you should look for, the basic things we should keep in mid while branding, marketing, and above all how to be courageous and at the same time one should be very humble and grounded...which is the pillar of the business explained very very nicely.. NO words to thank you sir and DR. Priyanka to leave no stones unturned by giving maximum knowledge to help us achieve the results. Thank you so much🙏

These sessions are mind blowing. Kiron sir has covered a huge part of management skills required in an medical professional field. It starts from the formula for success mantra and goes including each and every aspect of management skills like; HR, operations, Salary management, patient handling, communication skills. In total this is an small MBA package that Kiron sir an Dr Priyanka mam have developed, for which they cant be thanked enough. They are alwez there to help mentor you for more. Beautifully designed and well real life examples been explained. Special thanks to Vihaan too. These sessions were really great and is a must know for every physio. They have set and example of how selfless a person can be and achieve what they want and for what they are meant to be in life. Thank you so much Sir and Mam for being along in this wonderful journey of Lead Physio Level 2 program. Much gratitude..A must do program for every physio..

All aspects regarding the insighful knowledge are well explained in these sessions. Be an Entrepreneur and not a businessman is vey well explained. Being technically strong and a good human being makes you a good physiotherapist is taught in this entire course. Thank you sir and mam for everything.

Every session was like a treasure for me. It was with full of knowledge guidance which is require for real life professional success, which nobody will tell us. But mam and sir have given it us selflessly which is priceless. Thank you so much sir & mam 🙏🙏
Lots of learning from all these sessions like starting from choosing site location for clinic, solutions for the challenges you get during this process Also micro & macro operational skill development required in clinical practice., Smart pricing strategies, candidate selection, salery structure, , HR skill development all are explained in detail, which are very helpful to change our mindset & development of business skills. Thank you so much 🙏🙏

These sessions will truly help to improve our business skills..Sir has explained beautifully and in easy way about how to achieve success by taking proper decisions, by overcoming hurdles, implementing your knowledge etc. Importance of feedback collection and one should not ignore it..
In micro and macro operational management sir has pointed out minute things to major right from lights, clinic timings, rent,documentation, hygiene ,how to keep follow up for irregular pts etc.
Clinical site selection strategies will give you exact idea about selection of place.. How to do personal branding and marketing will surely help us to grow..Thank you sir and mam for wonderful sessions 🙏

Pleasure to be attendee for this session, These session helped in many ways in fact it is difficult to summarize in word while submitting feedback.nnScale business exponentially, Salary Management and Monitor and manage the minor expense which we don\'t even think of !.nBranding yourself, Clinic setup, keeping infrastructure in such a way that it attract to have an everyone\'s eye and maintain hygiene.n11 sites selection session was wonderfull like visiting the shop at night time, parking space bargaining with landlord and avoiding the agents, and many more points like primary school temple garden etc these points show how much detailed study and knowledge and experience sir have, nThese all basic points are not taught anywhere and Thanking Lead Physio for showing beautiful insight of how one should grow and blissful .

Lead physio is the only platform where we get top to bottom solutions for every small to big problems . I think yesterday’s session was lesson in terms of economy management not only for clinics but also for our family economy . After attending this workshop everytime I have thoughts like how to do things differently, how can I grow ,this time I will take challenge for myself. Thank you sir , Ma’am and Vihaan.

Feedback for sessions:Indeed it was mind blowing n outstanding .it was not only just operational clinical skill session instead it taught us life management skill too. each factor was precisely explained which we have to consider while operating a clinic like lighting, no personal meeting ,salary disclosure,covid protocol etc..I like the way mam came in btw of session to explain us more clearly n sir n mam alwz hv a pt in ur mind K kahin kuch b choot na jaye .we all are so fortunate to have mentor like you .Thank you so much mam n sir👏🏻👏🏻


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