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1.Iontophoresis in brief . Ny therapeutic effect of that u hv observed? 2.In sports ,if training or match is happening in cold climate in that case in acute injury hot / cold therapy?? 3.If I want to apply in any corporate hospital what points should I highlight to show my value to them and what points I should try not to bring into discussion. 4.Mam,when we can we start knee exercise protocol for patient with medial meniscus injury, managing conservatively, as knee bending is restricted, how can we progress as day 5 is prone knee bending exercises, also should start with weight as mentioned in protocol or should we wait? 5.Mam Can you please enlighten us with the information about PT Diagnosis ,as how we are going to implement this in days to day practice, with an example, to get clear idea about it, and also to build up our fundamentals wherever we are lacking. Thank you mam. 6.Mam can FFD of 20to 30 degrees of knee joint can completely be recovered by following knee protocol as it is day wise or should we have to make some changes, like D 5 stretching exercises to be given first? 7.Sir, decision of making salary should be fixed or percentage wise?What it's advantages and disadvantages?Sir your views and opinions on this matters a lot for me.Thank you Sir. 8.Which are the Exercises and electrotherapy given in Trigger finer
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5th C – Continuation1:52:24
Q&A Session 12 04-07-20223:09:25
Q&A Session 13 06-09-222:56:30
Q&A Session 14 18-10-221:25:09
Q&A Session 15 22-12-222:22:53
Q&A Session 16 06-02-20231:57:43
Q&A 17 Session 09-03-232:00:11
Q&A 18 Session 11-04-232:24:14
Q&A 19 Session 14-05-231:57:44
Q&A 20 Session 12-060232:25:07
Q&A 21 Session 25-07-20231:57:43
Q&A 22 Session 18-09-2356:41
Q&A 23 Session 30-10-231:23:45
Q&A 24 Session 19-12-231:57:43
Q&A 25 Session 14-02-241:57:43
Q&A 26 Session 11-04-242:08:04
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These QnA sessions are a life saver.Truly an insightful sessions.

I started my practice back in 2019 ,
I was always confused and had doubts regarding our profession. . . Each day I wished I had a mentee to guide and answer my question . . .I am glad I found U guys ,its such a relief getting answers to questions . . Thank you
God bless you people
I feel more confident and see a bright future as a physio. . .

The sessions were very detailed ,thankyou for the amazing session

Just completed Q&A Session 1.. what a tremendous knowledge you have maam.. I really felt like salute you.. so much information you give while answering each queries.. thanks a lot sir and ma'am.

Thank you ma'am.. I expected only dosage details as i have not reached to that module.. But u are awesome.. U dint stop saying u will come to know about it in that module but u explained it thoroughly... Thank you

Very informative session with mam... Thanks again for everything

Hello friends,sir and mam are truly gem person and great mentor, every one should get their guidence. In every aspect they are Keen observer and THE best teachers, THANK YOU MY MENTORS.

you desrve more than 5 star actually🫡.

Thank you so much sir & mam for designing this Q&A session as it has resolved our so many doubt of clinical and management queries... You both have given each and every answers so deeply... & Got to find so many new things to apply in clinical practice...

Mam is a whole treasure of knowledge, Fortunate to have found this course. So much to learn from each and every explaination here. Thank you 💜💜

So much of understanding and knowledge...I got through the 1st QandA sessions.... very eager for the next one... thanks for the session ....

Excellent session ....Mam u explained each and every doubt very beautifully felt like u hav ocean of knowledge..... thank u for giving proper knowledge and guidance to us.🤗

Excellant session, thanks ma'am for sharing such a beautiful knowledge which really going to help everyone

Both management and technical queries are answered by mam and sir so nicely and in simple way. This is my suggestion to all freshers especially if u want to succeed fast in your career please undergo this training or have an opportunity to work in lead physio clinic

Love these QnA sessions. Detailed explanation for each question. Lot of learnings from these sessions. Thank You

Demonstration of Pelvic floor was very informative and interesting by using that skeleton and Theraband..Thank u ma'am 👍🙏🏿

This is again a great session where we can put our queries with no limits . We get all queries resolved. New learning’s again.

Good session and a great initiative to keep such Q and A sessions.

Amazing session

Very detailed explanation of each question
Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge with us.


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