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Orientation Session

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Very much focused and motivational

Clear and to the point. Excited for the journey ahead to learn more.

Great way to start an exciting journey. Well explained with right examples

very motivational , feeling confident and very excited to learn. Thank u so much

Really great introduction and motivational. thanks

It was an excellent orientation.Feeling motivated.Ready and excited for the next level.

Very well explained, about where we are now and where we have to go.
Thank you so much sir and mam

Very well explained and focus on our expertise.a great eye opener and reflection of ourselves and how we can make a difference in our lives and others as well.Thank u Dr.Kirron and Dr.Priyanka for bringing this change.

Thank You. Very informative , Motivational session. Now we can see ray of hope for successful journey.

Thank you soo much ma'am and sir for designing this wonderful program for us. Very greatful! 🙏🏻
Very informative session. So many take aways for professional as well as for personal life 👍🏼

Very nice explained about everything in the sessions about course and I'm very excited to learn more
Motivational introduction

Very well explained. Clear examples given. Emotional quotient also taken into consideration.

It was very informative orientation session ,excited to learn more........

Eagerly waiting to start this course. Excellent start to fuel up the confidence level.

Good orientation session. Excited to learn more!

Was able to clearly see the drawbacks, irrespective of passionate and so called multitasking ,how one can divert from reaching a goal of success. We should hv run behind the content instead of blaming patients. we all always feel peer pressure i m sure after this course ,would be eliminating the pressure from life.

Good overview with motivation. Thank you so much

Good orientation session. Excited to learn more!

Got a glimpse of the level 2 programme by this orientation lesson.....getting a sense of fulfillment now only......eager to start the learning by both of you....thanks once again Mam and sir 🙏

A very motivating orientation session. Looking forward to learning much more in-depth about Physiotherapy during the entire L2 course!

Explained thoroughly very well . Thank you sir

Very well explained, enthusiastic, focused and i am very much excited for rest of the journey to begin with highly motivated , i hope I'll get the huge change in myself after completing this course.

This orientation session fulfilled with hope and teaches to not depend on fancy and trendy workshop’s which only give temporary relief and needs lot of hand skills…First we should work on our fundamentals
Apni game ke khiladi bano pehle 🙌💪

The best part is the course is about exercises which give long term effect and not just electrotherapy or other modalities like taping or needling to relive temporarily pain

Very deep and heart touching session.,with a great master...for a growth..

Very informative and motivational vidio thank you so much sir

Very motivational and excited to learn more.

The session was very crisp ,easy to understand and motivational. Exited to learn what's in store in this course and apply it in my practice.

Explained in very easy and simple language.. very motivational session..

Very well organized and easy to understand

Introduction L2 very inspiration

Really amazing.....orientation session was very good. after watching the session i really believe on myself more i have a hope for successful future, thank you sir

I am very happy to come across this course..thank u sir n mam as i always feel professional courses should include psychology part to enhance overall personality of individual..

Thank you so much sir... Very motivated video... Feeling better and confident..

Really Awasome motivate with positive thoughts about Physiotherapy Field.

lets move to the next level...

Crystal clear pathway...very nicely explained..looking forward for the course..thank you for giving a ray of hope.

Nice Informative session

Amazing orientation session. I am both scared and excited. Looking forward to learn new things coming in the journey ahead.

It was on point orientation program. Nicely explained n much motivating.thank you sir n ma'am.m always grateful to u both for introducing such an amazing course for us physiotherapist.

Awesome orientation sir. Got positive vibes to move further in my life. Thank you Sir/Mam for the course.

It was a wonderful orientation programme,,,very focused and to the point discussion. Thoroughly discussed about the core value and futurestic plan for a successful clinical practice.

Sir has oriented very well with the content of the entire course. Looking forward for the further topics and teachings.

Never have I come across an orientation session so crisp, so focused, and full of life. So excited to start this journey. there were so many aha moments. One of my favorite parts was where sir told us about cutting down the negativity by using the simple yet powerful affirmations and relating them to our subconscious mind. It shows how much background work he has actually put into every sentence he has spoken. Thank you.

Good orientation session, looking forward to what's next!

It was a good orientation session, instructions clear and crisp,looking forward for next sessions.

Very inspiring session,excited to follow the path to success ,looking forward to further sessions....Thank you.


Very informative and in very simple manner sir explained all the details about course...Thank you sir and mam

A ray of hope. Thanku so much mam and sir.

Very much motivating

Excellent Orientation Session . The beginning itself is so beautiful. Really excited to beginning this beautiful journey of Learning and Success.Very nicely explained the contents of program. Thnx Dr Priyanka and Kiran Sir for designing such a wonderful program full of knowledge and guidance.

Hello sir and mam ....I literally love and understood how the course will go on...i felt from d bottom of my heart my search for deep knowledge as well as implementation will complete here only. Thank u so much sir and mam u people r mother /god for me💗

So excited to learn the entire course after such motivational introduction.

introduction it self is much motivational to me, and happy that i have choose right one course for the future...

literally dont have words to explain lyk it was just a beginning nd I find it so learnable n motivating. ... so excited to take this course further 😇😇😇

Very nicely explained about everything in this session. About course.thank you for your valuable opinion for our future.


Very clear, focused introduction and also very motivational one... excited to continue the path taken


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