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Wrist Joint PBPA Program

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Wonderfully explained rehab for wrist.

very well planned exercises. very simple but effective exercises

Each exercise focuses on strength and mobility of the entire extremity.thank u mam for such a wonderful approach.

nice variations of exercises for wrist joint

Excellent program for way

Exs are brilliant.

very nicely explained wrist exercises.

Thank you so much Mam,
Very well explained and very precise.

Very nice session again......lots of variations in exercises are shown by using different equipments like stability trainer,finger exerciser,etc 👍

Good session.

great set of exercises! lots of variations are given.

One word for them thank you.exercise varient at each and every angle so structured.

Wrist exercises and progressions are wonderfully design by ma'am. All the tools are used in such a great way to achieve full recovery , strength and basic, progressive and advanced exercises. Ma'am thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us. Thanks for teaching exercises with different tools which we never used before. This course is a complete package. Thank u sir ones again for taking us in real world of physiotherapy...

All the exercise were every well explained the exercise were easy to do and would keep patient engaged to perform well .

In wrist joint protocol all exercises are described with proper kinematically which is very much important as to do with the planes and in all position. Thanks mam to explaining this simply

Thank you mam for making step wise protocol for wrist related issues, all different exercise are never used by me before ...So I really start this protocol at my patients for better and sustainable results. Thanks again mam

Thank you ma'am..Excellent protocol and varients of exercises.. patients are generally bored with regular exercise within short period of time.. now I definitely sure with this protocol of exercises will make a different experience for patients with best results. Every muscle is covering in very easy way of exercises. Designing this protocol is a hard work for that we have to appreciate Dr Priyanka ma'am and their team.

Wonderfully designed program!! Lots of variations in exercises with variety of equipments. Use of physioball for strengthening hand muscles was something I had not thought of(generally use the smiley ball). Thank you for this wonderful program!!

Absolutely brilliant, Dr Priyanka has explained each exercise with such details and simplicity, her calm voice and stability in teaching the exercises makes me understand it effortless. I wasn't aware that so many variations of Wrist Exercises exist,gonna implement these in my clinical practise to gain optimal results for patients.

Wonderfully designed wrist Joint exercise program which focuses on each and every muscle of wrist,forearm and hand.Each session helps me become more grounded and I realize I need to learn so much

As usual excellent protocol, I never thought these many exercises can be performed for wrist joint. I am so amazed by each and every exercise and advanced exercises were just outstanding. Thank you so much Priyanka ma'am

In college we were never taught the wrist protocol in the manner ma'am has explained. Very precisely demonstrated the protocol. Looking forward to execute on the patients with wrist problems soon.

Excelent protocol for wrist joint. Never thought of so many variations for wrist.

Again a wonderful protocol for wrist joint. Never ever thought that even the smallest joint of our body requires strengthening. Different exercises with various equipments. !st time came across so many equipments. Truly mam you are blessing in this life.

learn a lot of variations.thnx

Many variations of exercises n nicely explained thank you so much.🙏🙏

Variety of exercises planned systematically. Mam...your exercises are amazing. Exercises very easy understand and helped me to think in positive way. Thank you mam

Thank you for compiling All the exercise in a proper way,,,it will help to channelize the exercise protocol in a great way

Good compilation of exercises!

Nice progression of exercises demonstrated..

Very well explained and learned so many excs for Wrist Jonit

Hello sir and mam,

Thank you for coming up with experience sharing course..

This is one of a kind of course we can find out ..

Earlier it was difficult for us to convince the patient for long term therapy

but now without any hesitation they are accepting the full course treatment..

I have started applying the learnings on one of the patient ..


Perfectly designed wrist protocol with different variations. Great work mam.

Variety of wrist exercises with different accessories. Looking forward for its implementation on patients. Exercises are very different from the traditional exercises that we commonly use for wrist joint conditions.Overall a beautifully designed wrist PBPA protocol.

Very well explained using each and every single joint that at the end of d program one can very effectively and symptomfreely get the relief ...... thank u for giving such detailed wrist protocol .....❤

i have completed the wrist pbpa programme loved the content would surely like to use these all exercises while practice . thankyou maam
looking forward for next joint

Many new variations taught by you.. Thank you Ma'am.

Thank you ma'am for another amazing protocol on wrist joint. Learnt so many variations of exercises specially how to strenghten individual fingers using physio ball, flex bar. 🙏🙏

Amazing and makes us realise so much hard work has been put in to formulate the protocol.

good effort by mam

Very nicely designed protocol including different variations, parameters, strategies , progression ,thank you maam

Very nicely explained all exercise of wrist including all small joints with lots of variation also use of different accessories was amazing great learning .

So many exercises for wrist ¿ I am sure by following these systematically designed exercises any post operative cases can be rehabilitated. Thank you madam.

So many variations of wrist exercises , with pony rubber band, cardboard, theraputty, stability trainer, and even with physio ball very well explained.

Very innovative exercises for wrist rehabilitation exercises

Nicely explained all the fine movements which we usually ignore during exercises. 😊😊

Wonderful Wrist Joint PBPA protocol ... pony rubber band, Theraputty (never thought of it), flex bar exercises are very nice ...which will help in wrist flexibility.

In wrist joint protocol variety nd various way to done many exercises... Every small joint of hand exercise with flexbar nd physio ball was very amazing....

Very nicely explained and simple yet so effective exercises showen by Priyanka ma'am.
Web execiser, flex bar, theraband, physio ball, stability trainer, pony bad, card board so many variations and explained in way nice way.

Thank you Sir & Maam for designing this wonderful workshop..Will always be grateful for this.

very informative session, lots of variations in exercises and easily explained.

pony band ,card board and using stability trainer and sitting with wrist shifting exercises are very nice.
thank you so much madam your efforts and patience

Thanks to Dr Priyanka Mam for wonderful wrist exercises.
Accessories used such as web exerciser, flexbar,gripper are amazing. Simple things like pony band and card board can be so helpful for exercises.

So many variatons of exercises given by Mam. Nicely explained and helpful.

Well designed ex protocol for wrist joint .equipment like rubber band,flexibar ,web ex are amazing. too many ex variation for wrist joint.Thank you

Dr Priyanka mam has Amazingly explained all the simple to complex exercises for wrist and hand in a sequential manner. This protocol has been keenly designed using various resistance tools and swiss ball. Easy to understand protocol. Beautifully designed.

All exercises from Day 1 to Day 28 are very well explained by ma\'am. Ma\'am has shown so many variation of exercises with a small pony rubber band,card board, flex baar, physio ball, web exercises. All are very effective n intresting. While doing only we can understand how it works. Again n again I just want to say!!!!!!! \"You are amazing ma\'am\"!!!!!!!!!

In wrist joint PBPA protocol mam showed lots of exercises using card board which are simple but very effective. Pony rubber band ,hand gripper exercises...lots of variations..which I never thought. Exercises using web exerciser, thera band , With thera putty just wawooo..!! Red flex bar exercises different variations with oscillatory movement. CKC exercises with physio ball..
Mam you are so much talented ,innovative. Thank you very much for this protocol. 🙏

Very good explanation of all exercise
These will be helpful for flexibility as well as strengthening of wrist joint

Mam has shown all simple wrist joint exs using flex bar, thera putty, grippers etc which made me think that therapist can do so many variations in these regular exs..Individual fingers strengthening on stability trainer in different positions is something i never thought. Self oscillations is amazingly shown!!Thank you so much mam!!

wrist joint PBPA program is like a dynamite in small package. just for wrist joint so many variations of exercises with use of Thera band, flex bar, hand gripper, web exerciser.. specially the exercises with pony band , all movements and grips.... simply amazing! The cardboard, Thera putty , ckc exercises on stability trainer and physio ball exercises are incredible. ⭐⭐ thanks to Dr. Priyanka for demonstrating all wrist movements using " FLEX BAR" in so amazing way👏👏👌 specially - oscillations.. it looks easy while watching it but while performing needs more practice to achieve the exact results.

Sooo many variations in wrist and finger exercises with use of flex bar, hand gripper, web exerciser, theraputty.... simply waooo...I specifically liked use of physioball for small joints of hands, use of stability trainer for CKC exercises of wrist....
👌👌. You have given a completely different outlook to all the simple exercises which we traditionally used to do. Thanks again.. 🙏

All the exercises in wrist protocol are Excellent. Frankly, I had never thought so many exs can be performed in wrist with different equipments. Specially day 26, 27 and 28 are unbelievable. Each exercise has so much importance is understood only after you perform them. While writing and seeing, it looks so easy. But the way it works on muscles and joints is incredible. Thank you mam

Feedback for Wrist Joint : simple yet very effective exercises. Accessories used such as web exerciser, flexbar,gripper are amazing. Simple things like pony band and card board can be so helpful for exercises, never thought of it.Mam you are really creative.

I have completed wrist protocol.
*All exercises are less time consuming but more effectiveness.
*All accessories used are too cheap and and b used in all joints so cost-effective.
*Easy to understand.
* If we get to know concept of exercise it's easy to remember also throughout it's not like we remember today n forget tomorrow.remember the concept.
*We can perform these exercise in group also to make more people benefit n time consuming.
*It's not only about strength flexibility but also of proprioception and balancing muscles.
*These protocol follow not only affect joint ,one joint up and one joint down it's about full extremity to get into exercise .
Looking forward for next joint ..


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