Shoulder Joint PBPA Program

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Shoulder Joint PBPA Program

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Superb explanation of stepwise exercises protocol.....

Incredible session. all exercises well explained.

Very well explained exercises.It is a game changer.Hats off to you ma'am.

all exercises design very well. progression and advance exercises explained it very well.
thank you mam

Amazing and detailed explanation of each exercise.Thank u mam

Very well planned protocol


Lots of variations in exercises for shoulder joint with and without devices.....i already knew some exercises like codman's exercises but in that also Mam has shown so many variations.....hats off to the work done by Mam 👍

Very nicely structured program for shoulder as well as other joints.

Well designed exercises.

Very well explained learned lot of new exercises

Ma'am U made the complex joint learning easier. All the exercises explained in simple way ..

Very informative and useful. Thanks

काय सांगू महती तुझी,
शब्द अपूरे वर्णीयाला....
रान केलेस जीवाचे,
क्षेत्राच्या उद्धाराला...

I am falling short of words to explain about overall programme.. shoulder protocol with band and physio ball is mind blowing.. There is really huge learning as u said in initial 5 days course.. u both are just great.. really no words.. Tq so much both of you..

Superb sessions, exercise variation and progression is unique. Thank you

Amazing protocol. Learnt step by step how to progress it. Very well designed and explained by mam. Thnaks a lot mam.

i never used this type of exercise protocol for shoulder pain.....this is not a exercise plan but this is a booster for me in my clinical part.....thank you is very very less for sir/mam .....dil se dhanyawad

This is what we call a holistic approach. Appreciate the instructions for each exercise, from starting position to get back to it again. everything is explained very well. Thank you

Great session, progression of exercises well explained and demonstrated.verh knowledgeable interesting n easy to perform. Thank you ma'am sir 🙏🙏🙏

Out of the box exercises taught and demonstrated which are super beneficial for the patients.Thanks mam for this wonderful shoulder exercise protocol

Amazing protocol. Learnt step by step how to progress it. Very well designed and explained by mam. Thnaks a lot mam.

Great session, progression of exercises well explained and demonstrated.

Ma'am has very well explained the progression of shoulder strength from basics to advance. Amazing !

All the excercises are so well structured and indeed great analysis...thanks for sharing

well explained graded exercise program for shoulder joint.

Very specifically well designed exercise program for the pt as well as for physio who can simply follow the protocol and get wonderful results on pts

Thank you so much for the efforts
Shoulder exercise protocol is awesome
revised,recalled and learned so many exercises

Good collection of progressive exercises.

very nice and good effort with lots of energy exercise is performed.
salute to energy

thank you mam for teaching us and making us learn it in most efficient manner

Ive learnt very new exercises and very well explained too. I love how easy mam has made this protocol to follow and one need not to think everyday which exercises a patient has to do. Im thankful to both sir and mam for coming up with this creatively designed protocols. Wish our colleges would have taught us this way.

Again one more amazing session with so many new graded exercises, explained very systematically and simply. 🤗 thank u so much mam for giving precious treatment protocol.

Learnt so many variations of shoulder strengthening exercises. Thank you so much Maam. Very well designed.

Learnt quite new exercise techniques,with very clear presentation and videos and very clear instructions
Thankyou maam

Execellent protocol of PBPA shoulder joint. Learnt many variations of exercises. Self shoulder glide exercises and exercise using stabiltilty trainer was very nice. Thank you so much maam for your guidance . 🙏🙏

It will make shoulder problem easier than before,

Amazing program with shoulder self glide , strengthening of shoulder girdle and progression to advanced level with flex bar and muscle performance exercises are great ,so much variation, conceptual methods and great efforts in designing program

Excellently designed exercise protocol very well explained.along with shoulder other jt exercises to be done which doesn't follow in practice was the best part.Thank you so much mam .

One more amazing session

Loved the shoulder exercises session, the way all exercises are designed is very good and so innovative. Thank you Priyanks maam & Kiroon Sir for making this super awesome workshop for US. Gratitude :)

Excellent program

Dr Priyanka has designed a wonderful shoulder protocol which does skip the basic n essential joint movements of elbow n spine which usually gets neglected during the jiffy of achieving shoulder joint ranges.

Amazing session, with so many new exercises for shoulder joint. Shoulder self glides ,serratus progression , muscle performance for upper limb movements and stability trainer push ups in different positions all these variety of exercises very well explained

Shoulder PBPA protocol is really amazing. All r different and unique. Specially on stability trainer that's perfect.

Well designed & well explained session.

A very detailed shoulder rehab protocol, lots of learnings , thank you mentors

Shoulder PBPA program is very nicely explainednAll exercises well designed by mam, nAll together so many different exercise from day 20 onwards using theraband, theratube, etc nThank you so much mam

Shoulder joint PBPA protocol is very well designed.
Ma'am has taught very good use of stability trainer pad.
There are many new exercises which have been explained very well.
Thank you again.

Thank you so much ma'am
Very informative sessions
Enjoying and learning alot..

The shoulder PBPA was terrific... All exercise well designed by mam... Stability trainer use this way was also wondering... Theraband exercise was also awesome... it contained stability balance training strengthing with streching co ordination... muscle performance exercises , combination of all... there is soooo many things in this protocol.. that make it unique... Thank you so much ma'am this unique knowledge sharing with us.. every physio should have go for this PBPA protocol....

In Shoulder PBPA protocol, mam has shown all unique exercises.These exercises are new for me , they are focusing on all 5 factors.With this holistic approach I'm more than 100 percent sure that we can expect full recovery in patients.Thank you so much mam and sir for your guidance.

As always interesting and very informative session by both of you . Exercises are designed appropriately and explained very easily with proper instruction and how to progress it day by day. Thank you ma'am.

The shoulder PBPA protocol is very nicely explained . The excercise are mentioned from start , to progression and advanced in simple manner. Thanx Ma'am .

Specifically designed for every joint and muscle..
Beautifully used stability trainer and the exercises performed are out of the box.
Even m going to get one.

Well designed exercises. Flex bar exercises is a unique equipment which is used for different exercises. Muscle performance exercises at the end are good ones. Thank you for so many different exercise ideas to help clients in a holistic way.

Excellently designed exercises.explained n demonstrated nicely.activation to progression…core strength,self glides,serrtus progressions,thera band variations..easy to understand n follow.Thank you so much mam for such beautiful protocol🙏🏻🙏🏻

The shoulder protocol was really nice. The exercises are so vast and have multiple applications. Be it Musculoskeletal related or Neuro case. Very specific and to the point.Thank You Mam

Fabulous shoulder PBPA protocol.there are so many variations of each ex days wise Day 15 ex was new to me .liked codmans varition n use f flexibar.Thank you

Well-planned exercise regime. Explained and demonstrated so well. The protocol is easy to learn and to be followed. They are designed so well with the use of the minimal cost of equipment. learning protocols of each joint our confidence in our approach towards patients is increasing day by day.

OMG Sessions as always.Beinh physio we give lots of exercises and keeping records of all exercises and keep all mind one by one is very difficult. With PBPA program life has really become easy.My Physio staff i can direct easily and follow a progression and scintific protocol. Thanks Dr Priyanka for this efforts.

This Shoulder PBPA course completely has been designed in such a way which would make it easy for a physio to learn as well as would show good results in patients with various conditions of shoulder. This course explains the entire day wise protocol for shoulder joint from simple to progressive exercises towards advanced one. Very well designed and performed by Dr.Priyanka with simple commands and explanation for each exercise.

Shoulder joint PBPA protocol is designed very simple & creative manner by ma'am. From basic to advance level exercises using minimam basic tools. She showed lots of variations of Codman's exercises which I have never learned before. Shoulder self glide on day 15, scaption with thera band, D1,D2 pattern exercises., Shoulder stabilisation flexibility exercises with physio ball using theraband. Specially last 28 th day exercises with theraband was really awesome 👌. Thank you so much mam for such beautiful protocol.🙂 Thank you once again.🙏

All excercise for shoulder jt are beautifully n systematically planned by Dr priyanka. I found so many variations of codman's excercises.. Excercise with thera tube n thera band, physio ball, stability trainer are very innovative n new.From Day 22 to 28 # excercises requires lot of cordination n strength. Really hatts off you ma'am.I just want to say guy that ,,if we really provide patients this type of excercise definitely we will get 100%result.
Thank you so so much ma'am for sharing your innovative ideas n treatment protocol.

Done with Shoulder jt PBPA.. Shoulder muscles activation in supine position,variations in codman's exs will definitely help pt in initial days..Shoulder self glides can be done by pts easily at home Serratus progression and muscle performance is amazingly taught..Hats off to mam for teaching us exs from basic to progressive in simple manner

shoulder jt. PBPA program. Thank you so much Dr. Priyanka for designing the exercises in so much creative way. Each and every exercise is unique and can be done in various ways with the help of basic tools. starting from day 2 where patient can do exercise by themselves by just following the instructions ,where to stabilize and where to give resistance was really good. Codman's exercises D1, D2.. so much variations .. Shoulder self glides, elbow kick ex., scaption movement, diagonal chop , and serratus exercises in various positions demonstrated very nicely. specially day 28 exercises for muscle performance are really mind-blowing and dr. Priyanka demonstrated it very very nicely.. needs lotttt of practice , strength and stability . 👏👏👍

Regarding shoulder protocol exercises, so far we were making patient do static exs against minimum resistance, but now we can make them do themselves as shown in day 2 exercises. There are so many variations in Codmans exs also with D1,D2 pattern. Day 15 exercises are also very different. Use of theraband for different stretches, specifically for serratus muscle, at different position is amazing. Working on scaption movement ,serratus movement really nice. Altogether so many different exercises from day 20 onwards, that too day 28 all different. 👌👏👏

Thoroughly planned exercises taking into account all muscles around specific involved joint and surrounding joints, concentric and eccentric strengthening with working on core strength and coordination with stability challenging exercises. New term learned "scaption" 😊. Day 22 onwards exercises with TB and physio ball are so innovative requiring lot of coordination and strength, especially day 28 exercises were like... 😲.....needs lot of practice on myself before trying on others. Thanks again n again...

All exercises are very specifically design.
All equipment used in these exercises are cost-effective .no expensive devices used.
All equipment used are one time investment because all these equipment are to b used in all joints it's not like spending money for one joint.
I like flex bar exercise most it's oscillatory movement are awesome.
I have not seen these kind of exercise in my life so minutely done for all muscles .


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