Hip & Knee Joint PBPA Program – For Hip & Knee Joints, Treatment is same, Assessments are different

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Hip & Knee Joint PBPA Program?

Hip & Knee Joint PBPA Program
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Exercise are very innovative, it was a new learning . . Thank you for simple explanation and demonstration

hello mam, just love the way you are giving progressive exercises.
more get to learn

Good explanation of all the exercises along with a variety of exercises to perform. Also a good variety of proprioceptive and cognitive exercises.
Thank you ma'am

Very nicely demonstrated all exercises. I liked all balance training exercises on stability trainer, rocker board, wobble board. Just amazing. Thank you sir and maam 🙏🏻

Very nice session.....exs are so good in terms of progression and part is we don't learn these in our academics and because of mam we are able to learn in depth. Small small things also very well explained.

Very well explained and very easy to understand the procedure

Precise exs to the point application

Each and every exercise is explained neaty and a very informative session 👌👌

Learnt many new effective exercise.

Amazing proprioception exercises

Extensive protocol. Good exercises.

Good set of exercises shown for both the joints.

All the exercises were very well explained easy to do for patients and at the same time very effective

Very informative and unique session . Mam explained all exercises and progressions in great way

Detailed explanation. Unique session and exercises with Flexi bar, Wobble board and peanut balls are very useful.

Very much unique session.. Very nice explanation.. Fig of 8 exercise is very different and innovative... Exercises on balance board & Wobble board are mind blowing.. Progression of exercises are designed in very intelligent way.. You r Ocean of knowledge maam.. Very greatful for giving us such a huge and depth knowledge.. Thank you so much.

Thank you mam for all about hip n knee related exercises .... Totally different exercise protocol .... Thanks again mam

Very well structured program from basic exercises to advance...

I am amazed after learning so many unusual unique exercises.Thanks a lot ma'am for such clear demonstration and detailed Exercise prescription.

excellent learning opportunity in this module, each and every exercise is formed with so much detailed description. I specifically loved the advanced part of this module. As knee is the most complex joint of the body, this exercises are perfect to provide strength, endurance and proprioceptive awareness. I am so excited to start this protocol in knee OA cases as well as volleyball players in my college.

Again one more amazing ,detailed session with every session along knowledge confidence level is also going up. Specifically designed exercises brilliant work by ma'am n sir. Thank you so much always grateful 🙏🙏🙏

Great set of exercises. Easy to understand. Getting good knowledge from mam. Thank you mam.

Innovative excerices...perfectly performed and amazingly structured..thank you ma'am

Another master piece from the master of masters,,,detailed protocol description,,, really tough to maintain same quality throughout the sessions,,,hats off to madam

learnt lot of new exercises. feeling more confident to treat the patient, whatever the condition it may be. thank you mam

Absolutely amazing with great thought it's designed

Ma'am has explained the Progressive and advanced exercises in a very detailed and informative way In the college and hospital practice we use to get to practice only the pain and basic exercises on the patients. Looking forward to treat my patient with complete PBPA protocol.

Decent compilation!

Nice progression with exercises.


Excellent designed program for Hip and Knee Joint. So many variations of the exercises with different accessories. Really this protocol is amazing.

Awesome session.....very well designed exercise plan from basic to advanced ......many new factors are introduced in balance training.......thank you for teaching such amazing exercise protocol🙏

Learnt many new variations for hip and knee. Thank you Maam

Thank you ma'am for such a well designed protocol on hip and knee joint. Exercises are programmed from basic level to advanced level in a structured manner. Learnt varieties of exercise using peanut ball, physioball, theraband, theratube and stability trainer. Exercises on balance and coordination with rocker board, wobble board and flex bar are really helpful for improving the proprioception of joints and for core strenghtening. 🙏🙏🙏

Extraordinarily session.. systematic and very well designed protocol.. soo many exercises yet looks so simple..thanks a lot for all the learnings being imparted.. u r a plethora of knowledge and u r spreading it the best way..

Such a wonderful way to Explain theExercise techniques for hip and knee joint thank you so much for this information

very structured protocol. And the excercises are really efficient. I used to get stuck after 20-25 exercises. Thank you maam for teaching us this protocol and so many exercises.

Amazing session...after finishing 10-11 sessions... every time thinking like what can be next....but I couldn't think this way...great Mam simply great...all the aspects like concentric to eccentric work, balance, coordination, nicely included and progressed... thank you...a lot of learning🙏and thanks for sharing your knowledge and work again

very different and innovative exercises specially balance exercises

Excellent sessions can't be described in words. All exs demonstrated by mam as usual its incredible. Definitely I can say no need for surgery and surely provide an sustainable recovery 🙏.

Great exercises with so many variations and different progression targeting different muscles in isometric ,concentric and eccentric muscle work with different parameters like balance ,propriocetion,thank you so much madam

The way the exercises are designed from basics to advanced is simply awesome. All new sets of exercises which are easy to understand your balance and strength exercise were just awesome.exellent session.thankyou

Excellent sessions can't describe in words. All exs demonstrated by mam as usual too gud. Definitely I can say no need for surgery with this protocol

No words to describe this protocol. Very innovative exercises

So many different exercises. Never thought of these many possibilities in terms of movements. Thankful for giving us almost ready-made .must say.

Systematically designed exercise protocol, so many exercises. From beginner level to neuromuscular coordination. Great efforts - hats off to your patience and hard work madam. Thank you.

Very well explained all the exercises, and so many challenging exercises for balance with different equipments, different planes and different positions. Learned many new exercises from this course

Great protocol especially all the closed chain exercises protocol as we all usually we all make patients perform open chain exes .. wonderful work

very well detailed program for hip and knee

Beautifully designed program.. use of rocker board, wobble board ,O-loop, pea-nut physio ball are very nice ...very good exercises to improve balance and coordination...
Thank you so much ma'am.

All basic & advanced execises r very specifically designed

Exercises using weight cuffs, thera band, resistance tube,using pea nut ball,physio ball,stability trainer all exercises are amazingly demonstrated,

Hip knee protocol each & every exercise very useful to gain strength , stability nd improve all over body... Balance training were pretty good mam design balance training very well.... every step nd stage awesome with stability trainer , Rocker board nd wobble board , flex bar... Nd also the balance training with mental task it was wondering... This kind of protocol we physio need it... To improve pt. every aspect... Thank you so much ma'am...😊

Very nicely designed protocol for hip and knee joint to improve strength, endurance, balance and agility. I am very thankful to be a part of this course . Really very practical. Thank you Priyanka madam. Lot of efforts behind every protocol made you successful ,Really tested and proven so they bring good outcome to the patients. Awesome work. Thank you madam.

An absolute amazing session by Dr Priyanka Ma'am. The way the exercises are designed from basics to advanced is simply awesome. Your balance and strength on that rocker board was mind blowing..Hats off to you ma'am.
Thank you to you and Sir for designing such a wonderful course for us.
Full of Gratitude for your teachings :)

Hatts off to you Dr.Priyanka mam and thank you so much for introducing us to so many new sets of exercises for hip and knee joint.starting from statics to progressive exercises , exercises using weight cuffs, thera band, theratube,using pea nut ball,physio ball,stability trainer all exercises are amazingly demonstrated, wonderfully explained.

Very nice explanation of each n every small exercises related to knee..I never thought that there could be so many exercises for knee. All exs are important in focusing strengthening of each n every muscle around knee joint.. Thank you so much ma'am ..U did a great job 👍👍😊🙌

Very specifically designed from basic to advance level.
Every aspect-Range,strength,endurance,proprioception,sensorimotor training is covered very well.
Must say mam your fitness is appreciable 👏👏
Thanks for designing this 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Mam has covered all the possible aspects of a joint recovery in her exercise protocol. so many exercises and each one with a specific purpose for complete recovery. Huge and wonderful variations from simple to super challenging exercises. Great work.

awesome hip n knee joint program .use of stability trainer n theraband is fab.mam seriously u r amazing .u hv worked on all parameter of fitness i.e.strengthnig,flexib,endurance,proprioceptn,balance , coordination with less acessories. Thank you

This session is full of simple, but challenging exercises using various tools like, rocker board, wobble board, theraband, theratubes, stability trainer, flexibar etc. and many more. Very well designed for Hip and Knee rehabilitation. Thank you Dr Priyanka for developing this protocol and nice team work for execution of this program. Excellent.

All exercises are very specifically designed in a very simple way .exercises with rocker board,stability trainer eye closed open all are very new for me.
No words can explain your efforts n knowledge that you put in your PBPA Protocol.I really feel so lucky that I am attending this course.

In this protocol i have learned lots of different exercises. Starting from simple to progressing to challenging level. Using wobble board, rocker board with flex bar for balance & stability training. Exercises to improve muscle strength, proprioception, balance & neuromuscular coordination are beautifully designed & demonstrated by mam. Specially on 'wobble board 'with "flex bar", hats off to you mam 🙌👏 . Needs lots of practice to perform these exercises. Thank you mam.😊

Mam has explained in detailed exs using theraband and physioball in open and close chain..Standing exs with eye open and close with cognitive questions will help in sensorymotor training..Balancing exs on rocker board, wobble board and adding challenges with flex bar are amazing!! Thank you mam for designing variety of exs..

Exercises becomes challenging day by day beautiful explained evey exercise and even performed so well
Close chain balance proprioception strengthening streching all exercises shown

Totally new set of exercises explained in very simple way. The progression of exercises from passive to active and then TheraBand, tube , with physio ball, O loop, stability trainer are really nice. The challenging exercises from day 19 onwards with stability trainer, flex bar, wobble board with eye close and open + head movement + mental task exer. definitely help to improve strength, coordination and balance. Hats off to Dr. Priyanka for demonstrating the exercises on rocker and wobble board in so beautiful way. 👌👌👏👍

As I progressed through the course with each day the exercises went on progressing in an entirely new way with no two exercises same, which kept my curosity up as to what next now.... The exercises with stability trainer, rockerboard and wobble board are so challenging in terms of sensorymotor training. I specifically liked the term "statue of liberty" pose for one exercise 😊. Excellent work.... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Feedback for hip/knee protocol : nVery different exercises with thera band,specially day 19 exs ,very difficult level exercises, where good stability and required. Exercises with figure of 8 ,are very innovative. With increasing level of difficulty from day 19 onwards, wobble board exercises, to cognitive Q and answers, stability and balance exercises

Very nice explanation of each exercise starting from basic to advanced.
Clear Instructions for any non medical person to understand.
Progression exercises from floor to Stability trainer, rocker board and Wobble board is amazing.
I liked the holistic treatment approach of strengthening the affected muscles and then working on full body to improve core strength, proprioception and neuromuscular coordination.
Mam, hats off to your core strength and balance.

Feedback on knee joint.
First of all ma'am ur too talented. You have that skills to pick very small movements of joint in such a focus way.
Ur strength is awesome.
* All exercises are very specifically designed for all movement.
*We don't need any person for any exercise we can do independently sometimes any support for balancing.
*It's very easy to understand and useful in terms of strength flexibility balancing proprioception.
*I have not seen these kind of exercise for open n closed chain .


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