Elbow Joint PBPA Program

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Elbow Joint PBPA Program?

Elbow Joint PBPA Program
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Amazing how not only elbow but full extremity is focused here. Also, learned elbow strengthening in different positions.
Seeing web exerciser and flex bar for the first time. Nice one! Thank you ma'am

Well designed and beautifully explained exercises keeping in mind all the muscles of the body.

Beautifully explained.The exercises are excellent and well designed.Thank you ma'am for sharing

all the exercises given were very well manage and simply explain it.
thank you so much

Very different and innovative exercise.Thank u mam for so much detailed explanation.

exercises are planned good with flex bar and other tools

All exercises are properly explained in a simple way so that it can be perfectly demonstrated to the patients

Very nicely explained..upto 4+ strengthening

Exs given we’re great. And progressed to higher level

the way maam targeted elbow joint muscles with flex bar n web exerciser is amazing...

Elbow with thera bar...flexibar ..ball.
Protocol are well designed for elbow joint.
Exited to implement now

Interesting protocol!

Bunch of exercises for elbow joint....mam has introduced execises which shows how to target different muscles of elbow just by changing position of palm which was amazing....very creative way.....thanks mam 🙏

Thank you for the complete guidance of exercises. Training of all joints and muscles as connected chain . It was easy to understand in simple manner.

Interesting set of exercises!

Mam u r just awesome. Great progressions with stability trainer, flex bar,web exercisors, thera tube, physioball so many variations in progresive manner. Coudnt even imagine so many exercises for elbow joint. thank u so much.

Informative session

Elbow protocol is fantastic. Progression of Exercises with equipments like flexibar, Web Exerciser, Thera bands & Tubes, Weight Cuffs are amazing. Doing exercises with all these exercise gadgets are really fun.. Patients Loved is and me too.. very blessed to have you both as my mentor.. Thanks a lot.

Superb sessions, very innovative exercise program with proper demonstration Thank you

Learnt many things which was untouched till now in exercise part for elbow joint, i found it very useful that how we can use flex bar, thera band, wand,physioball and all small accessories in a purposeful way.

very knowledgeable session about elbow.....thank you mam for making it so easy

Very thoughtful elbow PBPA programme.Along with elbow muscles, shoulder,full body strengthening is amazingly explained using physio ball,theratube.

There were v few exercises which i can think for elbow case but these exercises are amazing n superb ...Elbow flexion strengthen with different position of palm is v beautiful explained..Use of different accessories is so wonderful especially red flex bar .Thank u mam for designing this course..PNF Technique n muscle performance exercise is v simplified n explained

Complete elaboration with a diligent practical approach. Thoroughly explained exercises. It's highly helpful to continue clinical practice after a break. Grateful to Dr Priyanka for such helpful information.

Precisely demonstrated all elbow exercises by ma'am.M keen to start these exercises with my patients.

From start to end of elbow PBPA protocol, very well demonstrated and helped in increasing the confidence of the patients. Looking forward to execute this protocol in my elbow patients.

great motivation for obese physio.😆

Excellent exercises protocol n amazingly done by ma'am. Thank you so much.

Excellent guidance of Strengthening exercises with web exerciser n flex bar ... Overall the the elbow joint program is superb vth every individual muscle training..!!

Thank you for the complete guide of progressive exercises. Training joints and muscles as a whole unit was excellent. It was easy to understand and follow.

Good content!

I am so amazed by Ma'am 's flexibility.Thank u for sharing the exercises protocol in so easy form.

Nice demonstration of exercises.

Beautifully designed exercises in all the directions and planes..with precise progression

thank you so much mam and sir for introducing us to every aspect of physiotherapy

Really liked the Elbow PBPA protocol.
Variety of exercises focusing on different muscles and in different positions. Use of accessories for strengthening is also really good.

Unbelievable variations of exercises. Thanku so much mam for sharing your hard work with us.

Just wow😇........thank u so much mam for giving such systematic and simply way of pbpa elbow shoulder and wrist exercise will cure pt. totally 💯... learned so many new exercises .....loved the session 🙂

Once again so many variations of exercises for elbow joint.. thank you maam..

Use and teaching of very innovative and complex exercises for elbow strenghtening ,very well taught in details

Thank you so much ma'am for another wonderful protocol on elbow joint. It was amazing to know so many variation of exercises for the elbow. Advanced level of exercises with web exerciser and flex bar are verynice. 🙏🙏

Never thought of this variation of exercises before💯😇 ... Excellent exercises mam.

Very innovative exercise programme

Excellent demonstration by maam,

Amazing session

Explanation in depth in elbow protocol ,covering all muscles of elbow and shoulder and scapular muscles ,lot of variation in exercises to cover improvement in adls ,Thank you ma'am for covering all functional movements each and every aspect including postural muscles , movement muscle,range, sustainability of muscles and endurance also ,how to develop it step by step in form of days with so many variations and equipment s like flex bar,web exercisertherBand and swiss ball

Protocol is designed amazingly,use of web exerciser and flex bar seen for the first time. not only elbow but other joints are also covered It is a complete package.

A detailed program along with consideration of core muscles. Very well explained

Learned exercises for elbow by Optimum utilization of various resources, wand , weight cuff, stabilizer, flex bar, web exerciser. Thank you madam

Great exercises protocol… it increases one’s clinical knowledge to certain level

Very well explained all exercises, learned that so many exercises for elbow joint we should cover . Flex bar, web spacer exercises were new for me , nicely explained all those exercises

Very nicely done with different equipments

Excellent session on Elbow joint . Thank you mentors

Nicely explained exercise with different exercise tools
(Especially from day 23rd to28th day)
Thank you so much mam

Protocol is beautifully designed ,use of web exerciser and flex bar is very nice . amazing elbow protocol, It is a complete package.

Elbow jt. PBPA protocol have soo many exercises...that help pt. Full recovery nd full protocol built pt. Strength , stability nd flexibility much's not just about elbow it covers all part of upper extremity...

I am so grateful to you for designing such a beautiful exercise program for elbow joint .Allah bless you

exercises are fantastic .
newly learned points are using web, stability trainer ,bar and muscle performance exercises .

Very nicely designed elbow exercise protocol, loved the way each and every details are being explained especially the theraband, flex bar and web exerciser.
Grateful to you ma'am for bringing up this program in such a organised way.

Beautifully designed elbow PBPA programme.Along with elbow muscles, shoulder,full body strengthening is amazingly explained using physio ball,theratube.Use of physio ball for performing diagonal movements,PNF pattern movements using theraband, exercises using flex bar,web are unique exercises.thank you mam for your guidance.

Beautifully explained exercises with web exerciser and flex bar.
All the muscles are considered for strengthening but are isolated first and then the exercise performed.

Good set of exercises for elbow stability and mobility.
Use of physio aid tools was efficient.

Beautifully designed;taking care of mobility,strength,stability,coordination;not only of elbow but one joint above n below along with the core.amazing efforts by the lead physio team😊

Graded exercises and vast set of exercises are designed by Mam. These progressive exercises were amazing and all exercises explained nicely.

Beautifully designed exercises with different tools. Demonstrated and explained by mam in very simple manner.

These exercises are really helpful and the way its being delivered is amazing. Really impressed with progressive and simple exercises are there at one place. Salute the efforts of Leadphysio Team.

Simplest most forms of exercise sequentially explained and demonstrated by Dr Priyanka mam. Really superb dedication and professional work done by mam towards physios and society. Truly amazing.

strengthening elbow jt in different positions and in different angles shown amazingly by mam..Advance exs of elbow using red flex bar are design in simple form to understand..Thank you mam for designing this program 🙂🙂

Fundamental as well as advance exercise
Great demonstration

Exercises are designed in such a way that, it is not only focused on one joint rather it takes care of one joint up and one joint down which is really great to see and learn. all basic exercises of elbow joint, their progression with the help of wand, wt. cuff, thera band and tube was amazing. The day 22 onwards exe. on physio ball ckc, stability trainer, specially red flex bar exe. and web exerciser was just superb 👌👌👍.

I found so many innovative exercises for elbow joint too.Its a complete package for upper extrimity.Specially web exercises,red flex bar excercises, muscle performance for upper extremity with theraband, physio ball exercises and postural correction are superbly designed by ma'am.🤗

There is no doubt these exercises will not only bring complete recovery of the elbow condition but will work towards overall stability and coordination of the upper extremity as they are designed with such holistic approach in mind. I especially loved day 23 onwards exercises with flex bar, never seen, the oscillatory movement with flex bar was just waooo... 👏🏻👏🏻. If patients would genuinely follow the protocol their condition would definitely not relapse.

Wonderfully designed exercises taking care of every aspect of a joint and muscle improvement with different equipments.

Feedback for Elbow protocol :very different and innovative exercises,specially scapular retraction with yellow thera band,reverse flies in 3 different position ,day22 onward exs.are amazing.

Keeping in mind all muscles exercises are uploaded.
It's not only elbow they keep in mind about full extremity.
They keep in mind for beginning . They are in progressive way all exercises are prepared
Thanks to Ma'am she is very dedicated so only she prepared all these exercises very specific.
I like flexbar exercises most.
I loved doing all exercises I enjoyed and my muscles too .


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