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Ankle Joint PBPA Program?

Ankle Joint PBPA Program
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Simple yet effective exercise.
Thankyou for the wonderful execises.

very nicely explain all the exercises.
difficulty level of exercises very nicely plan.
thank you mam

Innovative exercise and mam is a pro at performing all the exercises.hats off to u mam for ur excellent efforts

Well compiled. Very thoughtfull, covered all the aspects of ankle superbly. .. Will always thank you for this.

Very nicely explained about the day by day progress

The advanced exercises are superbThank you ma’am for putting this course together

Very nicely explained all the exercises in a simple manner so that it is easily taught to the patients!!

I never thought of so many exercise variations for ankle joint n foot movements nor read in books anywhere. It’s simply outstanding and really going to excel my work if I follow you truly Mam.
Hats off once again!

Very nice protocol
Thank you Sir and Madam!

All the exercises were very well explained and exercises are easy to do and interesting enough to keep patient engaging .....

Very well demonstrated ankle exercises in progressive manner. Thank you so much for sharing your own designed protocol with us.. Mam u r how a physio should be..

Very precisely explained exercises. Variations in standing. sitting positions. Use of web exercisers, theraband and Wobble board, balancing board is very well explained in detailed way. Thanks for sharing your expertise Dr Priyanka

Wonderful Exercises 😄

Thank you mam for making such a wonderful exercise protocol for ankle related problems, all exercise are not always taking by me before, thanks again mam

each and every aspect designed beautifully

Loved today's session on pbpa ankle protocol specially all the neuromuscular balance exercises n other exercises from basic to progressive n advanced one everything at one place n perfectly given day wise to be performed by the patient for a good n permanent recovery from ankle injury. Thank you ma'am n sir always greatful 🙏🙏🙏

Very innovative excercises..perfectly demonstrated thank you so much..

Nicely designed protocol of ankle with so many equipments.

Learnt lot of new exercises. thank you mam

Thanks for such a wonderful collection and beautiful explanation of exercises,,hats off to for compiling such a detailed and elaborated program for each and every joint,,,it will really open a new horizon for us as a clinician,,you have put all your experience and learning into these sessions which is definitely going to benefit us all

WOW ! I never thought,that so many Ankle exercises can be performed.Clearly demonstrated,shown and taught. I am feeling ecstatic that I am getting to learn so much from this course which is very crucial in practice. There is always so much to learn,execute,apply but it's important from whom we are learning,what we are learning,to what extent that is going to help us.I have done numerous workshops,courses.This course is the one that I feel I should have done earlier or came accross before doing other workshops.

Great demonstration of stability and balance training exercise with progression.Thanks!

Good demonstration

Very simple and effective session

Wonderful ankle protocol. Highly appreciate the efforts you put in to construct this protocol. Thnku mam and sir.

Amazing session .Highly structured program with so many variations of exercises. Lot of focus on Neuromuscular coordination exercises.Use of variety of accessories makes the protocol more interesting and challenging.

Thank you ma'am for wonderful protocol on ankle joint. Designed neatly from simple exercise to exercise with task. Learnt many exercise of balance and propioception.🙏🙏

Simple graded step by step exercises.......
Beautifully designed ❤
Wonderful session 💯

Wonderful session as usual...very clear and step by step ex protocol... thanks again🙏

Wonderful session..

Nice pile up of exercises - strengthening + balance

Absolutely wonderful exercise for ankle protocol, thank you once again mam for giving us such a wonderful exercise.

Session was amazing as always.

So many variations in exercises including intrinsic muscles and focusing on balance ,neuromuscular coordination, strength ,thank you ma'am

Blend of known and unknown, innovative , effective exercises .presented well from easy to difficult level.

very effective exercises

So many variations of exercises for ankle joint. Thank you madam.

All exercises very well explained, great session.

Great plan of exercises

Thank you so much for sharing us a wonderful sessions

Wonderful session ,helps to improve balance, proprioception,neuromuscular co-ordiantion,strength, everything covered very well.

Ankle jt. Protocol wonderfully design with holistic approach & balance training amazing... Thank you ma'am sharing with us.... 😊

Simple and effective ankle exercises beautifully explained by Priyanka Ma'am.
Progressive and Advanced exercises are too good and nicely explained.
Thank you ma'am and Sir for designing this wonderful course
Grateful for this :)

Very well designed exercise program for ankle joint. Very well demonstrated.
Well designed exercise for strength endurance and balance.
Few exercises on wobble board can't be performed even by a normal individual with out any problem .very well demonstrated phank you riyanka madam

Amazing session by ma'am

Amazing session by ma'am

Exercises for ankle joint are innovative coz never thought of rocker board exercises with eyes open n close will give such tremendous results along with flex bar.

Nicely designed;well explained, considered all the aspects - range,strength,balance.
Progression is nicely designed.
Thanks mam for designing such nice protocol 👏👏

Simple and easy techniques to improve range,strength and balance have explained all exs in very patient friendly method which becomes easy for patient and can be done using minimum equipments.thank you once again for the wonderful session.

A nicely designed exercise protocol for ankle. The exercise progression was simple yet extremely effective and gradual. The exercise equipment also is used for getting all parameters such as balance, proprioception,neuromuscular co-ordiantion,strength, etc covered very well.

Exercises which are basic and advanced we usually miss, by doing these exercises i m confident that any condition of ankle can be treated
These cover all exercise related to arom, stretches, balance neuro muscular coordination strengthening

Mam you have an excellent core strength and all the exercises performed were really organised

Beautifully designed exercise protocol. From simple to advance level of exercises to improve muscle strength balance,neuromuscular coordination, proprioception showed by mam.Thank you very much mam for designing such nice protocol.

Excellently designed protocol for ankle rehabilitation including the basics to the advanced level of neuro muscular coordination for the joint. Extremely nice use of all the physiotherapy equipment of exercise therapy for ankle joint. Thank you Dr Priyanka mam for designing this so well and good execution by the team.

very specific exercises are design keeping in mind the importance...." THE WEIGHT BEARING JOINT ".. starting from 1 fold paper crumbling, to progression on 4 fold paper crumbling, pebbles picking exercises looks simple yet very much effective for specific muscles and for developing the arch.. The exercises on rocker board, wobble board with eye open and close + flex Barr oscillations+ mental task exercises are really mind blowing... just normal eye close on rocker board is hard to do it for me but DR. Priyanka performed all exercises on it with so much of ease .. really hats off to you👏👏👍.

Simple exs to strengthen intrinsic muscles of foot and ankle jt muscles are amazing. Exs to improve balance and sensorymotor training with rocker board, wobble board, flex bar are superb. An addition to it making it difficult with introducing mental task are beautiful!! Thank you mam and sir!!🙂

Outstanding ex.we hardly perform 1 or 2 ex on wobble or rocker board in clinical practice . mental task along with balancing ex was superb .use of stability trainer again helps to develop NMC n grt strength of whole body n mam ur level of fitness seriously Super se Uperrrr.Thank u so much👏🏻

Truely comprehensive exercise program for small joints of foot to full body neuromuscular coordination. The way Ma’am delivers instructions is just unmatched...she is a pro....👏👏 Advance exercises are really advance and require a very sound balance of the body even for a so called healthy individual.

Feedback for ankle joint : simple yet effective in initial level. Really like the concept of doing exercises with pony rubber band and web exerciser. It increases the level of difficulty day 19 onward, using rocker board,wobble board and improving balance and neuro muscular co-ordination, and mam,you are doing it with so much ease...really great work...👏👏

Feedback for ankel joint.n* Very specific exercise are design.n* Cost-effective . n*No need of expensive device for exercise.n* I like flexbar exercise .n* What is the use of eye open n close I got to know vn I perform balance was going out so many times.


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