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Neck Joint Program

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Thank you so much for explaining all exercises in a very detailed and easy-to-understand manner.

Great one. Getting to learn so many exercise variation especially the ones with Physio Ball . Also, Mam's muscle flexibility is 🔥

Very well explained protocol for neck

Thank you so much, ma'am and sir, for explaining all exercises in a very effective and easy-to-understand manner.

Great Protocol followed for neck.
Explanation is in detail and done throughly.
Thankyou for the meticulously designed protocol

So many variation of exercise and well explained in each one.Thank you ma'am

very easy way explained all the exercises.
progression of exercises very well explain.
thank you mam

Very well demonstrated 👍🏼 Thank you!

Details of how muscles work are taken into consideration while planning the protocol

Excellent designing of day wise protocol and beautifully explained and demonstrated in easy way.
Thanks a ton 🙏🙏

Beautiful demonstrated.
Thank you for sharing Mam.

Protocols which we were missing are designed systematically.i am excited to implement it on patients and see results.

Ma'am has beautifully demonstrated all the exercises, she has also given the instructions in detail; however, I would appreciate it if the significance of attaining certain positions would have been explained for some exercises.

Many variations of exercises explained..... many exercises are targeted on all muscles related to neck joint.....

Good set of exercises shown. Plenty of variations given.
Thank you.

It's really very amazingly designed, too the point protocol. Everything was very helpful and innovative thank you ma'am and sir.

Very well explained

Absolute to the point explanation. Simple to follow instructions. Great variety of exercises, exercises with physio ball, wand and weight cuff are enormously useful. Thank you Dr Priyanka for sharing your expertise

Nicely explained

Neck PBPA is very well organised protocol. Exercises shown in very simple way. Easy to understand. Learned so many variations of exercises. Exercises with physio ball were amazing. Thank You Maam.

Very Well designed program ,with different variations and strategies to focus on , It's very useful exercises in terms of flexibility strength and proprioception n balancing muscle.

Good and Easy to understand Exercises. 🫡

Well designed protocol and easy to use. Thankyou so much

Excellent exercise variations for neck conditions

very good protocol for neck related problems thank you sir mam

Excellent exercise program for neck joint

This course is a boon.I never learned this kind of promptly designed exercise program for neck issues.I am going to heal as many as patients, change as many as lives as I can through these exercises.

Neck Joint protocol was amazingly designed. All the equipments are readily available. Self explainatory exs. Beautifully explained. Hats off to your efforts. Thanks Dr. Priyanka mam for enlightening us with this program.

Excellent exercises protocol nicely explained by ma'am thank you so much.

A well planned step by step exercise protocol for neck joint.

Well a very thoughtful and nicely explained.. tailor made complete rehab program for any neck condition,,,thank you for such a wonderful perfectly crafted exercise program

Ma'am has excellently explained the detail exercise protocol which covers both streching and strengthening of the muscles group of both shoulder and neck. Progression is very well taught. Looking forward for the other joints assessment and treatment.

Very nicely explained the progression of exercises.

Such a systematic protocol this is. Reoccurrence of patient problem in future is almost zero .
Thank you so much ma'am for sharing.

Great progression of exercises along with excellent instructions.Thank you

Amazed to see how the protocol unfolds and emphasises not only on neck strengthening and flexibility but overall rehab. Grateful to both of you 🌸

Exercises designed in neck joint PBPA are superb. Lot of emphasis on strengthening of Shoulder joint complex and entire spine. Really liked the use of tools in exercises .

Wonderful session ....mam u explained it very sequentially and simply so many exercises that we never learned in our graduation days .....thank u so much for upgrading our knowledge 😇

very thoughtfully designed protocol. beautiful and thank u fr sharing with us to learn and grow.

Never even imagined of so many exercises for neck. Thank you so much Maam for teaching these exercises.

Protocol is very nice with exercises designed from basic level to advanced level.
Best part is maam's use of simple language which can be easily understood and use of simple equipments which are cost effective.
Learned so many variations of exercise targeting specific region for better outcomes.

Very Well designed program ,with different variations and strategies to focus on , It's very useful exercises in terms of flexibility strength and proprioception n balancing muscle.

Mam has designed day wise exercise in such a structured and simplified manner easy to understand with so many variations that will give long term sustainable results to patients really amazing.thankyou

Very Well designed program ,with different variations and strategies to focus on muscles of whole spine and upper extremities focusing on balance, strength , neuromuscular coordination, Great efforts for designing such program

nicely explained all the exercises and mam is performing on its own.
variety of neck exercises. practical and useful

Very beautifully explained and demonstrated...very useful

Very informative. Learn so many new exercises. Difficulty level increases day by day which patient can perform easily by following this PBPA protocol.

done with pbpa for neck 19 onwards exercises are quite innovative and challenging.along with neck surrounding joints are also taken care very well.

I am surprised to see so many exercises can be designed for neck. Following this systematically designed exercises protocol not only helps neck alone, it also improves,
flexibility, strength, functional ability of shoulders, elbow, wrist and also lower back, knee ankle. Thank you for sharing your knowledge for your mentees madam. Sir used to tell, you imagine anything, we have solutions for that-this is absolutely true. Thank you sir for creating such a wonderful program.

I have finished with back and neck assessment protocol and exercise protocol . And it's just perfect. It covers everything. BPPA approach what is needed to be leant by every therapist. There is no need to do any other courses after doing this course. I think words won't do any justice to tell others about both of your efforts and sincerity. 

Thank you so much.

Great set of exercises… we often miss so many exercises while going only for cervical strengthening…

Really very useful and different exercises

very systematically explained day wise progression of exercises with minimum equipment required. Have learned new exercises too. its really great. thank you ma'am

Thank you so much ma'am
Its really awesome

Neck joint PBPA program is very well designed,how to do the exercise and what tools to use is very well explained,this will help us to treat patients.
Thank you ma'am and sir.

Neck protocal was just amazed.... That the so many exercise for neck jt. That covers the strength flexibility Balance co ordination parameters... protocal design the way that helps improvement nd beneficial for pt. Nd physiotherapist also... Mam nd sir usually said that win win situation it's true... It's a prepration of win win situation from physiotherapist that in future he/ she also make the win win situation for both pt. And physiotherapist..
Thank you sir nd mam 😊😊

Day wise progression of Neck exercises is fantasticly explained.All exercises are made easy to understand for us so that they can be taught to patients effectively.Thank you mam for teaching so nicely.

Nice approach of exercises using different equipments taking care of all the 5 parameters in terms of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular function, neuro muscular coordination and balance for improving and maintaining the long term health of the patients.

Would like to thank
Dr Priyanka mam for the valuable training. Appreciate the efforts being put in to formulate a structured neck exercise program. It enables one to be better prepared with the exercise priscription.

Effective and graded ex protocol explained by mam.special thing that it involves co contarction of all grp of muscle which will help to retain recovery in long term.Thank you

The Neck protocol was really nice with many new exercises to learn. The protocol was very nicely designed and a very gradual and effective plan of management. All the exercises are easy and can be done with least equipment.

Different exercises for neck performed by simple to difficult level, using minimal basic equipments in various positions. Exercises specially with combination of thera band and physio ball was very innovative. Definitely this PBPA neck protocol will help us to treat patients...thank you so much mam.🙏🙏

Very useful exercise for neck easy to perform,
Difficulty level increases day by day

These graded exercises of neck joint are very effective and helpful.Designed so effectively to meet the day todays need of an individual suffering from neck issues .Great tool for physiotherapists

This course is simplified and explained really well by Dr Priyanka with her self demonstration. unique in its own way. Different ways of performing exercises for engaging various groups of muscles. Extremely designed for the needs of a physio, for physios themselves and patients too. best team work for concept and designing.

Finished Neck program. Overwhelmed to see so many variations in neck exercises. Just with the help of Besic accessories like thera band/ tube, physio ball, wt. Cuffs, we can improve overall parameters.. that's amazing. The day wise exercises designed really very well, where in all exercises are either in supine, sitting, standing then on physio ball so that patient doesn't get irritated with continuous change of positions. All exercises from day 22 onwards with combination of thera band/ tube &physio ball are really innovative and challenging. I'm stunned to see Dr. Priyanka's flexibility while performing these exercises 👏👍.

Exs given in different positions and adding challenges in it with simple instruments is like we have found "treasure in learning".. Surely patients will be benefitted by doing these exs..I have already started this neck PBPA program on my mother in law 🙂..Thank you so much mam and sir🙏🏻

I have just finished my neck protocol.Ma'am you are amazing at what you do!! Your dedication is beyond words..... You are an amazing teacher.
From this 28 days excercise program I have learned so many new new advance excercises with the help of physio ball ,thera tube, band, wand. With least equipments we can improve all 5 parameters.
Thank you so much !!! Eagerly waiting for shoulder protocol😊😊

Hello mam, regarding the neck protocol, use of props is really innovative. As in we are doing static neck exercises by using hand, or wall support but use of theraband for it looks really amazing, that to with sitting on physio ball as in day 22 protocol. Also exercises with theratube or theraband as in day 23 ,24 and specially in day 25 are really different. Thank you mam.

Amazed to see so many variations in neck exercises, importance of strengthening and stretching shoulder, scapular, upper back and spinal muscles along with neck muscles to treat any pathology associated with neck and not cocentrating on single joint. Fascinated by ma'am's muscle flexibility when I myself tried to do namaskar and reverse namaskar pose and I could hardly go halfway.. ☹️..Liked the innovative ways of use of theraband while balancing on physio ball. Especially liked day 19 and day 20 exercises with the use of physio ball.

It's very useful exercises in terms of flexibility strength and proprioception n balancing muscle.
It's very easy to understand ma'am make it very clear .
Equipment used are very easy to handle n not expensive.
We can do it in our own timing n own house no need to go anywhere.
Very smartly prepare for all muscles .


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