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Back Joint PBPA Program?

Back Joint PBPA Program
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Perfect progression of exercises

All the exercises are explained beautifully and well explained.
Thankyou Maam and Sir for the well designed course.

Thank you, ma'am and sir, for this great session. The explanation was really informative and detailed. Through the practical session, I learned a lot of new things, and my approach is going to change from now onwards, which I am going to apply in my clinical settings.

The way ma'am has designed the excercise are brilliant.Every day new exercise.Learning so much from it and will definitely implement this to my patients.

Thank you 👍

very well explain according to days

Well defined sequence of exercises to rehabilitate lower back along with other supporting joints.

Very easy and well explained which I use in my daily practice.must have mismatched the order.The way mam has executed it is too amazing.thank mam for guiding us on the right part for our profession.

Thank you for designing theses best exercise protocol .


Attention to detail is given to all the exs and progression is spot on.

Result oriented protocol step by step.explained in very easy manner and it helped me a lot when i implemented to my back pain pts.
Gratitude 🙏🙏

This is amazing!! The way mam has explained in detail is outstanding. I sincerely thanking you Mam and Sir to let these pearls to be shared with us!! I couldn’t find such level of graded exercise description in any of the other books!!

Easy to understand and point to point explanation

Varieties of exercises for back with increasing complexity.....superb 👍

There are a variety of exercises increasing in complexity as we progress through the therapy. Very nice.


Realy madam is mastery in back pain exercises, all are Back pain pbpa protocol exercises simple and best👌

It was really very well designed protocol, very informative thank you so much ma'am for accumulating things and making it so easy for us .

Again a brilliant session. Huge variety of exercises, explained in a simple and practically applicable method. The most important things of Dr Priyanka's exercises are, she demonstrated each movement each exercise with utmost care & details in alignment with clinical requirement. These clinical pearls are never taught in College or Institutes. I am very happy that I came across Physiopreneur program and learn all these at one place. Thank you very much Dr priyanka and Sir.

Easy language detailed step by step exercise explantion

Best exercises and taught in easy language. Also gives confidance that we can do this. Thanks mam.

What a beautiful way of explaining exercise.. I never thought of so much of variations.. Now after knowing all 30 days exercise protocol for back i feel so confident and content enough to treat patients for any back condition. Before also I was treating patients but now after completion of back protocol my vision towards assessment and treatment has changed a lot in positive manner.. I can now counsel patients from very first day and able to convince pts for 30 day treatment.. very very thankful to you sir and mamm..

Very well explained

best exercises with grt performance.

Completed back BPPA protocol. Though I knew all these exercises but never applied to patients. The main concern of order of exs prescription made easy. Mam has designed this protocol so well. It has such a huge variety of exercises which covers ALL the aspects required for COMPLETE recovery of a patient. Such a vast program provided to us in a very simple manner. Thank YOU

Very nice session

Wonderfull... Being a master of Physiotherapist, I have to salute to you ma'am .. you are master of physical therapy.... This exercise protocol is always more then enough to being a fit from any back problem... So unique and practical exercise protocol it is.. egar to apply in my patients

It was a thoroughly enlightening session. It was very engaging, not for a moment did I even feel bored. Binge watch worthy sessions & million dollar counseling were like I was traveling through a galaxy of knowledge. I am so excited to practice this on patients. Thanks a lot Priyanka ma'am and Kirron sir. Looking forward to other sessions like these.

Ready to eat...Now our job become more easy because you teach us how to catch the fish not only give the readymade dish.

Wonderfully designed..thoroughly explained and beautifully performed excercises.

This is what I was looking for. Full package back protocol exercise with so many variations. Videos of exercise and explanation was amazing and to the point. Eagerly waiting to learn other joints protocol of exercises.

Very well designed PBPA protocol each n every exercises were explained in details n too good for patients

A well explained,,, thoroughly described and nicely demonstrated plan of care of low back pain,,,kudos to dr Priyanka Mam for taking so much deep insights about exercises...great learning

Very well planned graded exercises that are very effective learned so many new exercises that has cleared my knowledge in terms of what we suppose to implement regarding back problem thank u thank u so much dr. priyanka ma'am ❤💥

Well explained exercises in step by step. I am happy that i learnt lot of new things from this course. Thank you mam

All exercises are so well explained and demonstrated.Now I feel m rich with more exercises

Good demonstration and a qualitative rehabilitation progression for back pain.

Ma'am has explained each and every step of each exercise from day 1 to 28 in a very precise and easy way.

Thank you ma'am for amazing session of well designed exercise on back joint. Well designed exercises from basic to advanced level with the use of minimal equipments.🙏🙏🙏

Progression of exercises from basic to advance level are designed in detailed manner and explained accurately.Really appreciate the efforts taken to make this video's.Thank you.

Beautiful explanation, step by step guidance, and the patience required to do this. Hats off to ma’am and sir!
Grateful 🌈

Excellent demonstration of progression with the exercises, will add variation in addition to challenging them..Thank you for providing clear instructions and kudos to efforts put in making these videos.

I have just completed Back PBPA program.. and i can say it is very well designed protocol covering all of the muscle of back and related joint's strengthening and stretching exercises.. Learnt a lot of things and i can say it is very useful for all physios who really want to give 100% result to their patients.. Thank you for sharing knowledge and your experience with us...

PBPA protocol is an excellent protocol . Explanation of each exercise is awesome with even the minute details shared. Thnx Dr Priyanka for designing this superb protocol .

This course is just awesome. Lots and lots of good information. Mam and sir have done a very good job. I feel blessed that i am connected to u. Thanku so much.


Simply amazing. Came across 90% of these exercises for the first time. Thank you Maam for your great efforts.

Well designed back exercises protocol.can see hardwork behind thanx mam

well planned

Pbpa effective back pain protocol , amazing progression with core exercises on physio ball and theraband and both ,very nice demonstration by ma'am with clear instructions and precautions , thank you ma'am

A well planned and step by step exercise plan.

bunch of exercises......with high energy .......with day wise explanation will be very helpful for our clinic

Completed the back joint PBPA protocol. All these exercises are designed in a step by step manner starting from basic exercise to progressive and to advance level. Use of theraband, physio ball is absolutely outstanding as you have explained it in a simple and effective way.
How to use when to everything is perfectly explained. Thankyou so much Dr Priyanka madam for designing this and sharing this video with us.

Completed the Back assessment, protocol and started neck. It was really useful 👌and amazing, one of my best investment in the year 2022, I am grateful to Dr. PRIYANKA & Mr. KIRRONN for creating such an amazing course to help us lead towards Success 🙌 😀 🙏 😊 👍. THANKS A LOT, I am proud to say you both as my mentors.

Nice exercise demonstration by Priyanka maam....

This protocol is designed in such a step by step manner so well in simple manner It has huge variety of exercises which is required for complete recovery of a patient. Thanks to Mam and Sir.

Thank you so much Priyanka madam for sharing your protocol with us. Very well designed back exercises core strengthening , stability and balance. No one share their secrets of success but Dr.Priyanka ma'am you have shared it. Your efforts are great. I highly recommend every physio must do this course to excel in practice. We all have to do these exercises to have the benefits.

Best treatment protocol incorporated with all parameters like balance and neuromuscular coordination which is normally missed in short term treatment and i am sure this will definitely give best result to patients.

well designed and well demonstrated exercises from basic to progressive levels.if done properly will surely give results.i appriciate the efforts taken to combine all in one.

Systematically designed, sequences wise exercise protocol helps patients to recover faster and permanently eradicating back pain. Thank you madam and sir.

Great and extensive low back pain protocol very skilfully designed … Hats off to Dr Priyanka for crafting this protocol

Very well explained by ma'am all the exercises .and there were so many different exercises with proper progression..specially i like that with the name itself we can easily recall which will be the exercise easily mentioned.

Thank you so much for sharing us your hard work and effort .

Very well explained each and every step.We can make out the efforts taken for this. These graded exercises will definitely help everyone.Thanks

Dear Mam and sir, first of all thank you both for providing such a wonderful course. I wish I had mentors like you during the start of my career. The PBPA back protocol is explained in such a graded approach that it involves the overall body parts from head to toe with usage of minimal tools . This is the perfect exercise therapy program that one should opt for. Thank you again.

Back joint protocol were just awesome... Easy mathod of explanation nd beautifully designed... This protocol for back bt exercise design very smartly that's cover whole body.... Thank you so much mam for doing this... it's very effective nd gained much confidence from this... All physiotherapist should must watch this...

Very beautifully explained, easy to undersand,maam has designed this protocol wonderfully,thank you so much 😊

one of the best exercise program for low back and easy way method of application .

I liked the session as it is very informative and ma'am have explained very easily how to do an assessment and wonderfully demonstrated the exercise protocol and how to progress it.

Beautifully designed and executed back exercise program it is!
Cant imagine this kind of vast exercises can be performed with small accessories.
Exercises are not new but are designed differently.
Really ma'am you put so much of hard work to explain it simply.
Thank you so much.

Excellent step by step guidance of exercises which enhances whole body strength and Flexibility

Wonderful complition of therapeutic exercises by mam structured in an perfect ascending manner covering all the physical parameters required in physical well being.
As the day progresses every exercise done has a co- relation to the previous exercise which makes it easy for the patient to follow with confidence.
Also proving to other physio s that exercise is the core physiotherapy !
Hats off to the efforts put in by Dr Priyanka mam and kirronn sir , their work does the real talking !!!

Superb PBPA protocol of back area .We all read in our academics 3 stages of rehabilitation,but practicaly no one cares about that phases ,when it comes to clinical practice,u literally did hard work on each stages mam.The best part is u hv coveref full body ex regime (myokinetic chain) with out ny hands-on t/t. Day 21 onwards very challenging ex are mentioned.with ds program I actually realise purpose f long term recovery Thanks

Mam has designed this protocol so well. It has such a huge variety of exercises which covers all the aspects required for complete recovery of a patient. Such a vast program provided to us in a very simple manner. Thanks to Mam and Sir

This Back program has been curatively designed by Dr Priyanka mam. Exercises has been demonstrated in the best simple explanations as possible. This protocol designed includes all graded exercises with its progression day wise. Excellent program. Good team work too for projection.

So much effort has been out to assemble all step by step graded exercises and are really helpful. Thanks its worthwhile.

Hi, just finished my PBPAprogramme and feel like my mind totally refreshed with all the wonderful exercises demonstrated by Dr Priyanka. A step by step approach to all exercises along with various positions makes it easy to apply for patients .A complete guide to whole body stretching and stretching through easy exercise with minimal requirements .Thank you once again for the awesome session.

It was just mind blowing! Very good experience of watching all these videos. Really, mam has designed this protocol skillfully. She has explained each , every exercise in detail & showed in systematic way .She performed all exercises very easily. There are lots of advanced level of physio ball exercise mam did it effortlessly. "Hatts off to you mam" I also tried few exercises on myself.
Thank you mam for such great exercise protocol.

It was very nice session. Everything is explained and demonstrated so patiently. Ty so much mam

I have just finished my PBPA back joint program. Ma\'am has explained all the ex.very well,by doing it herself without any support of (model) in easy way From day 1 to day 28 was superb.\"\"Hatts off to you ma\'am\"\"\".I have learned so many Uses of physio ball,theraband,O loop wands etc.It is a complete package for every one who wants to work on 5 important parameters ms strength, flexibility, neuro muscular,postural balance.Your enthusiasm for the work inspires me to be enthusiastic too!”Thanks a lot for providing such a grt PBPA protocol.😊😊

Good Afternoon Mam and Sir. As I just finished back protocol .It is well organized exercises protocol with gradually increasing the difficulty level, yet is not only back but full body reconditioning exercises. Every day new and challenging exs,keep the enthusiasm on.It will avoid the boredom yet effective .Most of the patients wants to reduce weight ,mainly belly fat, so we have a great protocol for it now. As will see other joints also will have a clear picture of it. Will have to buy few accessories for it ,as mam mentioned.

Skilfully designed exercises with lot of thought process involved to frame so many variations in exercises focusing on strength, flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, balance and core strength. Use of cost effective accessories like Theraband, physio ball and stability trainer in a very innovative way as we progress from basic to advance level. It is indeed a very comprehensive approach towards back problem 👍

Very good experience, very inspiring exercise videos, i can see the effort and hard work of Dr priyanka too good

Hello everyone, I have finished Back joint PBPA program..All the exs are shown and explained in detailed covering every minute thing...Basic to advance level exs will surely help all conditions back patients..After watching all 28 days program i will be able to teat any back patient with minimal accessory. Thank you mam for designing this Back joint program 🙂

I have completed the Back PBPA protocol watching and writing.. 128 exercises.. 😳😯..just for Back.. I have never imagined it. First of all hatts off to Dr. Priyanka for designing this protocol and showing it in such a systematic way.. I can Actually see the basic, progressive and advance level of each and every exercises.. Starting from basic exercises how to progress on next level with help of weight, thera band and physio ball.. to next challenging level with the help of stability trainer, O loop. Was just mind blowing.. Again, along with this progression how the over all strength, flexibility, muscle coordination and balance can increase very well understood. Specially from Day -22 onwards the challenging exercises shown and how easily she performed it was just .. just mind blowing. I have to practice it 100times on myself before giving it to patient. It's just not a Back protocol but overall package for the body from head to toe , so wonderfully designed. 👍

As I have completed back PBPA program.
Now I can confidently tell patients you will get better as you complete these exercise protocol.
Before I use to do patients with minimum exercise after one week they VL tell Ma'am give some new exercise ,after completing back PBPA now i can confident about my protocol. It's something different exercises with which patients can get lot of benefits not in terms of there condition only but also weightless.becz most back patients VL tell ma'am I want to reduce belly fat it's overall package.i feel if patients do all these exercise definitely they VL not have problem through out there life.. now I can treat my back condition with these protocol..if I do daily different exercises patients VL also feel good they VL b eager to know what next. I'm so have I completed back protocol looking forward for other joints also.


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