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MDC(Million Dollar Counsellings)

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Thank you very much mam for sharing your valuable knowledge and experiences with us it will definitely help us in growing.

excellent explanation

Amazing. Infinite things to learn from them.

It's really very wonderful course...

Good understanding and learning. Will enhance the quality of talk with patients. Thank you

Great Counseling session for me ,All sessions were amazing. No college and books will teach this. Thank you Maam and Sir for this amazing sessions .

MDC 2 is really great.. so motivational.. thanks sir and ma'am.

No words to appreciate your efforts and this counselling.... it's mind-blowing

Simply awesome

MDC 4 really amazing things new learning

I had a similar incident like MDC was revision of pain n experience we have gone thru and preparing ourselves for experiences not faced personally. Feeling blessed to be part of this community.

OMG! This should be more than million dollar counselling. Every physio needs this. I would like to give the review in following category what I have learnt through all these MDCs-:
Communication- 10/10
Confidence gained-10/10
Explaination- 10/10
Tone- 10/10
Analogies used- 10/10
Strategies explained- 10/10
Positivity- 10/10
Thought process- 10/10
Videos for explaination- 10/10
Both of your voice is so soothing to hear. Sometimes I feel ki apko bas sunte hi jaaun record karke.
Mam and Sir deserve a standing ovation for all the efforts they have put in train the physios.
God bless them with abundance of health, wealth, fame, happiness and success.
I wish that you both open your institution soon. Thanks a lot for sharing all the learnings, experiences, strategies and many more. Thank u thank u thank u.

Amazing amazing n amazing lots of learning , confidence boosting session

Highly recommended,,MDC stand true to its name 'Million Dollar Councling' ,,,very effective in improving one's skill about dealing with the patient. Each and every MDC session is well designed, carefully crafted for providing the solution of objection handling and mastering the essential component of communication with patient.
Main take away of the entire course is the 5 Cs: Communication, conversion, collection, continuation and credentials. And these five together improve the 6th C that is the Capability of an individual to expand his or her horizon infinitely,,,thank you Kiran sir and Priyanka Mam for all your efforts for bringing this course

Amazing session.
Learnt many things....but few among them are
*Have a right mindset.
*Don't fear challenges, face it.
*We should not call ourselves as freelancer.
*Giving more time for communication with the patient.
*When we face challenges, we should think it as an opportunity for new things.
*Facing the problems will always lead us to growth.
Thank you Sir and Mam, for the wonderful "Million Dollar Counselling" session.

Amazing counselling sessions.

Wonderful insights in each session, objection handling and counselling is top notch lot of learning there in counseling prior to an appointment.Thank you for sharing these audios, they indeed are priceless.

It's a mirror of our profession which we face in our routine and This MDC give us a solution of that all tricky questions of patients.I wish we had Learn these all in our Bachelor so these time Physio will eat the job of Surgeons.Thanks Lead Physio.

With each session my confidence to speak with the patient and convince them is growing.. MDC sessions were indeed extremely helpful..perfect as the name suggests


All the sessions in MDC are Superb!! Patient education is extremely important which is not given priority most of the time. With Patient counselling one can gain confidence and trust of patients. Thank you ma'am and Sir for this course.
Definitely MDC is a "must to do course" before anything else...

Each and every sessions are very very useful as councelling is the main pillar of our profession.. & you are making it very strong for us... Really after listening all the sessions my confidence level has gained more and can educate patients more deeply with exact example... Thank you so much mam & sir for this session... really really helpful!!!!

MDC's are surely lifetime learnings for those who are passionate about physiotherapy practise. I have watched few sessions till now and already started to see the difference in my conversations with patients. It really instills confidence in us. So so grateful to Mam and Sir.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

MDC. 2 session gave me major practical learnings that I can inculcate in my practice. So many insights I got and I had to question myself how I am going to improve communication with my patients from now onwards.Thanks mam and Sir

Thank you sir and ma'am for such an amazing sessions of MDC. Every session was unique in a way that patient with whatever level of knowledge of physiotherapy approach us, we shd be able to handle and give correct patient education and guidance.
Lot and lots of graditude for both sir and ma'am.

Simply amazing

Excellent sessions ... that nobody will provide u in ur field, this MDC gives lot of learning from mam and sir πŸ™ πŸ™‚ very minor things told that makes huge difference in ur field thank u so much mam and sir..πŸ€—

All sessions were amazing. No college and books will teach this. Thank you Maam and Sir.

changing the thought process

"Million dollar counseling" the name of the course itself signifies how precious these entire sessions are.
All these sessions have taught me how to effectively communicate with the patient, how to achieve all "5 C's" ,how to progress towards success in long run.
As a Physiotherapist it is our prime responsibility to rightly educate the patient about his condition, PT diagnosis, what results they will achieve if they take the complete treatment course. Proper conversation can do wonders for patients and for physios as well. 1st time when patient calls if we can educate him to that level then he won't even think once before starting the treatment .
single patient can be a source for many more patients ,we need to give our best, work hard till we actually succed. Dr. Priyanka Mam and kirron sir has shown me the directions, path for success in professional, personal life. Thanks a lot sir and ma'am for your valuable guidance.

Amazing sessions.
Learned the importance of counseling through phone..the way one should carry it to give a proper direction to the patient .

Thank you so much for amazing counselling sessions..

Amazing sessions this gave a lot of insight about our profession how to lead with dignity how a single phone call can change patients mindset and how they value us and how deeply he is getting educated.thankyou so much mam ye sab kahi bhi seekhne nahi milega.

Great counseling session for me as I used to do counseling in detail for patients who wants to listen and who don't want to listen I used to leave them. So learned from mam whatever is reaction of patient keep educating and that is how patient will start valuing us

MDC sessions are amazingly good in all has so much insight about patient communication and physio conduct on phn itself.never ever thought how important just a phone conversation can be.

Thank you for so much wonderful insight and how to change perception of pt about physiotherapy ,how to convert patient according to your treatment and increase your revenue

i will just say wow


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