Hi, 🙋 As everyone of you has completed the PBPA Approach, Here is the Level 3 program 📈 containing 24-sessions (one every fortnight – live)  that will last for a year and delve in-depth on how the PBPA Approach is applied in the situations listed below. The sessions will cover the application of Day wise Treatment for the aforementioned conditions and assessments where relevant. The exercises will be presented in either of written or video versions on case to case basis.

  1. Stroke
  2. Pregnancy
  3. CP- Peads Neuro
  4. TM Joint
  5. Pulmonary Rehab- Covid , other lung conditions
  6. Acute Back Pain Attack
  7. Chronic Pain Management
  8. Erbs Palsy/Facial Palsy/Optic nerve palsy
  9. NDS – UL/LL
  10. Stress Management Exercise
  11. Vocal Cord Palsy
  12. Post op conditions

This program has been created to help you become a master in the PBPA Approach so that you may apply it to treat any condition that falls under the purview of physiotherapy, preventing you from losing a single patient and enabling you to confidently manage patients to ensure optimum recovery and helping you become expert in the Physiotherapy Industry.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

L3 Skill Mastery in PBPA Approach

L3 Skill Mastery in PBPA Approach2:08:35
GREAT NEWS – L3 Revised Access Duration1:31
Session 1 Understand the PAIN3:01:16

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Thank you thank you thank you... I strongly felt the need to look into psychological aspect of pain and to make the patient understand need to stay emotionally independent... This lecture had the perfect recipe for my unexplained concern.. Thank you from the core of my heart mam.. Hats off to the depth of your knowledge and zeel for patient recovery.. Lots of gratitude..

A very essential holistic approach process has been discussed in the ' Understanding Pain' lecture by Dr. Priyanka. It gives a different perspective to our treatment all together. Thank you.

Thank you so much mam for the great session. Great insight of level 3.

Wonderful insight of level 3.. Understand of pain session gives new perception regarding pain.. tq so much sir and ma'am..

Very new things to me.....thank you sir and mam for everything you taught us in 3 made me real ethical physiotherapist.

The perspective of looking at pain is completely changed for myself after this session. Now I can handle the patients with psychosocial and emotional deficit also. This session is a game changer for treating pain for every physio. These
clinical gems are not taught in college, but Dr Priyanka did it with her experience and immense deep knowledge on the subject.

Great session as expected.. thank you

Thank you so much sir and ma'am... No words to explain how motivated and perfect session is this... Most waiting for L3 program... Thank you once again..

What a insight!! Looking forward for the upcoming learning with you:)

Power of mind and fear avoidance n how to boost confidence in patients very wonderfully explained

Thank you so much Ma’am and sir for the wonderful insight for L3 program.

Thank you ma'am for a quick insight into L3

Great insights, thank you for taking so much efforts and presenting it in simple manner.

Thank u ma'am for giving us all the energy to face new challenges with every new case. Your core knowledge is the 🗝️ key.

Thank you sir and ma'am for taking the learning process to next level. Very detailed explanation how the mastery program works. Looking forward for the upcoming learnings.🙏🙏


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