• How to Initiate Course
  • Dr.Priyanka’s PBPA System – Also attached the PDF 
  • Golden Rules of Exercises
  • Exercise Revisions
  • Hip-Knee Protocol Relationship
  • Understand Principles of Exercises.

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Introduction to Dr.Priyanka’s PBPA Approach?

How to Initiate Course What is PBPA Protocol Golden Rules of Exercises Implementation of PBPA Exercise Revisions Hip-Knee Protocol Understand Principles of Exercises.
Introduction of Dr.Priyanka’s PBPA System2:18:51
Golden Rules to follow during Exercises(Hindi)|Back, Neck,Knee, Shoulder,Ankle,Wrist3:34


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Explained very well, in detail. Quite informative. Thank you.

Very nicely and precisely explained

"Thank you, ma'am, for such an excellent introductory session. My approach to patients will definitely improve. The minute details you provided were really helpful. Also, thank you, sir, for your motivation."

It was an amazing introduction.Already learned so much from it.Here's to many more learnings 🙌 Excited for the next journey of this program.

Introduction videos has increased the curiosity and excitement for the upcoming content!
Great initiative

Very informative and detailed explane golden rules and principal.
Thank you ma'am and sir.

introduction is very effective.

Very informative, perfectly explained

Useful information

Simple and clear introduction about PBPA program and even golden rules of exercise. Looking forward for many more guiding sessions. Thank You.

Very informative session 👍🏼👌🏻 everything Beautifully explained by ma'am in detail, small things like how to hold theraband and so on...
Excited for main sessions. 👍🏼😃

Very informative session

Introduction is very interesting which grows our curiosity to learn the full PBPA protocol. Thank you for the excellent warm-up.

Detailed explanation given on how to view patient as a whole and not just treat the affected part. Looking forward to more learning with you.

Beyond excellence explanation at such grass root level!! I wonder why physios are not trained at this level at first hand in the college under such great teachers like Dr Priyanka mam. I consider myself being lucky to get the chance to learn from you. Thank you Sir and Mam .


It's the basic we learned in first year.irrerspective of knowing or infact we were using also, we never standardised .never thought to reach till optimal level.
Eg back care to all the level of neuromuscular level.
Excited to follow the program practically

Useful do's and don'ts at minure level growth. Is awesome

Useful information

The way maam has explained in simple language and with simple but day to day examples are very helpful .

Very informative

I understood what was missing in the treatment protocol we used in patients,very informative session indeed

Introduction & Orientation is very Awesome.. I learned a lots in these sessions. Both of you explained in such a beautiful way that it directly fits in mind.. Looking forward for further sessions. thank you so much sir & Maam for giving me a new vision.

Very informative

I am very surprised to see that how i am missing small things but very important for our practice, Dr Priyanka's session is good for our clinical practice growth, why shouldn't i joined before. After enrolling for this course I am Feeling so Proud and Confident as physio. Thanks to Dr.Priyanka and Kiran sir for such deep enlightenment.

Very nice intro session as well as PBPA program also very interesting . Thanks again sir and mam for sharing these deep and hidden contents which is not told or share by others ....PBPA approach is really changed my own pattern of clinical practice which I used before....Now I have a clear vision and plan for my goals. Thank you again

Sessions was very informative and clearly explain about the PBPA protocol. Thank you ma'am & sir.

Very informative.. Basic thing explains so nicely.. Thank you so much ma'am and sir...

Perfact point to point explained about protocol introduction.

It was fantabulous introductory session. The way mam has explained each and everything by giving examples is worth learning and applying. Waiting for upcoming sessions.

Very informative,knowledgeable easy to understand. ma'am explained everything in easy way n in simple language.i jus felt this is how we should be thought in our college days the basic of our education. excellent session everything was covered in depth.

Well explained introduction. Got the clarity about the course. Thank sir and mam.

Very thoroughly and well explained introductory session by Dr Priyanka.. PBPA protocol , golden rules ,,, reminder of basics ,,,, interlinking between practical exercises and theory of college days,,, goal setting and task break up explanation by sir,,,,it was a full package of motivation...thanks for a great session ..pleasent starter eagerly waiting for the main course

Everything explained nicely
Session were very informative

It was a very well informative and well explained introduction videos.

Exercise principles were covered in depth and detailed manner.....looking forward to further sessions.

Good overview to the approach!

Very informative introduction and very well summarised. Definitely looking forward for further content..Thank you.

The introduction itself was a great start to the course.. Now I am really curious to learn more about the PBPA method and I am looking forward to apply it the right way to see the results.. Thank you thank you thank you sir and ma'am for giving us a good kickstart..

All the information provided are very helpful. Points which are discussing are actually real life incidences which are happening with every second patient. Thank you for building confidence.
I am looking forward for next lessons.

Great Information by sir and mam...Thank you

Falling short of words to describe how excellent session was. Dr Priyanka is excellent at sharing her knowledge and clinical experiences. Thnx a lot Maam for your guidance.

It was an amazing introductory session. I only want to express my gratitude towards god and mam and sir that i found them and im on the right path towards success. Thanku so much mam and sir.

This orientation program itself gave a huge information. As well sir has also directed us how u hav to start with step by step ....very informative. Thank u so much sir and mam..

Very nice and informative, thanks Dr Priyanka to program such a beautiful course.. eagerly waiting for the course.

Very nice Basic explanation and minute details before getting started..

Very informative introduction session by Dr Priyanka... Golden rules are perfect to follow...thank you for introducing PBPA Approach... looking forward to upcoming sessions

These are the things looks very basic things but very important in day-to-day Physiotherapy practice. Wonderful sessions kudos to you both 👏 🙌 😀 👍

The introduction itself was highly informative and helpful. The approach is really systematic and ma'am has simplified it so much that it is very easy to understand. Excited to learn further.

good session regarding basic rules before starting exercises, very useful one.

This is excellent introduction about PBPA protocol...

Thank you so much Dr. Priyanka mam for designing such a beautiful exercise program and sharing with us .very basic things that we forget to tell the pts but mam u have taught me all that with lots of information . sir's guidance on how to achieve goal step by step was really inspiring. very refreshing and value added session. Thank you so much sir and mam.

In this session, I got to know very minute things- physiology behind pain, 5 parameters for long term results and recovery in detail. And how to complete a goal by breaking them into tasks. Focus on present task first for goal achievement. Thank you maam and sir for this informative session!!!!

Mam has explained in detailed about how to go with PBPA protocol and with these exs we can see improvement in 5 parameters, and thank you sir for your guidance about how to implement it.
Thank you mam and sir😊

Very informative session mam and sir..very beautiful and clearly explained each and everything about PBPA protocol.. Got to learn so many things.. Feeling blessed for this great opportunity to grow in our I am more confident.. Thank you mam and sir for the guidance and to help us grow..

Very good programme as sir and mam always try to share their knowledge to upgrade physiotherapy standards in community. Very beautifully explained about protocol.

Its very interesting session and insightful process of principle of therapy.
Thanks a lot mam and sir for this informative session

These are the things looks small small things but very important in day-to-day Photography practice. Thank you madam and sir for reminding Rome is not built in one day.

Introduction session was very great. PBPA approach is very systematic which ma'am shared. Also principles which to be followed during exercises are explained very well.

This Intro session is extremely knowledgeable as we all the basic and important rules of exercises is being thoroughly explained which is the basis of any treatment protocol n will make our road to success very smooth n comfortable. Thank you Ma’am n Sir

Totally new approach through PBPA protocol, work on 5 parameters for recovery of patients and must follow golden rules of success. Thank you mam and sir.

Introduction of PBPA protocol was beautifully explained that's why easily understandable.. Thank you so much ma'am nd sir for sharing your knowledge.. ☺️

The introduction explains how to go about the PBPA protocol , very informative . Inspiring session by sir as well . Looking forward to learning the PBPA protocol .

Very informative and interesting session.

Introduction to PBPA protocol session is very nicely explained.working on 5 factors for complet recovery of patient, holistic approach, golden rules of exercises is key for success.Sirs advice on tasks break up, undivided focus is within is truly amazing.Thank you so much sir and madam for guidance.

very informative session on how to go with PBPA protocol, golden rules and principle of exercises and how to implement it step by step explained very nicely. Thank you so much Dr. Priyanka for designing such a beautiful exercise program and sharing with us . sir's guidance on go one step at a time, see todays target only and work on it was really inspiring. very refreshing and value added session👌. Thank you so much.🙏

The detailed explanation of PBPA protocol is given by mam. Also she beautifully explained the golden rules & principals to be followed step by step before starting the treatment course. Thank you so much mam & sir for such beautiful session. Thanks for inspiring us.

Detailed and beautifuly designed intro session ,which was beyond expectations .clear picture of PBPA protocol is shown .got to know fellow physios from different state.golden rules of ex were more needed.Thank you mam n sir for your valuable guidance.

Thankyou both for an informative and insightful process of application of principle of therapy.

Session started with introduction and expectation of mentees. Then mam explained all the details of PBPA protocol, golden rules to be followed before stating the treatment and exercise principles from the basic level which was very informative. Sir pointed out very important aspects to be followed in life like learning tasks step by step and staying focused and grounded at any level, which is so important. Looking forward for learnings of L2.

This session was very much needed to be started with the detail explanation of PBPA protocol and its understanding before taking over the workshop ahead. Thank you Dr Priyanka mam and Kiron sir for your detailed guidance to start with. very effective, and beautifully designed. Also got to know fellow colleagues and friends on their new journey towards PBPA together. Furthermore this session also highlighted how PBPA has to be taken ahead towards the learning phase and its implementation practically.

The session was very informative as to how to go ahead with the L2 program in a channelised and step by step way. PBPA methodology was very clearly explained. The approach is new and seems to be really effective. Thanks for bringing in such an innovative approach of treatment and spreading this awareness to all the fellow physios.

Mam has explained in detailed about how to go with PBPA protocol and with these exs we can see improvement in person's muscle strength, muscle flexibility, Neuromuscular coordination, cardiorespiratory endurance, and balance. Also sir's explanation on learn and implement, tasks break up are superb!!

Very informative session
Very good introduction of protocol
Inspiring lecture by sir
Thank you

The Introduction session for PBPA Approach explains effectively how to go about and implement the protocol properly. Thank You Mam and Sir for your guidance

Thank you Maam and sir for making me a part of L2 program. I’m glad to meet my friends with whom i will b sharing these L2 journey. In these session she has explained us in a very easy n clearly manner how to learn this course and not to follow bird view we have to live each n every day wise exercises. Thank you so much Maam n sir for guiding us .

Introduction was very effective, looking farward to learn PBPA program.


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