Dr.Priyanka’s PBPA Approach


Golden Rules

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Dr.Priyanka’s PBPA Approach

Dr.Priyanka’s PBPA Approach
Golden Rules During Exercises3:34
Lead Physio Case Paper


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* Its very beneficial for all kinds of patients.I can treat now all kids of patients very confidently,these exercises are my pocket physio dictionary.
These course exercises are design for beginners to sports person.
It's very easy to understand and follow.
Any exercises doesn't need any other person's help.can b done independently.
We can do it in our own timing any our own place .
I enjoyed doing these exercises and my muscles n joints enjoyed too.
All devices used in these course are very cost-effective and used in all joints it's not like for one joint one device for other any other's one time investment that too not expensive.if we get the concept we will not forget all these exercise. I'm so happy to be a part of these course. Plz I request all those who are waiting for life changing moment plz go through it.


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