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Exploring Mindset Science and Healing Techniques

Exploring Mindset Science and Healing Techniques2:23:20


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An Absolutely incredible session on healings and science behind them, indeed a magical & divine session. What i loved the most is we are healing our self first before healing our patients & to have a positive approach in everything we need to remove the negative one first.
Yet another out of box session by Ma'am, simply amazing.
Divine Gratitude to maam & Sir for teaching us beyond books 🙂🙏

Wonderful session.. extremly helpful.. emphasis how only working on body will not give results.. once mind and psyche also needs to be worked on by physios.. thanks a lot for this session mam which will def. Give us an edge above other physios following contemporary practice..

Wonderful session ma'am.. So many things learned... You both r really true knowledge at this level of depth is unbelievable.. Thank you once again..

Excellent Session. Gives a very deep insight into Holistic way of healing. Thnx Maam for this beautiful session.


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