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Stroke Management

Session 12:21:51
Session 1 Ref Video – Upper Body Exercises for Bedridden patients11:34
Session 1 Ref Video 2 – Lower body exercises for bed ridden patients2:32:30
Session 1 Ref Video – Breathing Exercises19:45
Session 2 – Treatment Approach for Upper Limb, Family Asset Template2:37:57
Session 2 What Your Family Should Know17:03
Session 3 – Treatment Approach for Upper Limb (Contd)2:32:30
Session 4 – Treatment Approach for Lower Limb2:38:54


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I had an incredibly insightful session focused on stroke rehabilitation. The detailed assessments and exercises, which emphasized various muscles and movement patterns, were particularly impressive. I was previously hesitant to handle neuro cases, especially stroke, due to a lack of knowledge in neuro subject. However, this session has significantly boosted my confidence. I am now eager to continue my physiotherapy practice, including neuro cases. Thank you very much mam for simplifying complex concepts and making them accessible. Your guidance has been invaluable. Truly grateful🙏🙏🙏

So many new things got to learned from this session.. The proper selection and Use of splints and Braces plays very important role in stroke patient which is very well explained by maam.. All the case studies shown were really very inspiring and it makes me understand how proper physiotherapy changes the life of a person or any patient.. i m so proud of being physio and a mentee of such a great physio.. Thank you so much maam for such huge learnings.. Gratitude..

Miraculous session

You made my day ,session was very poweful in terms of explaining in detail about def, types ,risk factors ,Phases with treatment . I got clear idea why hand movements are late developed .loved the way you did spirometry in tracheal notch I have not seen earlier this way of treating patients. Clear idea about splint specially using knee immobilisation and elbow immobilisation in stroke to prevent buckling and hyperextension ,Icing again was very different approach. Day wise treatment specially the line when you said if patient is responding to ig current on 130 ms then go for faradic. I have to watch one more time for better understanding . Agar Bhagavan puchte" kya chaheye bacha aapko to Mai mam ka brain 🧠 mangti" .

Special Thanks to vihaan for always helping us to understand exercises effectively .

Thank you so much for one more wonderful session... I watched it for 2 times.. N every time i feel I learned new.... U simplicity to explain the topic is amazing... N early phase of strok management, day wise treatment protocol is really helpful and this is good for feedback about improvement also...
Special thanks to little one for demonstration of exercises , no doubt he did it perfect..
Thank you so much ma'am and looking forward for next session..

Excellent session on stroke.
We all know very well theory part of stroke during our academic years.
But this session gives in-depth knowledge about practical aspect of stroke right from taking detailed history from patients relatives, assessment of ICU patients which is not only applicable for stroke but for other ICU cases also,treatment plan which doesn't only focus on neurological part but involves respiratory and circulatory systems also.
Mam has nicely explained how from patients history we can get rough idea about severity of stroke , recovery period and plan the treatment accordingly.
Thank you so much mam for sharing your valuable knowledge mainly practical aspect of it which is useful in day to day practice.
I highly recommend every one to do L3 course for huge learning .Thanks once again 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

Many things are understood by this session and got new learnings too. Like how we suppose to start our assessment, treatment sessions , how movements are important first that doesn't matter how patients are performing, synergy pattern that i realise by seeing my patients, neuroplasticity .....Mam has covered everything very beautifully as always .....exercises for bed ridden patients, covid patients are taught systematic and easy way thankfull that i m doing this level 3 session that is helping me a lot to treat my patients. thank u so much sir and ma'am and vihaan too. Heartfull gratitude 🙏


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