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TMJ Disorders PT Assessment & Management

Session 1 – TMJ Disorders PT Assessment2:46:54
Book Reccomendation3:07
Session 2 TMJD Treatment & Jackpot Revealed2:48:54
Session 3 TMJD Treatment1:56:16


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This entire TMJ assessment and treatment was a power pack session. It was a complete guide. For the 1st time in my life I felt that I know most of the things regarding TMJ and can assess patient and treat them. Very grateful to mam for making it so comprehensive and easy to understand language. Each and every part of TMJ disorder whether its conservative or Post op has been beautifully covered with all the pictures and demonstration of video. Hoping to implement it soon.

This sessions itself was like reading a complete book on this topic which was so neglected in my college time. Book with audiovisual feedback!!
And so very well explained 😃. There is so much to learn in this area. Thank you so much Mam for every effort you put to make it easy for us to understand.

Totally excellent session , Again mam had covered in easy and step by step manner, in an understandable way . TMJ topic was quite difficult for me because as mam said we don't go in through it because it doesn't come in paper very true mam . But while going through your session early phase , late phase treatment When joint get hypermobile or hypomobile everything gets cleared in an systematic way. Thank u so much mam for this difficult topic to make it easy.


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