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Facial Palsy Phase-wise PT Management

1. Session 1 Facial Palsy2:26:15
1.1 Reasons & Symptoms (Video referred in the session 1)14:01
1.2 Stimulation (a – Refered in the session 1 as a part of treatment)9:31
1.3 Stimulation (b – Refered in the session 1 as a part of treatment)4:02
2. Session 2 Facial Palsy Exercises1:59:04
2.1 Session 2 Facial Palsy Exercises – Dosage1:01
2.2 Facial Exercises (Referred in the session 2 slide 8)8:58


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Never have thought that treatment of facial palsy could be so introduced to so many new exercises than usual facial exercises which we make facial palsy patient part is now feeling confident to treat synkinesis patient....very eager to treat facial palsy patient with this new concepts

very beautifully designed session. so many new exercises and graded exercises i learnt from this session. Synkinesis inhibitory technique is wonderful part and surely sirs book advise..

Excellent sessions as always .Mam has beautifully and simply teaches about cause ,symptoms, synkinesis, about steroids with different cases . And best part exercises which nobody has told us that too result oriented . Now more confident about treating such cases. thank u so much ma'am and sir 🙏

Summary of facial palsy from symptoms to complication with variation , chronic cases can be treated with your protocol ,a complete guide and manual with cherry on cake sir's book

Deep explanation about facials palsy.. I need think of it like ma'am explain it... Now more confident about treatment n recovery... Thank you so much..

Huge and in-depth learning about facial Palsy.
Mam has wonderfully explained about differences between facial Palsy and bells palsy. With this knowledge we can definitely decide prognosis and treatment protocol.
How to diagnose Synkinesis on day 1, how to treat it with stimulation and inhibitory stimulation technique is crucks of full recovery.
Before this session mam has guided me for optic nerve palsy patient and facial Palsy patients and because of Priyanka mam only i could give miracle results to patients.
Thank you mam 🙏🙏 .

It was completely a different way of treating fascial palsy . This session made me aware of how to avoid synkinesia during treating fascial palsy. Precautions and about steroid when to be taken by patients or when not to be taken what are the side effects . Eagerly waiting for next treatment part that is exercises. Thanks you sir for recommending book for our better growth.

i learnt new things from this session specially smiling and inhibitory technique. one of good book which kirron sir recommended is very fantastic


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