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Erb’s Palsy Phase wise PT Management

Session 1 Erb’s Palsy PT Management2:54:41
Session 2 Erb’s Palsy PT Management2:31:08
Session 3 Erb’s Palsy PT Managment3:35:03


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Thank you mam for sharing in-depth knowledge about Erb's palsy condition.
You have thoroughly explained about practical aspect of this condition.
Because of your sessions now I can implement theory practically on patients.
All my doubts are cleared and I can definitely say that I'm much more confident and ready to treat Erb's palsy cases.
Thanks once again 🙏🙏.

Erbs Palsy this condition I had just read in the book during my graduation but never treated due to lack of knowledge.
After gaining depth knowledge about actual Erbs palsy. What ,when ,how is Erbs palsy is being treated by machine treatment, exercises sessions ,parents education and much more .
Early my concept my kid is too small to give stimulation let give some time but now I got to know from Dr Priyanka maam that how to give not only stimulation but the whole concept of it in very practical based approach.
Now I'm proud to say that I can treat Erbs palsy in whatever age the patient is coming.


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