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The Power of Goal Setting

Importance, Planning, and Execution Strategies for Success54:17


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Another absolutely incredible session by Kirron Sir. Goals are definitely dreams with deadlines and your session have not only showed us to work in the right direction but also helped me define the objectives with greater precision and map out the steps to achieve them. Reviewing the Goals is most of the time missed by many and the way you have thrown light on the same it can't be more clear to state the importance if reviewing. I have definitely experienced a newfound sense of direction and purpose in making my goals.
Also the emphasis you have put on making the To Do list and planning the day or month in advance is so important.
Thank you once again Sir & Ma'am for your expertise , being our constant source of inspiration and the unwavering support you both give which helps us to achieve our Goals better.
Divine Gratitude 🙏🙂

Very important session sir.. its really very important to not only set goals but also planning nd setting a way for its execution and deadline to get results out of it.. the session really push us to reset our goals in a SMART way.. tq so much sir..

Thank you sir , 🙏 session is really impactful ,i believe one should hear this every week or every day even to get reminder of how important is your purpose of life by setting goal ,very important for each one of us to hear this by planning and execution of same in our personal and professional life to achieve eternal peace and real game changer of Physiotherapist life is by attending your course by just not only changing your work life but change is from within ,may be path to spirituality

I m completely agree with dr Aditi Bhalerao. This one is the most important session i have ever saw . Thank u so much kirron sir for detailing about how to set our goals in a SMART way . We did know about goal just keep in our mind but that takes time to execute. But writing it with proper details time place price that gives clarity and through that we start executing till we achieve so planning is also most important aspect plus writing .I loved this session this is really perfect timing and gift for us from you. We are really very greatful 🙏 Thank u so much sir once again

Thank you Sir🙏 for very important topic ....the most important thing is the 'REVIEW'....many a times we prepare a goal list, but once we achieve one thing we start becoming lethargic...many of us must be facing this issue.... your sessions are like recharge for us....the way you deliver the topic by giving your own example is really very impactful...and the timing is also very good for us as this is December and we can set and refresh our goals for the upcoming new year 😃


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