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Understand & Manage Pain

Session 1 Understand the PAIN3:01:16
Session 2 Pain Management (Treatment)3:00:14


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I feel fortunate that I enrolled for L3 course.What a Insightful and in depth learning session ! More I watch lessons of this course more I feel I have lot to learn and adapt yet.Got to Know bout perspectives and aspects of patients' pain management that were never actively thought and practised before.Thanks a lot for Curating this course 🙏🙏

Understanding & Managing Pain is very different and in depth session. How to change our words by adding new neuro tags so that patients gets confidence on onself and be positive thruout treatment journes is an important thing that every physio should add in our practice for patients benifit. List of Affermations, Biopsychosocial model and lot many new insights were explained by maam by giving so many exampals.. all is in head is really meaningful..Thank you so much maam and sir for not only giving us a depth of knowledge but also guiding us how to apply learnt things in our practice. Gratitude..

Lots of learning or understanding about pain that it is not only related to physiological, it can be psychological or social too. Changing mind set to treat patients with all new neuro tag by which can recover patient in good manner.
Thank you mem and sir for showing a good path to understand all about pain with some important books too.🙏😊

Excellent Session. Got Understanding about pain at a very deeper level.

Different aspects of pain are explained nicely with examples......for me congnitive/psychological aspect of pain is very neglected area during the treatment.....dealing a patient with chronic pain was very difficult for me..... I always used to think it's all psychological but was not knowing how to deal with it..... Mam has explained various tachniques with examples which will definately help in tackling same....feels like going deeper and deeper in knowledge with you mam......Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable and practical knowledge with us 🙏
M very glad that i enrolled myself in L3 course which is helping me in polishing my practical skills along with L2 course.

A lot of knowledge i learned from this session about Pain point of you which i never seen the PBPA protocol complete with new bio psychosocial model, mam told all things about pain management step by step and with very easy to understandable examples , knot release wala eg was very easy for patient to understand about pain condition,All audio parts were so good for us to learn easily ,All books that were introducing by sir and mam i definitely read them asap , the overall short trick ACIIDGF was the key for success in PBPA & C5 approach
i really thankful for sir who wants that i should do L3 course....after saw the first course i am so happy as well as excited to watch further all L3 courses.
thank you sir and mam for making such a wonderful course.

I strongly recommend L3 course for all L2 Physio
'Jab itni knowledge L2 se li hai to usse or jyda sharp karna jaruri hai Bole to Sarv Gun Sampann Course With L3"

Super awesome Session on Pain & everything around it.
'What the brain can conceive the body can achieve ' - This is explained so very well considering all the aspects of pain. Efficacy & confidence of the Physio, patient and the treatment - How everything is inter connected & influences the progression of the treatment and patient.
Knowning & Explaining the Pain concept to the patient and even the physio is the first step towards a Success story in any case.

Thank you so much Maam & Sir for always going beyond the books and explaining us recovery and not just relief for our patients

Good to know another perspective about patients belief and psychological condition which can be related to pain.
Nice session 👍

wonderfull explanation.

Great ma'am and sir.. Thank you so much....
Psychology aspects of pain always get ignore by other professional and many times patients even complain about that, doctor ne to kuch sunke hi nahi liya... Yes... Leasing to patients getting many idea about pain clear... And you have so huge collection of experience and thank you so much for sharing with us.... In every session I gone through it, I always learn new things from you... And wanted to learn many more...

Ty Maam for giving us such in depth knowledge on PAIN.. and Ty Sir for wonderful book recos.. looking forward to many such power packed sessions.. glad to be a part of L3..

ITS REALLY DEEP AND THOROUGH learning of how the pain is psychosocially affect the people or coorelate to their biomedical condition and how we as physio deal with such conditions smoothly.......many new different cases mam taught us with effective neurotags ....and every time i relearn the new things through this sessions Thank u so much ma'am .......And thank u so much sir for( life learning and changing )valuable books recommended........grateful to be part of this level 3🙏

This session was about how to deal with psychosocial aspect so mam gave me pathway how to deal with these kinds of patients. Last week one of the patient came to me with shoulder n neck pain which was increasing after my treatment day by day she used to come to my clinic with tears in her eyes which was painful for me then i understood this is something other than physical pain but after listening to mam words now I got the clear picture how to deal with this kind of patients . Even we all mentees sometimes discuss with each other why we are doing exactly what we got in L2 but still something is missing so I think all the mentees who did L2 must do L3 for better understanding.
we all thought about psyco social aspect but we never got perfect solution how to treat this kinds of patient . But now we are clear in these aspect . Pahela session he itna Powerful hai to next sessions kitne powerful honge. I'm so excited and again I'm going to listen last audio conversation between mam and Roshini for more learnings.

Thank God I enrolled in L3 🙏

Never thought pain can be explained in so many different aspects till now we were treating pain physically but mams research has opened different domains of pain in mind.this can not only change life of patients but it can be seen around us and helpful to them right words can change totally attitude of patients and persons towards them today when everyone is so busy listening to them plays a very important role which mam has thought so indepth knowledge .ITS ALL IN THE HEAD this line hit me so hard i could easily correlate with it.thank you so much.


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