• Essential Equipment & Accessories for Dr Priyanka’s PBPA Clinical Set Up
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Essential Equipment & Accessories for Dr Priyanka’s PBPA Clinical Set Up

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When opening clinic every Physio wants to do his/her best and leave no stone unturned to get good patient flow, however not everything has to cost a bomb this simple idea is so nicely explained by Ma'am.
Thankyou for a great session.

Minimalist budget friendly setup.Thank u mam from explaining a detailed scientific explanation on the uses of all physio equipment.

An angel to our profession truely.. I had the same mindset and I am thankfull to God as I can confidently stick to my ideas.. Also with various inputs from you mam.. I really feel proud now to be a physio.

WELL explained about the minimalistic investment

The mindset is explained so well in this video. Not everybody thinks this way. Thanks a ton Dr and Sir. God bless you always.Thank you for having the vision to pull things together from all the aspects of physio and putting it together in one course.

A, B, C FOR CLINICAL SET UP explained very nicely and simple way . MAM you are LIFE LINE FOR PHYSIO . THANK YOU .

Great session which covers everything we need for a clinic setup

Thank you for the confidence you gave me to open the clinic as soon as possible !!
Sir and Mam you are simply genius !!

Very important for new set up of clinic

No one will teach this all knowledge from basic low cost investment to national level treatment protocol. In this session ma'am has explained woderfully about low cost high return investment

Very helpful
Thank you Mam

Very helpful session in terms of having a budget friendly setup.

Very precisely explained about equipments and budget friendly clinical setup. Thank u ma'am

Basic information for clinic opening with minimal investment is explained so well by maam.. maam is a bundle of knowledge and experience.. tq so much maam and sir..

Realy excellent session,equipment In less cost planing madam explained well, Realy super.

Thank you so much ma'am for this amazing session

Thank u for all that you are doing for physiotherapy profession. After this session many physios can open their own setup. So much clarity about how to start, progress and grow together. PBPA Of clinic :)

thank you for all mam and sir.......

The gems of today's session
Simplicity is the key..
work efficiently and effectively..
use brain instead of wasting money..
start and make best use of whatever you have..
u can update your set-up with time and as per your requirement..
Don't fall for fancy pigeons
Do your best and it will take care of rest
Thank you

ma'am has explained each and every instrument needed for the clinical set-up, what I liked the most is that with minimum amount in hand, we can start our own clinic. and of course, rightly said that necessity is the mother of invention, even with the tight budget and minimal equipment one can own a clinic, that's simply amazing. Thank you Priyanka ma'am and Kirron sir.

Wonderful session ma'am... Nicely clear about minimum equipment clinical start up.. Whenever any new physio wish to start independent clinic first question come up about equipment list with yours this session simply clear about what is needed and what not... Thank you ma'am...
I feel very bad why not such session mention in academy syllabus... But am very Greatfull to have you both as a back for guidance... Thank you so much ma'am.

Can't thanks enough for this wonderful session!!

Wonderful ma’am . You are amazing. Nobody tells all this n guide this way but you are doing through this workshop. Your knowledge is to treat patients with minimal n exact needed equipment’s is mind blowing . No need of taking unnecessary money burden to start because your protocol is itself actual effective result oriented treatment where we need not depend on fancy costly machines.THANKS A LOT MAAM N SIR🙏🙏🙏 for giving Stength and CONFIDENCE.. NONE OF OTHER WORKSHOPS IN INDIA N ABROAD TEACH such a way actual Physiotherapy bcz We all studentS should become MASTER OF PHYSIOTHERAPY KNOWLEDGE And NOT JUST JACK of few numbers of techniques.

Simplicity at its best...grateful seems to be a small word'am you don't know you are making free live debt free and stress free too...taking a loan for clinical set up was one of the most difficult thing for me and you slove this problem with your Simplicity...hats off ma'am.. I vll never forget you both sir and ma'am my entire life..

Feelings so good after knowing that with minimum investment one cn work efficiently with the knowledge n hand skills they have. I had always believe that skills n knowledge matter more n was working in the same way from very initial phase of my practice i hv not used machines more n was happy to know that I was not wrong...jaisa kaha minimum investment maximum results n this actually works. Thank you ma'am really grateful 🙏🙏

Very well explained by mam
Its easy to understand..
Thank you mam for your great knowledge u r sharing with us its very useful..

Simple things are very effective. Physiotherapy with minimal equipment and correct form of exercises can work wonders. Thank you mam

Very well explained and important session on the requiring accessories and equipments,,,it's the perfect way for conclusion to give the idea about the necessary things required for following the PBPA protocol

Nice session

It was yet another amazing session.. Really helpful

Very informative session for the one going for their private practice. Lot of extra money can be saved in unwanted equipments.

Great session.

Only thing i can say is..."after 4 yr degree course...this entire protocol and councelling sessions should also enrolled in our academic".Its not going to be 10x ... It's not just million dollar 💲 it's something like u give us the training to fly in every damn situation... Now it's on us how we fly.
Thank u so much ma'am.

Very very Useful session... all Details about essential equipment & accessories for PBPA clinical set up... Thank you so much Mam 😊🙏 It will help us a lot...

Less is more, this is what this session taught me. That AC example mam jst gave was commendable. The reasoning she give and the way she said those who say anything about profession she jst cant listen that shows her love and dedication towards the profession and thats how every physio should have. Thanku mam for everything.

What more u can ask for.. complete explanation and checklist.. wonderfully designed.. minimal and full boost to the courage..

Simple and very effective at minimal cost u can start clinic , that so many doubts have cleared very simply and both of u dr. Priyanka mam and kirron sir u have given us more confidence and motivated us in each and every session explained every minute details that easily got understood.....thank u so much mam that u have cleared doubts about equipment and i felt i can start my own practice also either from home or clinic. Thank u so much to the most awesome couple so much gratitude 😊.......thank u once again for creating such mind blowing workshop ......looking forward to learn more from u ..💥

Hello Dr Priyanka ma’am and Kirron sir, first of all I would like to express my gratitude towards both of you. You have created such a wonderful platform for physiotherapist. Right from selecting place for clinic , equipments , marketing strategies,managing HR , it provids insight for lots of minute things which most of times we ignor. How to talk to patients on phone call , how to convince them for their benefit, how to manage finances of clinic , your sessions provide everything needed to be a successful physio. Your exs sessions are awesome. With great details you have designed them. Telephysio is new concept but you are running it successfully.
Last and not least, you both are wonderful souls.

Thank you ma'am for the most important session. Use of basic equipments to start the career and to upgrade accordingly. 🙏🙏

Simplicity at its best!!!

Like the simple and effective strategies for minimum investment for clinic .. thanks

Thanks again for giving us a meaningful session with minimum investment and maximum out come,

thank you so much mam for this most needed session. this session has really shown me the path very clearly

Very precise and very informative session about the instruments and the minimal investment required for starting the practice... main thing I found important is the knowledge and clearity of thinking which brings confidence while treating....thank you so much for helping us and boosting our confidence level!!

Very precise information about budget to open clinical set up, economic ways are given in this session ,which everyone can afford ,and how to upgrade also given in nice manner using your revenue only ,small investment and high return of investment ,smart investment , Thank you ma'am

This session taught me How to start clinical practice with minimal investment and later on upgrade can be done the most imp thing mam taught that focus on your main motive don't run behind fancy things. so much positivity from the session that nothing is impossible u can simply open your clinic and I'm going to apply all this knowledge to open my clinic.the main aim is to get results. The funda is simple living and high thinking mam u inspired us in Every possible ways thank you.

True motivation for all physio to start their clinic with minimum investment and with complete guidance from mam and sir

again one more great session by mam

Really amazing.. with minimum equipments with less cost we can open clinic. Every topic covered very well in this course. Thanks a lot sir and ma'am. Much needed workshop.

Great Session… true to its tittle small investment high returns…. Great help for Ma’am n Sir … actually work to uplift not just and individual but to whole professional

Mam explained in a very simple of the best session. Thank you

Wonderful session about essential equipment & accessories for PBPA clinical set up

Words of wisdom, experience were poured by Priyanka ma'am in this session...How to start a clinic with minimum available resources is explained so nicely.
Thank you so much Ma'am & Sir for this wonderful workshop designed for US.

Simple Living High Thinking
Allah bless you

Simple & most important pocket friendly clinical practice explained very nicely. Such a simple & wonderful way of conversation to say everything in a smiling way😊. Thanks maam for highlighting the most important issue 'budget' & making us tension free.

This session is just like... Chhota packet bada dhamaka... In this session lesson about how to open clinic in minimum cost with less accessories... Nd advice how to manage equipments and according to needs upgradation... Thank you mam... ☺️

How to start clinical practice with minimal investment is motivational.
You get all that energy n positivity from the session that nothing is impossible u can simply open your clinic n upgrade accordingly.

This lesson taught me; less luggage more comfort , instead of buying fancy rarely used costly modalities , it is better to have essential equipment. Thank you madam.

This lession nicely explains very basic to advance information on physiotherapy equipments. Dr Priyanka has given motivation to the therapists who are scared to open clinic.Physiotherapists can afford to miss these lessions. Thanks Dr Priyanka


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