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Thank you for the valuable information on site selection

Complete checklist to keep in mind before opening the clinic.thank u so much sir

Very needed topic for understanding the pros and cons.... Getting such insights from a team who has both experience and expertise is a blessing in itself.

Thank you for the site selection session very helpful in making decisions for the clinical set up.

A very nice checklist for site approval with the explanation of minor drawbacks.
Thank you sir

All the experience that Sir and ma’am. Went thru has been summarised in these 12 points. Amazing

All the points Covered !!
Nicely explained.
Thank you Sir

Yes it is.

Very Nice Session

Key points for clinic set up.

Very valid points taken into consideration.

Ideas about selecting site for clinic got clear in this session.....With these points it became easy to prioritise our things which are needed for selecting site .... thanks sir 🙏

Nice session! all points covered. very helpful.
thank you.

Thank you sir for the site selection session very helpful in making decisions for the clinic site

Very important strategies of site selection explained by sir.. Tq so much sir.. its an important session for me..

Good pointers mentioned to consider while selecting site for clinic.. thank you sir

Every point covered for site selection is detailed. The courage and strength that you are giving to each one of us is tremendous.

Thank you sir giving this priceless selection strategy in such a simple way....Easy to understand all things

Sir is taken Excellent session for how we select site for clinic, It is Wonderful options 🫡

Good pointers mentioned to consider while selecting site for clinic.. thank you

Again another excellent session! All 12 strategies could be perfect to find appropriate site for clinic. through these we won't have to change sites so many times. I specifically liked the rent strategy and contract strategy the most. I am so grateful to Kirron sir and Priyanka ma'am as they have shared the extract of their experience, up and downs they might have faced choosing the right site for clinic. Thank you sir and ma'am.

The most awaiting session... Thank you sir for giving so basic platform information for site session.. No one share such way... Feeling so great for insightful knowledge... Thank you so much😊

Wow!! Thank-you so much Kirron sir for all these wonderful strategies.

I never knew or even did not notice about the clinic being opened at places where sir has mentioned. Sir you are someone who understands the mindset of person and the profession so well that you know how to make us understand about the strategies of selection. This was a great learning. The world really needs people like you and mam. Thanks a lot for this session.

Was waiting for this one from the very first day of the course as I want to open my clinic from very long time but i was not that confident also coz of lack of knowledge Abt how to choose place site for clinic, how to manage the clinic, sir had given us indepth knowledge Abt all this n cleared all our doubts. It's must attend session. After learning so much from sir Abt hr management all this other things to handle n manage a clinic m really happy n confident to open my clinic soon....thank you so much sir really Grateful 🙏🙏

It was an great session by Kirron sir
Its clear all our doubts for site selections..and good strategy..No one can share that much details to us...thank you so much sir and mam

Thanks for the valuable Information.This is the exact foundation on which I selected my current new clinic site.

Site selection criteria was well explained in a very simple and understandable way. Thank you sir

Thank you for making site selection so easy to anybody wants to open the set up,,, through all the 15 criteria of site selection you have made it so easy for the people. Every minute detailing is commendable and appreciable

Very helpful strategies.

Very well explained with all the details

Good pointers for those planning to start a new clinic or planning to branch out.Thanks again.

Sir has amazingly explained in a precise way the steps to consider for opening a clinic. Very helpful for the physios, who are planning to start their own private practice.

Thank you so much sir for this Excellent session... You have covered all the aspect for site selection.. very informative & helpful for us..

Wonderful session

Very helpful strategies by sir. Thanks alot sir.

Extremely helpful strategies.. thank u sir n mam for preparing us for soo many things and showing the directions n pitfalls .

Thank u for providing such valuable information regarding site selection explained very precisely that one can think from point view while selecting clinic premise thank u so much sir 😊 🙏 your each and every session is most valuable

V important points covered for site selection. Thank you sir.

Thank you sir for one the most important and wonderful session. Explained very clearly covering even the minute details. Learnt how we should focus always on our visibilty and easy accessibility.🙏🙏

Excellent and informative session

Thank you sir for wonderful season . every thing is explained very minutely for searching a clinic. Before today it was a most difficult job, but you made it so easy, great experience sir,

Excellent and fantastic session. Explained everything to the point . Site selection and low investment in marketing is very much important for the physios to start a new clinic. For me I am fully satisfied with the session . thankyou sir and mam

Today it was really great day for me particularly with this session topic. I was in search for my new clinic space and saw this session. I noted all the points and again went in search at all TO-LET places. I got exactly the most preferred place like at a prime location, residential and commercial areas mixed, in main road, nearby to school, busy market, nearby to TWO very small hospitals, easily accessible landmark. Sir your session was really really helpful for me and was easy for me to follow those points you mentioned in the session and I was bang on the best spot by GOD's Grace and your guidance and instructions. Great to have you as MY MENTOR. THE BEST MOMENT AND DECISION IN MY LIFE WAS TO MEET YOU PEOPLE ONLINE PLATFORM LAST YEAR AND JUST FOLLOW YOU. MY NEW CLINIC IS IN GROUND FLOOR, JUST HALF A KILOMETRE FROM MY HOME NOW. Very blessed and lucky to get a nearly 1100 square feet, rent is 15,000 rs only.

Sir you have covered every aspect while site selection ,great strategies and teaching us to learn open mindset ,thing big ,earn more

Explained in detail how to select place for the clinic keeping all the minute details in mind sir is explaining every single possibility.amazing session every physio should take this program for achieving par excellence in our field
Thank you so much sir.gratitude

All physio must take advantage of knowledge share by sir through their experience about site selection. Sir is so clear about some thoughts that we get encouraged to take risk

All the points from better site selection were covered with each point in detail.very important to know.thanks.

Great session sir..a very important topic covered of site selection when we have to open our own clinic.

Sticking to the basis … wonder words said by sir N Ma’am…. Indeed core message to all the Physio’s.
Thank you Sir for guiding us not only to built a clinic but motivating us to develop as a Clinician.

The best course i have learnt in my career, full of knowledge to boost confidence among physios. Thank you Mam and Sir for this wonderful course.

Perfect checklist for clinic site selection- keeping in mind all the minute details.
Thank you so much Ma'am & Sir for designing such a wonderful workshop for US,

This session has learning which learnt from experience.. sir advice about site selection.. it's pron & cons.. wonderful session by sir... This session very important for physiotherapist... Thank you sir...

Explained in detail how to select place for the clinic considering the minor drawbacks also.
Very intresting topic covered were ppl even dont give suggestions to whether one should go for which place here sir is explaining every single possibility.
Thank you so much sir.

Site selection is such a tedious job for any physiotherapist who are planning to open a clinic and this lession a complete check-list on what are the important criteria to keep in mind before opening any clinic.Thanks LeadPhysio


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