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Personnel Branding and Master Marketing Management

Mega Master Marketing Part 12:28:21
Mega Master Marketing Part 24:06:34
Personnel Branding1:04:00
Tools to Create Irresistible Marketing and Branding Ad copies4:06:34
Branding & Stationary Materials2:28:21


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Do your best God will see the rest is my take away from your inspiring journey 🧿🙏

Mind blowing marketing strategies hats off to u sir

How aptly you people address each and every minutest of issues we face.. You completely clear our path from wherever we stand.. Tons of gratitude for being there for us..

This session was amazing like every minute details were explained from the beginning to end and also provided new strategies for marketing. Thank you so much sir for such a informative session.

Every minute detail explained on how marketing can be done was explained. The mindset part was the best on how to achieve success.

Truly wonderful sessions where branding of clinic is explained with minute details THANK YOU SO MUCH for lecture on marketing

No words to express thanks to both sir and madam. BLESSED TO HAVE YOU BOTH AS MENTOR.PHYSIOTHERAPY is really in need of like this mentorship which is so ground to earth and always think in benefit of others . GRATEFUL ,GRATEFUL,GRATEFUL.

Just Out of the world session!!!
Sir you are a brilliant teacher when it comes to management skills.
I was zero in it and your sessions has really helped me to think beyond clinical part. Both of you are real inspiration to all of us. For people like me gets upliftment in all spheres to achieve our dreams in reality.
Thank you so much for such deep intellectual as well as insightful journey with You and Mam.

Unbeatable Marketting Sessions

Knowledge, power, motivation with real life hard work experience . Sir has taught many marketing management for physiotherapist which we can't get any where. 🙏🙏🙏

It was great learning session by kirron sir and the trust on physiotherapy of sir. Thank you very much

Once again got very practical and insightful learning through this course.....each and every minute concepts of the marketing is explained in depth by sharing practical experiences.....I thanks God for giving rebirth to you sir and hats off to Mam's effforts which were consistent during your difficult time,setting good example infront of us..... This is really helping us in uplifting our profession.....Our blessings will always be there with both of you and Vihaan too....🙏

Wonderful sessions. Never knew there were so many marketing strategies! Also, the tools seem very helpful.

Ocean of knowledge of Marketing.It feels amazing.
Here I got a chance to see Future ENTREPRENURE VIHAAN.
Thank you Sir and Mam for everything 🙏

Only " 5 stars" in the rating is too less for the vastness of the knowledge that is shared in this marketing and branding course.
I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of you both and the efforts are boundless.
Thank you very very much for sharing all your learnings, experiences and knowledge with us so whole-heartedly.

All the points were very helpful and got to learn lot of new things about hospital marketing in Easy and effective way

Wonderful session with lots of knowledge. U both have given so much of knowledge in these two and half months of period that i am feeling myself a totally different person u have boosted my confidence to a different level. U have given lots of content which i m going to impliment in professional, my personal and social life as well. I feel lucky and overwhelmed to get mentors like u both.. thank u so much sir and ma'am..

Marketing brings better response and lots of changes for any business growth. But the points mentioned here and discussed over are actual key strategies for physiotherapy growth. And you can't even doubt over it as these have repeatedly proven it's effects on customers and society.
Same follows for personal branding session too. These are so important lessons and teachings for all physiotherapists out there.
Thank you can not be enough for your contribution and efforts.

Wonderful session.. lots of marketing strategies has been explained in very easy and in simplified way..very important and useful learnings.. tq so much sir. U r simply best..

It was great learning about marketing stratergies from lower expenditure to the highest level. Sir and ma'am you both are really great mentors which i really wanted. Got to learn many things, advices, giving both intellectual and insightful knowledge to lead a blissful life.

Amazing session about personal branding. Thank you for the guidance

All new things which is very important for a clinic setup.....all a to z for marketing and personal branding are clearly understood by sir in a simplified manner. Thank you sir for sharing this confidential information

I was always worried and was always asking everyone. Thinking that how come people learn about personal branding or even how they know what or how to make the brand name. what all criterias are required, what is important for the growth. The best part of Lead physio is that they want the entire physiotherapy fraternity to grow and not just themselves which is a huge contribution they are making. Proud to have such Mentors. Thanks a lot kirron sir for making us understand everything about the branding in a very simple and innovative way. Telling us the path how to walk on. In todays date I have not seen anyone sharing such minute details from how to make board to camping to awarness programs. They have exactly shared what they have gone through.

It was a great, amazing and really helpful lecture like sari problem hi solve kardi sir ne toh ...from A to Z sir has given each n everything we need when we plan to open a was indepth knowledgeable lecture i really feel no one do such things no one can reveal their secrets to u how to manage how to handle ur clinic ur work n every little thing. Thank you so much sir really grateful 🙏🙏

Amazing session. Boosting my confidence to higher level, breaking many of my wrong mindset. Thank you so much sir.

It was very great session... I really found it very useful and easy to understand..Thank you kirron sir..

No words to describe your passion towards your work .Simply amazing

Waw,,,great session,,,simply amazing,,what an effort put by Kiran sir in developing the entire session,,, covering evry minute detailing,,, explaining so deeply and making it so easy for physios to plan strategies and implementation ,,it can be called '40+ solution ' for marketing.
Personal branding is equally important and well designed to groom oneself ,,thank you so much for showing the Pearl ocean 🌊🌊 to of course the onus is on the mentees to grab it as much as they can

Every learning is a step towards the future we dream of .It clears the vision and make us more focused. Thank u sir n ma'am for sharing all the strategies.

Infinite learnings this session has given me.. You both have worked tremendously hard to reach at this position.
Extraordinary and pure souls. Huge respect to Sir and Mam. 🙏🙏 Thank you so much.

You guys have taken tremendous efforts to reach at this position, hats off to you and your journey..Feels proud to see someone grow in our profession and willing to share their journey..Thanks for sharing!

I just completed session 1 of personal branding course.It was a huge learning experience altogether for me.It cleared so many misunderstandings I had,broke myths I had.It was very inspiring, inspiring to the core.Thanks

Very useful session... Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge with us and uplifting us to next level... These learning will going to help us life long!!!!!!!

Excellent session.Sir shared their success story in so much detail.Dear Maam and Sir ,you are an inspiration for all of us.Thnx a lot from the bottom of my heart.

AMAZING AND INTERESTING 💫❤All the sessions about marketing are amazing .So many details have explained very simply and beautifully. Along with how u have also struggled that made very emotional😥 and achieved so many successes 💯that u guys literally deserve👍👍👍...u people r so grounded that i m very greatful that i m part of ur lead physio🙇‍♀️👍very minute things , details are explained in each and every session that nobody shares there success mantra ..GRATITUDE from bottom of my heart Thank u so much both of u u guys r wonderful 👍👍💯

WONDERFUL session.. learnt so much... thanks a lot for providing us insightful knowledge as well.. that def. No body teaches.. management part is covered beautifully.. smallest to smallest tip explained.. much gratitude..

Thank you so much sir for sharing these marketing strategies..

Really can see every effort put in by both of you . You have put yourself all out and tried your best to give a very wholesome approach which is the most unique characteristic of the workshop

Sir, ma’am the way you have designed this course is amazing covering every minute details of clinical practice and specially the marketing skills which we were really lacking in. Seriously you two complement each other and as an ideal couple as you both always I have seen support each other.And give credit also to each other God bless you both and also a big thanks to Vihaan who has always been another support for you all.

Amazing session sir and ma'am. It was great learning about marketing stratergies from lower expenditure to the highest level. Also the for taking care of minute things like advertising sir. Kudos to both of you for your immense hardwork and generosity for sharing your secrets of sucess to your fellow competitors. Thank you ma'am and sir for giving us always the positive attitude and push to take next step without fear.😃😃🙏🙏

These are such important topics which we never learnt in college.. And I believe succeding without knowing these is really difficult..
Thank so sir for teaching us.
Every lecture makes me realise the mistakes I've been making so far.
Sir and ma'am have really made things super simple to understand. Gratitude to both of my mentors.

Just wanted to say it is not easy to give whole of your experience to another person who are your competitor. It is like one company reveling their secret in front of another.
Lots of respect for both of you 🙏 Truly appreciate your all efforts, journey, teaching and all what you gave in this course..

Amazing session 👏 👌. No words to describe than by saying Thank you to show my gratitude 🙏 🙌. I can only prove by implementing the learnings from this program to create higher standard in our practices which are patients centric and outcome based to avoid surgery and to provide sustainable recovery instead of symptomatic relief. This program surely will bring a transformation from burnout to bliss that's a guarantee 💯 👌 💪 👏 🙌 😎.

All these management lectures are so so important You have rightly said no management school can teach in so simplified way that you have explained to us and also how being a good human is so imp for personal branding which inspires to do good things for the community and also as sir said Dene mai jo khusi milti hai wo kai guna lene se jyada hoti hai which I already implemented in my life and profession.It is so important to be visible on social media through patient's testimonials and video feedbacks.You have nicely explained so many different ways to be socially active and also tools to create that.Thanks a lot sir and mam this are life long lessons. gratitude

Amazing and very minute details were given, and never thought I would be able to learn things in this much depth as Kironn Sir gave. covered wide range of topics in marketing which no one would be aware in Physiotherapy field. thank you sir sooooooooo much.

Great session ,lot of efforts and ways of marketing has been applied ,sir has given option from economy to highest pay at same time being selfless, congratulations sir and ma'am for achievements you have earned them and you deserve them , Really proud to see Physiotherapy to reach greater hieght ,so many ways and areas to focus with different parameters and objectives , thank you sir and ma'am

Exceed tip by sir regarding marketing and also sir is so kind that he has share some app also for making posters for advertising. He has kept small things in mind and explained everything in details about marketing.

Awesome learning.u both have thought , learned ,applied , failed, succeeded, again the same cycle repeated but never gave up. Continued ur honest effort .hates off....great inspiration for physios.

Amazing session sir🙏 all marketing strategies explained very well.. Really happy that i joined this course, so much efforts you have taken and explained everything in so simplified way, thanks a lot sir. Sir and ma'am you both are really great mentors which i really wanted. Got to learn many things, advices, giving both intellectual and insightful knowledge to lead a blissful life.

Amazing n inshightful session.
Personal branding,social media visibility,tools to create a post..everything is explained in depth.very useful to enhance our practice. Thanks team leadphysio💐💐

Wowww, great learning from this session...beautifully explained by knowledge college ke 5-7 years me nahi milne wala jeetna L2 program me mila hai
Thank you sir and ma'am...very grateful for this.

Wonderful session
Only few people share there success mantra and you are one of them.
Thanks alot
Allah bless you

"What an awesome session it was"..This sentence would be an under statement as to what all we have received in this session. Haved received Intellectual as well as insightful knowledge here and it goes without saying that you have set new standards in the field of Physiotherapy Practice.
From the bottom of my heart i would like to thank Ma'am & Sir for this beautiful journey of Learnings and for designing this super awesome workshop for US.

All video were amazing....
In Personal branding session initiative were very useful nd heart touching.. whole process for personal branding & how to do things when where all things here in this lesson about not only being a brand bt also a good human being nd good person in professional nd personal life nd that can lead to a blissful life....
In whole course we learn nd gain not only the intellectual knowledge bt also gain insightful knowledge.... Nd that good thing spreads to us nd inspire us to do good things... Nd all this made possible by sir nd mam.. thank you for being such kind human being nd mentors😊😊😊
Mega master marketing session has lot nd lots of learning minimal to maximal infect 360 degree leaning were here... Every thing mentioned properly... Above 40 ways for marketing were explained by sir... The whole experience of sir nd mam put it in....
That was great great ... Very much greatful for this....

Thank you kiron sir for the wonderful session. Really I m not much exposed to management skills. But after learning from your session I came to know so many things. All the principles what all are explained can be used in professional as well personal life also. So we can have a successful life. Thank you sir.

All your management lectures are important in day to day life.You have rightly said no management school can teach so deeply as you have explained to us.Becoming a good human being is a first step towards becoming a good marketer.It is so important to be visible on social media through patient's testimonials and video feedbacks.You have nicely explained so many different ways to be socially active to improve awareness of our profession which in return is going to benefit in terms of patients.Kiron sir you and Priyanka mam all your lectures are like a blessings.... I wish you both good health and long life so that you can train thousands of physios like me.Thanks a lot.

Amazing learning where practical life experience and profressional tips are shared.This gives us close insight of our practice inhancement and growth, thanks Leadphysio


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