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Human Resources Management for Clinical Practice

Salary Employee Perspective49:38
Human Resources Management for Clinical Practice3:54:33
HR Templates_Lead Physio3:54:32


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Priceless! so so thankful and blessed to have come across this program.
Never fails to give me that much needed push and confidence every time.
The advice " Take the risk, jump in..taking baby steps , step by step .." are something I am always going to keep in my mind and follow.
Thank you so much Sir.

HR being one of the most toughest department to crack in any clinic ,Kiran Sir has given in detailed insights and sharing the minute and confidential details of HR . Great learning experience . I have a sense of direction and detailed guidance now to tackle every day employee related queries and issues

Wonderful session helping with insights of Employers perspective and help one put themselves in Employer's shoes.
HR lessons have increased our knowledge on how to handle small big issues at management level.
Thanks a lot Sir.

I feel Management is the importance part of growth, these lessons will surely make clinic practice a smooth ride. . . Thank you for the inside ☺️

Great insight of HR sessions.In depth information.Thank u sir so much

HR session by kiron sir, everything explained in detail 🙏🏻 No one will teach us like this. Thank you sir and ma'am.

Well explained about the management 👏

A wealth of knowledge from Kiran Sir. Everything explained in detail. Thanks a ton.

I am practicing since 14 years ,done so many things during these years but now i got what is really required for practise. thanks to sir for simplified HR for us.

I had left practice 8 years back due to family commitments and I lost confidence in starting up again. With God’s grace I found you n Mam. I was thinking to join some clinic or hospital. But after this session, I am so confident to start up my own clinic. Thank you Sir for such wonderful and overwhelming need of a push that I needed the most. You are truly a lighthouse for us.. for physio therapy community.

It was an amazing session on HR management. Got complete learning on how to handle man power effectively. i just wonder why are these topics not included in curriculum and you both have enlightned us so beautifully which no one can ever do. Learning it under you both gives us the insights of real life experience of you both which will really help us to retain what we learn and also in implementing. Kudos to both of you ma'am and sir for your amazing work. Thank you is an understatement.

Hr is a big subject...and not in the physiotherapy curriculum.
Very important and nicely explained by Sir
Thank you sir

HR session was woderful. This was not taught any where in physio colleges . Lots of new things I learned from this session.

We will not find such kind of hr session anywhere. Session was really so good and amazing.
Thank you so much for this great learning session.

Wonderful session both from an employee and employer's perspective. It was much needed.

Amazing sessions of HR management!! A streamlined approach towards setting up and managing the clinic and also all the human resources. A corporate - style management with a HUMAN TOUCH :))
Had a very good learning experience. Thank you.

Management is what I think maximum of doctors have little to no knowledge i took admission in course for learning management and marketing which were the area i was lacking and i am fully satisfied

very nice session sir

HR session is very important and wonderful.. All clinical management skills which sir taught are very needed..what i love the most is sir's though that always try to give more rather than taking.. जितके देत जाऊ त्याचे कित्येक पटीने आपणास मीळत रहातं.. त्यामुळे देत रहावे.. and this thought is absolutely true sir.. tq so much..

Great and wonderful session sir, lots of doubts are cleared, Excellent session Very well explained by sir if we want to grow clinic and want to hire physios.....
Thank you so much sir for this wonderful session 😊

I Learn very good lesson today from Kirann sir, He explained very well HR section how to maintain employees, Salary things and how to maintain another branch clinics, I like very much this session 👌

amazing session it was,,,,,,,great HR skill which i lack i my clinic......thanks sir

What an amazing session.. i had no knowledge about clinic management and u made it so easy... Highlight of the session was the discussion with a mentee.. the way you motivate is priceless .. can't express my gratitude towards u.. u guys are a blessing.. thank you so much... I too got the kick to restart... Thanks

It's incredible that management can be taught so simply n I didn't realise that the topics which were covered are many insights of us .I mean there are many doubts what we haven't discussed with anyone but sir clear it all so beautifully n given us abundant knowledge..Thank u sir n Mam tons ..

HR was something I always thought is present only in corporates. This was a totally new topic for me but at the same time very important as no one teaches you all these things. Enjoyed this session the most….It was also like learning something apart from physiotherapy.

This was another wonderful session. Whether I should say blessings of God or angels sent by God, till date nobody like literally nobody has taught or even talked about management skills.
A-Z they have told us the entire working and management of physiotherapy clinic. Mam and sir are lucky for each other and we all are lucky to have such mentors. Jaise bolte hai bhagwan har jagah nai ho sakte to unhone "MAA" ko bheja dharti pe same waise hi physiotherapy ke liye bhagwan ne "SIR AND MAM" ko dharti pe bheja hai. Shashtaang dandwat pranam aap dono ko.

Great n wonderful session sir... Clear so many doubt... You explain the topic easy way.. Thank you so much..

Sir after completing this lesson m feeling so blessed ..I had never ever imagine that some day some one like you vll teach me..sir vll always be in gratitude.. u are not only teaching the management but m also learning the moral values from u ...I ll always remember ur saying.."frist give " and u ll get everything...thank you so much sir

lots of doubts are clear.very well organised session.thnx

Amazing session sir. so far i was thinking that i am having a clinic, but the session taken by sir ,is making me feel that i am operating a company. Its really boosting my confidence level. Kiron sir.....The knowledge you were sharing, is by making me strong in every aspect of how to run a physiotherapy company in future. Thank you so much sir

' HR ',This term was foreign to me ,I had heard about it a lot but I wasn't clear what it actually means,does. I didn't know before attending this course that HR management skills are so crucial in Physiotherapy which we never got to learn from anywhere except this course.I feel grateful that I am able to learn practical things essential to the core for my personal and professional growth.Very few mentors have that tendency,that attitude to give more teach more guide more than what they received.Life is short ,we can't just learn everything from our own experiences , this course has given me that opportunity to execute - relearn the wisdom, smart strategies to manage Employees and related things.Thanks a lot Sir and ma'am 🙏.

My goodness,,, another lecture ,,,full of new learning,,never thought about these points raised by Kiran sir and the way he has explained the hiring and recruitment process managing of human resources, criteria of selecting candidate...each and every point is worth learning,,,thank you so much

I was just in the process of recruitment for my clinic and this information definitely was right in time. Well organized and relevant, to managing fresh recruitments and strategies that would benefit both the employer and employee!
Definitely a must know subject in contention to setting up a practice! Really appreciate the efforts!

I have recently started my clinic. I was anxious about hiring physios as well as the fear what if they leave me in the middle of nowhere. From the next hiring I can use all these tips and tricks given by sir, for my clinic.

If anybody wants to see live angels on earth, dr priyanka and sir are the ones. I feel so proud of myself at the same time i ask myself am i dat lucky that i met them? Sir can't even thought of PHYSIOTHERAPY profession as a COMPANY. This session gave me alot of confidence and a feeling of not jst a doctor not just an owner of the clinic but owner of a company. Hum kisika interview bhi le skte hai yeh toh soch se hi bahar tha. Itna competent feel ho rha hai na sir. Believe me guys nobody will ever tell u this much of precious knowledge which they have gained after a lot of struggle and stress. Koi bhi apni success tips kisi ko nahi btata chahe aap lakhon paise hi kyu na dedo. Ive myself been through alot of struggle and believe me i used to ask god how everything will become fine as my past was not so good how will i change my life how will i help people how will i prove myself?. And guess what god send angels for me. If u ask me whats the turning point in my life its you two. U have changed me and my life inside out. Thanku is a very small word but i mean it with all my heart and every cell in the body. Thanks alot.

Amazing session giving complete insight to run a clinic successfully.

Excellent session!! Very well explained by sir....if we want to grow clinic and want to hire physios very systematic steps u have to take that is very important for us. That was i never saw in other clinics where i was working...very professional...thank u so much sir for this valuable learning 💯💥💫

Learnt so much.. all in advance.. ! Thank u soo much sir.. for giving us deep insights on management.. physios should learn all this tooo had never thought of..

Super session.. how to run a clinic effectively is very well taught.. thank you Sir n Maam

Thank you sir for the amazing session on HR management. Got complete learning on how to handle man power effectively. Advice on jump in and go ahead when the next step is visible was very useful and motivating. Kudos to both of you ma'am and sir for your amazing work. 🙏🙏😃

Thank you sir for giving us a full HR training, actually I was waiting for this season since starting that how to hold the man power, and finally got the keys to hold the staff, thank you once again for sharing all 'templates and explaining everything in such a clearity. Hats off to you sir

sir your effort is excellent. you explained each and every minute details of HR and clinical management so well that no body can. kudos to YOU. THANKS

Thank you Sir... Your sessions are so much of minute one could think of these points both have compiled the things in so nicely...And as you said..."Me already udi marali ahe" what next?...and I am getting the knowledge for my future also...the issues which I may hv to I am getting that also... thank you so much...facing the problem and coming up with solutions is but natural but giving the solutions to others so that they don't have to suffer is something like Devine thank you for your sessions...god bless you both!

I thank you both whole-heartedly. The HR session is really incredible 🙌. For those who want be an physio-preneur this skill is really must, it can't be taught by any other than you Sir. This particular skill can make you or break your business. Learning it with real life experience of you both will really help us to retain what we learn and also in implementing. You both are boon to our profession. I highly recommend for those who wanna be a best physiotherapist @work or physio-preneur this program gonna be a best self investment towards you and your career.

Hr session is amazing ,how to mange people ,what precautions you have to take while hiring ,how to take interview , management of salary and all management of clinic, thank you sir ,very informative session

Amazing session

This should be taught in our much basics of work attiquets. Whenever I thought of growth 2nd thought was how will I manage others. But the policies explained are so crystal clear that nothing can go wrong 99%.thank you .

Thank you sir .. for such an informative session so many hidden key points which you might come to know without proper guidance or after years of experience

Perfectly organised session with full of knowledge. Every single point is so important for employer & employee both to establish a full fledged clinic. Thank you sir for the needful session 🙏

Woww!! Such an amazing session, HR is so important part in clinics got to know from this session, Sir you explained it in so deep, so systematic way . Each and every points were covered..Thank you for this..Step by step everything is covered in all sessions which is must for all physiotherapist.

Its Amazing Session
Lots of gratitute
I would like to recommend this to every physio who want to open there clinic
Thanks alot

HR session was toooo good, had so many learnings in one session, Importance of a system for everthing in clinic is need of the time and the way sir explains is cherry on the cake. Taking care of small issues to big ones can make the clinic's system flawless is what i witnessed in this session. You both are Impeccable.
Million thanks to Priyanka Maam & Kiroon Sir for this super awesome workshop. My Heart is full of GRATITUDE for both of you :)

HR management session was Epic... It gives lots of learning... All of this points which going to very much helpful for further future... thank you sir...

Both management sessions are totally of great help in adding value to patients life and growing professionally.Advice of "jump in" m going to follow for rest of my life.all your tips and tricks are very important to achive true success.Thanks a lot sir .

Nice session by sir

This HR lession is like doing MBA for managing our clinic.I would say this is must for all physiotherapists or clinician , Thanks Leadphysio


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