Welcome to Level 1 – 10X Growth for PHYSIOTHERAPISTS.

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Topics for this course

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10X Growth for Physiotherapists

Orientation Session27:24
Day 1 – How to Win and Influence Patients – Crucial Conversations when Stakes are high2:23:43
Day 2 – How to Win Patients Credibility and Make them Your Brand Ambassador for Life?2:04:23
Day 3 Success Formula for Patient Conversions & Continuations.🏥💼2:08:13
Day 4 How to Run Your monthly Clinic Operations expenses with Zero Investment?2:23:00
Day 5 : A Nonesuch Step-by-Step “10X Physiopreneur Practice Growth Blueprint”💪2:33:38
Current Batch_Payment Schedule4:00

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✌️The second level mentorship program has over 1800+ 5* testimonials and hundreds of transformational stories shared by our mentees. It is difficult to share them all here, but we will be sharing few here for your reference, how the L2 course has helped them overcome their career and life challenges. You may be facing similar challenges. May their knowledge and experience assist you in making an informed decision. 🥳You can see the testimonials and growth stories of over 300+ mentees practicing in over 100+ cities in India @ &


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To be honest its a very good start for any physiotherapist to turn into a physiopreneur.this course does give a direction to anyone's career.and thankyou for putting an effort to create a change

This is really waht i wanted to learn. Was searching for such course who can help develop clinical practice and business. Thank u so much sir and mam. It very helpful and amazing.



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