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Micro-Macro Operations Management of Clincial Practice

Micro-Macro Operations Management of Clinicial Practice3:57:35
How to Handle Cost/Price Escalations in Your Clinical Practice3:57:35


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Thank you for insightful sessions!

Excellent session.
Wonderful explanation of Micro and Macro management, something that was never taught to physiotherapists.
Even how to generate extra revenue is something physios shy away from.
Thankyou for the wonderful insights

This is really a must course for all physios.Great learning.

very amazing session sir.
i always hesitated to sell products, but now i get clear view how to do it.
thanks sir

Minute details covered about operations of the clinic.even in crisis how to manage.thank u sir for ur enlightenment.

Well explained about the clinical management and cost effective practice..

Precise instructions and a wealth of knowledge that we as physiotherapists don’t even consider. Ty sir

The way sir explained is blue print given for successful clinical management ,one need to just follow foot print and you will be unstoppable .GRATEFUL.

I was so lacking in management skills. After this session, I could understand the little things that can make huge difference. Sir you have so explained it so well that anyone can understand this so easily. Very well planned and in easy language, up to the point. This session was mind blowing! Thank you Sir for being our mentor. Yes this session was as-important as technical to be successful in our field. Why don’t we have teachers like you in college? I am so grateful that I could be the part of Lead Physio Academy. :) ..

Excellent session

Excellent session of marketing. Thank you for enlightening all the operational points.
The smart and affordable pricing strategy is by far the best strategy ever known to me. The minute details are covered in all your sessions. Thank you very much both of you.

There is lots of learning related to management of a clinic with lots of thing to consider to run an organisation.
Thank you so much 🙏

Amazing session! Kirron sir has very well explained about how to deal with the problems you face as a businessman. There are so many new things to learn from his sessions!

Detailed explaination of management of clinic is being given with very good reasoning behind it.....these small small tricks which carries huge weightage will definately reduce the stress and will help in smooth operation of clinic if applied perfectly....also learnt how we can manage the clinic in difficult situations.....also learnt one life lesson that one should always give time to find solution in difficult situations.....also the points covered in topic price escalation were remarkable.....Thanks Sir for providing this package of practical knowledge which is difficult to get from anywhere at one time 🙏

Session is amazing.Its not just learning about management of clinic but also how to face every situation with positive mind set.

Loads of learning.
Thank you Sir.

Another fabulous session on Operations management and costs management. Absolutely practical solutions have been suggested for the REAL problems faced at the clinic. I truly appreciate the out of the box thought process of Kirron sir which helps us to think better and more confidently apply the solutions to our clinical practice.

Everything sir said was so true being following 70 percent things already from last two years as sir said I know this things really change your practice

Wonderful session by Kirron sir thanks for providing deep and thorough knowledge about price escalations and sharing each and every micro operations management. PBPA is a complete package to run a clinic successfully. Hatts off to u both sir and ma'am for your dedication and selfless work to upgrade the profession.

All minute things that one should know running an own clinic is explained in very easy and simple way.. most beautiful session.. tq so much sir..

Really amazing session
All the operational management points were explained in detail.
These all points are very imp if you want to grow and increase your income as well.
Thank you so much sir for this amazing session

By listening this session all minute things are clear and now i implement all micro n macro op mgt ....thank you again sir

It was an insightful session with all the details explained so well. Every small detail that one may miss in clinic management is explained. I am learning to look at clinical practice from three dimensions. Every session is a great learning experience.

Super Awesome module. It covers every minute details. Micro-macro operation, price escalation management. U do justice to every point and promise you made.. it's upto mark and more than my expectations.. every session boost my confidence to get back to fied and don't repeat the same mistake I made in past.. being a physiopreuner is way ahead of being a physiotherapist.. the management skills make you one... i am a physiotherapist and I am on my way to be a physiopreuner...
each step is making me close to my dream.. i worked towards it but u guys rejuvenated my dream... thank you team lead physio

Thank you so much sir n ma'am...
For the first time ever I feel learning is so pure... No words to explain it... You share the secret of success mantra... Nobody share it... N you both r so pure hearted person n it shows how dedicated you both r for ur profession n ur passion towards upbringing of profession is hat's off.... Great great... Thank you for all your knowledge n am very happy to learn many more things from u both... Thanks a lot🙏🙏

Thank so much sir and ma'am..teachers are second parent and u both are proving this in every other learning we are getting from you.. gratitude is a small word.. 🙏

ab kya bole sab to apne bol hi diya sir.really awsome analysis...

Most awaited session so much indepth knowledge n learning sir is pro in teaching management skills such minor minor things are important in running a clinic i m glad that i enrolled for this course coz m planning to open a clinic n grateful that got to learn all this before opening's so useful n must for any physio who wants to run his or her own clinic. A must do course for all. Thank you so much sir 🙏🙏

I just completed 1 st session regarding micro-macro management strategies in clinical practice.I am amazed by how minor things can influence bigger things in short and Long term.A concept sir introduced and taught about is " How to manage health of a clinic ?" I never thought that way.This attitude was actually crucial for my growth. Health of the clinic : that has so many aspects, dimensions to be looked at ,to be taken care of.Few of the values that sir taught today I am going to remember till the date I practice Physiotherapy
- You should work for a purpose and not profit
- There is always a solution to the most complex problems,you just need to think logically.
- There is always a scope for improvement
- Keep learning and upgrading
- अगर दुनिया से अलग बनना है, तो दुनिया से अलग काम करना पडेगा.
- Add on to the existing knowledge and earn from the knowledge
- Importance of minimalism
I m keen to learn more from Sir and ma'am.I just genuinely feel why I didn't get to know bout this course earlier,but हर चीज का सही वक्त होता हे. I am Going to begin with my own clinic soon and I am relieved cause I have with me those things ,those strategies that nobody could have thought bout them here. I am already receiving lots of positive reviews from the patients cause of application of things I am learning here and my zest of getting better has now expanded.Thanks to you both. दीपस्तंभ आहात आपण दोघी 🙏

I never thought that operating a clinic requires lot of knowledge apart from technical skill. are amazing, thought me many things in a simple way. Every week after each module, its boosting my confidence. Thank you so much sir.

Very informative sessions ,got to learn so many new strategies ,sir very well explained Do's n don'ts in clinics ,employees employer relationship, cost escalation and imbibe confidence to execute without hesitation

Very interesting and informative session.

Very very informative and most awaited session. Thank you for all the detailed knowledge.

Eye opening learning videos sir. Thank you for sharing your ideas and learning. Very grateful to be part of this course.

Very insightful! Must know information for anyone starting their own clinic!

Very grateful for insights in macro and micro handling.Thoroughly enjoy especially the first session where we set the boundaries and systems for operations.Great job!

Very Informative session by Kiroon Sir...Each and every minute of session is important.. Learnt so many things... I am getting more than i expect from this course..
Grateful to Ma'am & Sir for this super amazing workshop🙏

Was very Informative and Indepth session conducted.

Excellent session

Mind blowing session. Sir u r amazing the kind of knowledge u shared is jst so so great thanku so much. I don't think we physios could have known this much if u both haven't made this program. How amazing it is to feel like an MBA with a doctor's degree. Bec no one ever told us how to help people as well as make money for a good living. Words are less to describe the level of gratitude i have for both of u.

Excellent session !! Thank u so much sir for providing such valuable lesson that is very much important in running clinical practices. Both micro and macro , pricing strategies are very precisely explained.... and was interesting also .loved the session ❤

Finest points are covered for running set ups! Big thank u to both of u fr imparting your learnings to us..

So nicely explained about oru e escalations, etc.. Thank you Maam n Sir

Thank you sir for such a wonderful session on clinical management. Great session in which we learnt how even the minute corrections and changes can bring great impact in clinical practice. Greatful for the life long lesson sir which cannot be learnt anywhere else.🙏🙏 Even the session on cost increase was very useful.😃

Really enjoy this comprehensive approach to physiotherapy which definitely any other course does not offer

Explain about everything small and big.this session was eye opener for physio,,
Now we have got MBA knowledge without, without MBA degree, thank you very much sir,

thank you kirron sir on Brilliant sessions. very worthy each and every words of both sessions.thanks

Very Nice Session... Very applicable to all and personally for me as just started my Clinic and getting good ideas for revenue generation, management part, documentation and many new things which are changing my way of thinking... thanks for all... thank you Sir and Mam,🙏

Amazing session sir. Learnt a lot regarding revenue Generation and to run a scalable and profitable 📈 clinic.

Great session ,how to overcome small expenses,how to do pricing ,how to cover ,single expenses in your clinic ,handling micro operations like lights ,your banner ,board are covered in session, practical application of all problems you face while running a clinic,In depth compilation and designed a session in such a way so that all aspects are covered in this session ,really sir such solutions are not given anywhere ,as name suggest you burn and thern learn but you both has really made blissful

Today I got to understand the real meaning of micro and macro management in total 5 hours of video, explained in a very simple manner with examples like (tatasky channels reduction at home). God bless you sir and your family. A big big boost for me after this session...thank you once again

Wow!! Sir has explained minute details of each and everything from starting to proper lights of clinic which can never be thought of soo important who thinks that it's that depth of knowledge very practical and applicable things for successful run of clinics.hatsoff thank you so much for amazing session must for all physios.

Super session on clinic management , pricing .if such sessions are conducted for physios running private practice , so much professionalism, confidence and growth mindset can be developed. Which can help our community to grow .

Thank you sir for wonderful insight about all know how to run a clinic successfully

Nicely explained and must for all the physiotherapist

Important part of clinical practice 'Documentations' described nicely and also happy to know the new ideas for revenue generation which we never accept easily as a physio 😊

Session was too amazing. Macro and micro operations management of clinics was explained so well in so much detail. Every session has so much value. Even you have shared some important tips during session. Each and every line is important..Thank you for your efforts sir..And also the session of how to handle cost escalations in clinical practice was just wow! thank you once again.

Awesome session
Thank you Sir

Just wow. Sessions covers all top to bottom points at the micoscopic level and macro level. Thank you both of you.

An Absolute Brillant session by Kiroon Sir.. These all topics are so so important in our professional practice and how wonderfully are they covered with practical examples. Price escalation can be a barrier for many but the way sir has explained it, its just woww...!!!!
Grateful to Ma'am & Sir for this super amazing workshop :)

Wonderful session
All the operational management points were explained in detail.

This session micro macro operation nd escalations both were creatively amazing.... That open our mind... just awesome.. great great learning from this ...
All operational point that covered in session that very much useful nd profitable to practice... Amazing session... The most important thing is that all points are practical nd experienced by both of you... Not the theory points that picked up from books... it's all about practical nd experience that was amazed us nd incourage ... yes this way we can do better.. Thank you so much kirron sir for this session.. 😊😊

The session was amazing and i got to learn some new things.

Wat an amazing session it was!
All the operational management points were explained in detail.
These all points are very imp if you want to grow and increase your income as well.
Cost escalations topic was very intresting personally as i am not that bold enough to post charges on the same.
It gives me enough confidence to promote and include the price hike with exact answers.
Thanks again kirron sir

An eye opener session 👌

Very useful session on managing price escalations.Nicely explained n must for all the physios👌👏👏
Thanks kirronn sir n priyanka mam

Wonderful session on managing price escalations. The idea of buying 18metres of theraband and selling small pieces is very unique. Counselling patients on why they should buy products from the therapist is a smart one. Ultimately, we have to understand there is going to be price increase but we need to pass on to others and learn smart ways to recover it.

This lesson was like doing MBA.All points given here was very practical and applicable in management of the clinic.I realized these points are very very important for the operation of a successful clinic. Must for all Physiotherapist who wanna grow. Thanks Kirronn Sir and LeadPhysio


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